Open Season


At last! the event that Wirral has been holding it’s breath for……no,not the release of the Wirralgate tapes!

It’s The Open golf thingy starting in Hoylake this week.

Needless to say to avoid the hordes the Wirral Leaks entourage will be heading down to our villa in the South of France for the duration of the tournament. We’ve hired out Leaky Towers for an obscene amount of money , which is entirely in keeping with our champagne socialist principles and also means we can pay for the roof repairs in the west wing.

In our absence we are asking you lovely people to keep us updated on local events and request that you enter the Wirral Leaks Photo Competition!
Our man in the fedora and the dirty raincoat will be there with his trusty telephoto lens but we’d like to see some of those jolly informal snaps so beloved of this blog which show local dignitaries enjoying the privileges of high office.


We’d particularly welcome any sightings of former Wirral Council Chief Executive Steve “Freedom of the Borough” Maddox (see above) and any information relating to this particular Freedom of Information request.



Meanwhile as examples of the kind of fun pics we’re after here’s an example of the lovely snapshots we’ve been sent which enable us to add our wacky captions for your amusement :

Rat... leaving a sinking ship

***… leaving a sinking ship?

1 thought on “Open Season

  1. G’day Mon Seigneur et Dame

    I thought I might keep safe and send you a French letter.

    Il est toujours Open Season sur les dénonciateurs sur Wirral.

    Ces chiens de porcs ne respecte même pas sa propre dénonciation politique Ma bienveillance.

    Ils n’ont pas encore publié les rapports USI Mon L et que c’est parce qu’ils sont accablants sur ces porcs anglais.

    Je pète dans leur direction générale.

    My Lord and Ladiest I do not speak any French and I do hope my friend quoted me correctly I just told him I have the utmost respect for Wirral.



    Ps Don’t fall asleep in that hot French sun Mon Seigneur you will end up looking like “The Dunny Chain Wearer”.

    Pps Last time I was in Paris My Lovely the Missus got pick pocketed in broad daylight and I can tell you I have more respect for the thief than the “The Shyster”, “The Dill”, “The Pretend Friend”, “The Football Shirt” and “The Dunny Chain Wearer” at least he did it face to face.

    He was Open, Dishonest and Transparent. Ermm that sounds similar.

    Pps Come on you clowns produce all the Reports in a timely manner and admit defeat to “Highbrow”. You are not fooling the innocent councillors.

    Aimez-vous plus que les mots peuvent dire Lordly. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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