Pie In The Sky


Miraculously Private Eye magazine recently covered a story about Wirral Council that did not feature in Rotten Boroughs!

This story was instead in “Nooks and Corners” which records the magazine’s concerns about Britain’s architectural heritage.The case in point here being a pair of  semi-detached Victorian mansions ,54-56 Park Road South,Birkenhead.

Private Eye reports :

” This had been used as the ESWA Sports & Social Club …until it closed in 2012. The following year the houses were bought by a developer .Soon after they were burgled,and 24 hours later they went on fire,the fire services suspecting arson. The shell of the two houses now stands open to the sky and surrounded by hoardings. The plan,apparently is to convert the structure into apartments,but so often in the Wirral a fire is followed by demolition….In London, the house would be graced with a blue plaque and cherished. But poor Birkenhead is different”

Poor Birkenhead is indeed different – not only is the continuing drive to turn the surrounding area into “Flatland”  with a high density of apartments housing a transient population (see also planning applications in the close vicinity for more apartments on the plot of the now closed Cole Street School and part conversion of the Queens Hotel) but the dereliction and decay elsewhere in Birkenhead continues unabated.

Following our “Talking Crap” story


a concerned Birkenhead resident has been in touch with more crap for Birkenhead Constituency Committee to consider. The resident has long had concerns about the continuing deterioration of wasteland at the corner of Oxton Road and the appropriately named Balls Road (East) and have sent us the following pictures (although they advise that the pictures do not do justice to the swarms of flies and bluebottles):

wasteland%20008 wasteland%20010 wasteland%20012 wasteland%20014 wasteland%20020

Our source asks us how do we think the Birkenhead Constituency Committee and Wirral Council would respond to this appalling site/sight?

Unfortunately we suspect it would go something like this:

“We are proud to announce an exciting new development with our partners Steal Holdups International and mysterious foreign investor Pho Ni. We have carried out extensive consultation with the local population – ignored their concerns and decided that what’s best for them is to convert the site to 21st century state of the art “community hub” including all the up-to-date amenities that the local populace needs – a nail bar/tanning salon, a bookies, bingo, a chippy and a needle exchange.

We welcome that the futuristic artist’s impression have drawn interest from the local community and in the modern tradition of giving such iconic buildings a nickname such as “The Shard” or  “The Gherkin”  we understand the scheme has been named  by local people as ” Pie In The Sky”

We spoke to local resident who told us : ” It was quite handy for dumping stuff and taking the dog for a quick dump.Yeah you could say it was a dumping ground.But lets face it love , it’s all me arse isn’it?….there’s about as much chance of this happening as Wirral Council being an open,transparent ,fully functioning ,ethical and efficient organisation”

5 thoughts on “Pie In The Sky

  1. G’day My Lovely

    Sorry My L I am hijacking your Pie in The Sky for the Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods cause again SORRY.

    I would hate any of your viewers from the Clowncil to forget about it.

    I am sure the Clowncil hierarchy believes things are just forgotten, or, forgiven and go away if you ignore them.

    Three years, one month and twenty two days since myself and “Highbrow” blew the whistle.

    I am off at the end of the week to far away climes for a month, will miss you so much, but nothing apart from a plane crash will stop me from getting back for the Fudgit and Risk It Special Meeting on 7 October.

    Will you miss me My Lordly? I will try to keep up on the world wide webby thing.

    The reason I ask you such a personal question about missing me is that John Brace in his wonderful blog a must read for all Clowncil taxpayers and Graham Burge (r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes http://goo.gl/znBccO in 29 seconds)ss’ little plebs who he says have no case to answer.

    I am certain the ones that do have a case to answer (hey Shirty and Pretend Friend with a Nokia) read it anyway to find out if they have been caught yet and won’t be getting their payout.

    John wrote:

    “There are times when I miss your emails Mr. Griffiths, pr shall I be more informal and call you James?”

    I haven’t asked him why or when he misses my missives My Luscious he might enlighten us both.

