Tax, Cuts & Fat Cats

As a follow up to our “That’s A Bit Rich…” story we thought we’d like to report on how on how the other half live – the little people who fund the lavish lifestyles and inflated wages of the so-called public servants in Wallasey Town Hall. The people who are hounded for their Council Tax and Bedroom Tax so that this golden shower can indulge in Mayor-making jamborees and golf beanos and far east junkets and lavish refurbishments.

Their creative funding of such indulgences includes the curious tale that Wirral Council has received what is known as a discretionary housing payment of over £900 from a ridiculously named housing association with whom “associations” with the Council go back a long way . The amount paid to the housing association on behalf of a tenant allegedly paid in error has been compliantly handed over to the Council although it is believed that the latter have no legal right to the money as it rightfully belongs to the tenant.

We suspect that this payment has something to do with the dreaded Bedroom Tax – upon which Wirral Council’s stance is simply reprehensible. They may like to blame central government for introducing the tax ( no we won’t call it a spare room subsidy) but fail to emphasise that it is a local government decision on how – or even if – it’s implemented.

Could it be that Wirral’s Labour Council want to play the blame game for political ends and are using vulnerable people as a means to do that?

Thankfully we hail Joe Halewood and his highly informative blog SPeye Joe for keeping us informed on Wirral’s shameful implementation of this Robin Hood in Reverse tax – robbing the poor to pay the rich.

His recent post titled “Wirral’s Labour Council and bedroom tax sophistry” tells you everything you need to know about the Town Hall bedroom tax spin and which strangely doesn’t appear in certain sections of the local press  – SEE HERE


1 thought on “Tax, Cuts & Fat Cats

  1. G’day My Lordly

    I am briefly back from far away climes were there were castles with enough bedrooms to befit all your Regal subjects arseholes. Tax or no tax.

    No I don’t mean “The Shyster” “Phil The Dill” “The Football Shirt” “The Chamber Pot” the cute little smiling and winking silent assassin “The Pretend Friend” and of course every ones favourite little greedy piggy “THE DUNNY CHAIN WEARER” you cheeky little monkey Lordsville.

    Getting right away from Wirral completely for a couple of weeks you really wonder about these people.

    I read the 526 page Public Document they put out regarding the Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods issues going before The Fudgit and Risk It Committee on 7 October.


    In brief despite the layout to deceive.

    Dave Garry’s report was as Jim Wilkie said a pile of shite and not fit for purpose.

    Beverley Edwards who is I presume the redacted name believed everything “Highbrow” and I told her but appears to have been shunted out.

    Grant Thornton found six out of six Big applications had problems. I dare them to wheel out the other 40 or so files for proper investigation. They wouldn’t dare. “Highbrow” would make them look even more stupid.

    Were do you start with ISUS? Forged signatures, false figures and on and on and on and on.

    They didn’t even interview council staff to decide who was good and who was bad despite Graham Burge (r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes in 29 seconds)ss claiming not one of his little plebs has a case to answer ad nauseum.

    More laughable only by them looking at 3 pre-ISUS files ONLY over a period of 5 years when things were really criminal.

    Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds down the gurgler.

    I am off again My Loveliest but will be back again for the meeting of 7 October.

    Let us hope that these peanuts have been away, cleared the bullshit out of their little heads, and, decided to do the right thing finally and get rid of “The Shyster” and the people he told to keep their gobs shut and who were only too willing to obey, for whatever reason.



    Ps Congratulations My Adorable to Martin Morton who persevered and showed everyone that there are some really evil barstards amongst them. He deserved every penny he got and more.

    Pps If you think he had stamina “Highbrow” and I are here for the long haul.

    Ppps Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro should not only be courted and feted, invited to “The Dunny Chain Wearers” parlour for tea but should be asked to head up a new department at the Clown Hall “Over the Counter Fraud and How to Detect It”.

    Love you more than I hate the cheating, slimy “Shyster” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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