The right honourable Lord & Lady left strict instructions that in their absence I pay tribute to Wirral’s First Citizen on the opening day of the Open golf championships , where no doubt  “Mayor” Foulkesy and his consort the Lovely Elaine will be courted and feted in the corporate hospitality tents.

Therefore I have to thank Wirral Leakers for sending in a delightful picture of Mayor Foulksey at a previous public engagement. I’d also like to thank them for their suggested captions which somehow encapsulate the reverence and respect that this great man seems to engender wherever he goes.

These are the winners :

Third Place


Runner Up


And The WINNER !



2 thoughts on “MEAT AND GREET

  1. My Darling Veritous

    It is wonderful that you are obeying the orders of the Great Ones whilst they are away on their road trip (Or, is that private jet trip?) but would you have followed their instructions if they were odious like what “The Chamber Pot” did?

    Verily my gorgeous I think I trumped (not in those EVIL council officers general direction as usual) your still photos.

    I was with mates ‘avin a Fosters when firstly “The Football Shirt” came on the television squinting into the sun as though being interrogated……… we wish. (Grant Thornton told us whistle blowers that he wouldn’t question council officers because then they would not help him with his enquiries).

    So how can anyone say “No concerns were identified regarding the integrity or honesty of any Council employees” beats me.

    Then, lo and behold on came the wet blanket that is that ‘wanna be’ Conservative “Phil The Dill”.

    I said to my mates “I bet that they are both lying.”

    They replied My Little Crumpet “How do you know there is no volume?”

    I know My Little Pin Up Girl that there was every chance because they were opening their mouths.

    It had to be a safe bet.

    I found them very sobering and sickening and stopped drinking immediately (I bet “The Dunny Chain Wearer didn’t).



    Ps Verily is that a butchers shop in those photos or the Ruling Cabinet in their Wallasey showcase? I can’t see the “Stairway to Hell” or “The New Furniture”.

    Pps I hope that fat pig wasn’t eaten there could be an outbreak of Mad Pig’s Disease.

    Ppps Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro should be courted and feted as a public hero.

    Pppps If you missed the”Goons” on tele last night you might find it CATCH UP apparently they will show it again in 3 years 11 days.

    Luv you almost as much as My L and L XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. G’day My Very

    When is the Wirral aristocracy back in town My Veritable and adequate substitute?

    It will be nice to have them back and the riff raff and Councils free loaders will have gone away to invest somewhere more decent.

    Popped into that butchers yesterday to see if there were any pigs left behind. His chauffeur took him by his nose ring apparently grunting as he went “we have lessons to learn lessons to learn lessons to learn).

    Would’t say if he had hoggetted him claiming Sect 30.

    They told me that Burge(r with the lot including a fancy car)ss was there and he didn’t mince around.

    Apparently he said that the super super duper duper auditor with all the letters of the alphabet after his name that he courted and feted at the Public Improvement Board Meeting is now on his way (The way of Wilkie, Norman, Garry, Edwards) to pastures new. He would neither confirm nor deny a compromise agreement was being set up including some old bit of mutton that smells like “The Chamber Pot”.

    He will go away knowing a lot of their dirty dirty dirty dirty secrets, go ask him.



    Ps I hope My Young Lady that you will be at The Fudgit and Risk It Committee 22 July and bring your ridiculous 500 pages of appendices that are DELIBERATELY shuffled in an order to DECEIVE. They are rotten My Luscious. Ask that auditor quick as he is out the door next week.

    Pps The MOCKERY OF THE RESPONSIBLE BUFFOONS is really going to up a gear or two if they don’t do what any decent person(s) would do I can sense “Highbrow” warming up.

    Ppps Have a look at the Pre ISUS stuff (if you can find it) 3 cases looked at out of 1,500 and all stinking offal.

    Ppps Do you think MY Lovable that they have forgotten about the “NOKIA” and “The Blackberry” and the “Shifty Business”.

    Luv you immensely XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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