    I reckon one reason is that I called “The Football Shirt” a liar and I only did that because he did lie to me.

    Another reason could be that I said “The Chamber Pot” knew all about Wirral Biz before I blew the whistle and that was because she did. She has said to a very reliable witness (who went to Oxford) that she only kept her gob shut because she was told to by “The Shyster”.

    He might of course just like my name calling like “Phill the Dill” “The Pretend Friend” and everyone’s little piggy “The Dunny Chain Wearer”.

    It might make it more interesting for him when at the Clowncil hour on hour when the leader speaks John sees a big fat Dill sitting on his shoulders. I will leave you to guess what he sees on the shoulders of “The Dunny Chain Wearer” ………………ooh poo!

    Then again he might just be falling in love…he is only human. I am very loveable despite my outrage.

    John please feel to call me James if you wish but my hero The Lord of Leaky Towers name of choice is Griffo.

    I am thinking of a new t shirt. (May 2013)



    Ps I bet they are redundanting (new word) some of the people who know of their dirty little secrets.

    Pps Also if you read that wonderful blog of Mr Brace you will see a mystery man da da da daaa is taking an interest in Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.

    Just google John Brace a must read.

    Ppps Are they just thick at WBC My Lover?

    Why don’t they just do the right thing and resolve these issues the cash register just keeps ticking over?

    Luv you more thanGraham Burge (r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes http://goo.gl/znBccO in 29 seconds)ss shiny white (not teeth) car. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Will send a postcard.

  2. G’day Again Lordy

    Me again.

    Do you think WBC is as bored as me and your good self about Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods?

    Did you say Pie in the Sky or Lie in the Sky???

    Your humble servants of the Wirral might wonder why the Clowncil have not resolved this 1,149 days later.

    Despite Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro giving Beverley Edwards irrefutable evidence, Dave Garry irrefutable evidence, Jim Wilkie irrefutable evidence, Bill Norman irrefutable evidence, Grant Thornton irrefutable evidence, DCLG irrefutable evidence, “The Pretend Friend” irrefutable evidence.

    A current example of these nincompoops in action:

    About three weeks ago “Highbrow” asked the overpaid buffoon Graham Burge (r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes http://goo.gl/znBccO in 29 seconds)s a simple question about to which company Lockwood Engineering transferred the equipment bought with the Big Grant when Lockwood new it was going to go bust.

    Three effin weeks to tell “Highbrow” the name of the company they were trumpeting all over the place as the saviour of the Big Grant. Dave Garry refers to it in the 526 pages about a meeting with Invest Wirral that was headed up by you know who.

    Collective amnesia suddenly when “Highbrow” tells them they have breached the Insolvency Act to which I wonder if they acted on “The Shysters” advice?

    “Highbrow” even offered the name of a company and Graham Burge (r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes http://goo.gl/znBccO in 29 seconds)s still can’t answer because everyone is on annual leave. What does he know other than redundancy?

    The plot thickens My Masterful as my dear friend John Brace, who wants to become more informal with me, saw and spoke to “The Football Shirt” in Graham Burge (r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes http://goo.gl/znBccO in 29 seconds)s very own Clownhall last Friday (not on annual leave) so he could of just asked him. What was the name of that company???? Simples.

    Don’t you just love John’s snooping around the Clownhall trying to keep them all honest? I told him not to trust “The Football Shirt” when he offered a chair to his good lady, I believe he would pull the chair from under anybody, in my experience.



    Ps Three weeks for a simple question that became a yes/no answer!!!!!

    Pps That is the kind of openness honesty and transparency that has not changed.

    How long do you reckon for the answer L?????

    And that is why 1,149 days later we are no closer to…..anything.

    Luv you all the way to Oz and back. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Well Kevin Adderley and I did have a conversation in a corridor in the presence of Emma Degg (head of PR or whatever Wirral Council call it). However I wasn’t snooping, just being sociable to pass the time.

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