Green Smear Campaign


Congratulations once again to Tranmere/Birkenhead Green Councillor Pat Cleary – you really know when you’ve arrived on the local political scene when the local “Labour “party “big hitters” start a smear campaign.

So having taken out one of “Labour’s” Inner Ring ( Bri “Nylon” Kenny) at the last local elections it was only a matter of time before the “Labour” group demonstrated that they’re green with envy at Cleary’s success at engaging with local communities and articulating what his party stands for…… something which , in their complacency , the “Labour” group seem to have given up on.

A “Labour Party” flyer sent out by a clear(l)y rattled Power Boy Pip and Frankenfield  screams “Vote Green – Get Blue” like a petulant,spoilt child who hasn’t grown up in 25 years and is used to getting it’s own way.

Our sage advice to Cllr Cleary is not to worry – believe us this isn’t the first smear campaign the “Labour” power elite have organised against a Green !!!………


6 thoughts on “Green Smear Campaign

  1. Well I seem to remember Labour voters elected Denis Knowles in Seacombe, who then switched to the Tories.

    So you could have said then, vote Labour and get blue! The fact there’s a General Election next year should mean all wards in Birkenhead benefit from the “Frank Field effect”, if this leaflet implies Phil Davies is the Labour candidate in Birkenhead and Tranmere it’ll make for an interesting election.

    • Living in Tranmere, I can tell you the Election effect is not beneficial. We are have a community group These streets are our streets sprung up which proffesses to be non political. All our labour councillors are invited not of course Pat Clearly. Its run by Greg who actually was one of the signatries for the labour councillor in thingwall and is an labour activist. He has channelled all contact with our anti social community police meetings through him now. No real action taken to help us just extra propaganda, freezing out people who want to really make a difference and lots and lots of lip service

      • Why invite two Labour councillors but not the Green Party councillor for Birkenhead and Tranmere?

        You’ll find it’s a common tactic though, the Labour Party seem to have a strategy that they have people in all the organisations in a ward that could pose a threat to their power such as residents associations, community groups, local churches, school governing bodies.

        These then all report back to the Constituency Labour Party (and local branches) as to what happens and what’s going on. Some are in senior positions in these organisations and as you point out can steer the running of them to suit their own political purposes.

        I have nothing against party members and political activists, but it’s the influence they wield that is something the general person on the street is probably unaware of.

        The benefits to the election effect are that you get more media attention, more political attention and generally problems are sorted out quicker in a marginal seat (with two parties jockeying for credit).

        Sadly a lot of the problems in Birkenhead & Tranmere ward are not ones that local politics can or does have any easy answers for.

  2. ‘Working for You’? More like ‘Not Working for You’?? Before they start rubbishing a committed and hard working councillor, they should start clearing out some of their own rubbish lolling around on the Labour benches in the council chamber.

  3. It doesn’t ring as bad as…


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