Lift Shafted?


We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but who exactly is responsible for Wirral Council’s absolutely woeful PR? For illustrative purposes we’d like to juxtapose two stories.

The first story is concerned with the news that the supposedly hard up Council has spent £100,000 on a new lift in Wallasey Town Hall. This just adds to the impression that the only thing that’s changed at Wirral Council is the surface decor which covers a rotten culture.


The second story is concerned with a disabled man “left prisoner in his own home” due to the fact the council used to pay for lifts and maintenance for those that needed them but new rules meant that maintenance costs have fallen on families. However the costs are so prohibitive that this particular family in this story where unable to cover them.


Wirral Council have since stepped in and “made an exception” and got the lift fixed. Although we suspect this was only a result of the threat of bad publicity – which frankly is the only thing they seem to respond to.

To add insult to injury we understand that the lift in Wallasey Town Hall is encased in a gleaming glass shaft – but really what is the point when the lift is indoors?.Is this to give visitors a panoramic view of the palatial staircase? Or could it be that it is the only example we know of of the Council’s commitment to ” transparency?”


1 thought on “Lift Shafted?

  1. Very appropriate that you have illustrated the item with Frank Drebens double and St Francis of Field as Willy Wonka or should it be Wally Wonky?

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