No Future Council

Vicious and Rotten ? It’s ‘No Fun’

FUTURE COUNCILWhich I’m sure you’ll all agree is a mightily impressive logo!

We don’t know who came up with this masterpiece of graphic design but we’re guessing it was a Friday afternoon job. However whoever is responsible for it we’re sure they had fun putting out the subliminal message that the Future of Council/Wirral is Green. Now we don’t know whether they mean the Green Party or the golf resort or even Jefferson himself but everything’s gone green.

Of course we brought you news some time ago that Future Council was coming our way – so we’ve endeavored to do some further research on your behalf.

After we were treated to a video of Comrade Burgesski on the Wirral Globe website looking about as comfortable as soggy undercrackers and explaining how the budget is as tight as Cllr Tony Norbury’s suits we thought we’d check out the consultation pack where Burgesski helpfully explains  :

“The Council has conducted a comprehensive review into all of its services. Every part of the Council has been scrutinised to ensure every pound is spent effectively and every service is as efficient as it can possibly be.
This project is called ‘Future Council……”

My how we laughed here at Leaky Towers at reading claims of  scrutiny ,effectiveness and efficiency at Wirral Council –  and the portentous tone that goes with it.
” This project is called Future Council …” sounds like something a Dr.Who alien would say just before they pressed a button to blow up a distant planet.

In the consultation document Burgesski front-loads the big scary numbers in his introduction like some kind of megalomaniac bingo caller – £100 million!, £ 70 million!, £57 million ! – but basically he’s asking the people of Wirral to decide upon where the axe should fall in achieving  £2.5 million cuts to public services (out of a total of £18 million worth of budget reductions.)

Although the consultation document explains that 300 Council jobs are going to have to go it doesn’t explain as to why – so we did a bit of number – crunching of our own and came up with this suggestion:

£10 million : “We have also agreed to restructure every Council department to reduce our employee costs by almost £10 million, which is part of a decision (and a saving) agreed last year. While the impact upon residents from these changes will be reduced, saving £10 million in employee costs means, in effect, around 300 Wirral Council jobs will be lost – hopefully mostly on a voluntary redundancy basis…”

£10 million : The amount of toxic debt which Wirral Council had to write off last year as a result of  incompetence and dishonesty of council managers and the negligence and lack of scrutiny by councillors.  We advice council employees to remember this comparison when they receive their redundancy notices   –  SEE HERE

However it’s not all doom and gloom – there’s low comedy to be had throughout the consultation document. For example it’s as if there’s someone digging Burgesski in the ribs and telling him to intermittently include something about how much the Council cares for the vulnerable (despite all evidence to the contrary)

Bullshit Bingo fans will enjoy the use of the words  “outsource” “robustly” and “hub” .

Whilst lovers of Spot the Gobbledygook will cherish this particular example : “Assets  – Delivering the consolidated asset requirements of the services, enabling key service changes through the rationalisation and future proofing of the asset base”

However praise be to the comic genius who came up with this :” The workforce and elected members of Wirral Council are public servants. We are here to serve the people of Wirral and that will not change. What must change is how we serve you. Meeting our duty as public servants means finding the best, most cost effective way of improving residents’ quality of life…..”

Satire at it’s finest!

11 thoughts on “No Future Council

  1. sorry not to miss the opportunity but this £2.5m hits a resonance with BIG/ISUs being the upper parameter of potential fraud, the lower being £800,000. My number crunching is based on sampling and extrapolation. The lower figure is based on the perceived difference between the directors’ remuneration betyween 2004 and 2011, and what directors of an incompetent organisation controlling only 10-15 staff and sub-contractors, were perceived to have merited using the opinions of several people in the know. The upper parameter of £2.5 m is based on constantly finding 25% errors over whole samples, and in some very small samples, like those of Grant Thornton, 100% error.

    Apologies Lord Wirralleaks but with the public meeting coming on 7th October 2014 at 6 pm in the committee rooms it is the time to re-iterate the salient points. Clearly this is so as this morning I received from WBC a bound copy of the agenda (well over 500 pages) for the meeting, commendably early this time, unlike in July 2014.

  2. For a former communist, union diehard and firebrand – who made a seamless transition across to top management, the CEO has never lost his sense of humour… demanding LOYALTY (!!) and UNDERSTANDING (!!) of all things from browbeaten staff cowering beneath his newly-sharpened AXE…

    …yet STILL he manages to tickle the ribs of long-suffering Wirral voters with some wonderful passages of extremely humourous purple prose.

    I say this polished bureaucrat is worth EVERY PENNY of his obscene six figure salary.

    • When you take off income tax, national insurance, pension contributions et cetera, he’ll will probably up will less than half his gross salary as being paid to him.

      However, before pension contributions (I’d have to look that one up) and anything else deducted is taken into account by payroll, it’s about £6.8k … a week!

  3. I dont recall the mention of a saving of a third of a million pounds,simples get rid of 22 Councillors,pack them off to planet zanussi!

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