Consultant Insults


Wirral Leaks has been for some time highlighting the worrying situation of Wirral Council hiring highly paid consultants at exorbitant rates whilst at the same time explaining how services must be cut and staff need to be made redundant and anyway it’s all the governments fault.

Wirral Council’s use of consultants seems to be for 3 reasons :

1) For when they’re in a hole of their own making – “Here’s a shed-load of money if you write any old flannel as long as the conclusion is – “No case to answer” !

2) Absolve the Council of responsibility for decision-making  – ” It was the independent,external consultant who recommended that we cull half of our workforce and lay waste to public services.We didn’t want to really ,honestly…..”

3) Compensate for the sheer ineptitude and negligence of  council officers on megabuck salaries who seem to have absolutely no idea what they’re bloody doing!  – As her Ladyship said ” If I was on a life raft and reliant on a full set of chief officers for survival I think I’d throw myself overboard and take my chances with the sharks”

The latest beneficiaries of the Wirral Council runaway gravy train are a consultancy firm by the name of V4 who have given Wirral Council the V-sign and been paid £260,000 for what was initially a £50,000 job – SEE HERE

Nice work if you can get it and you can get it when Wirral Council officers and councillors are simply not up to the job and where it’s always amateur hour!.

Despite this work being authorised by Labour cabinet member Cllr.Chris Meaden , Power Boy Pip displays  his renowned leadership skills and plays pass the parcel by claiming  that the issue “concerns officers”. We were also interested to read about this case that “delegated powers” to  Wirral Councillors allow payment of monies up to the value of £50,000. That’ll explain the £48,000 for “hurt feelings” then!  – ” Let’s keep it just under £50,000 and we’ll throw in a couple of packets of Benson & Hedges”.

Finally Wirral Leaks would like to offer some advice to Wirral Council staff currently facing redundancy who fancy a piece of the action.

A guide on how to become a Wirral Council consultant is helpfully set out on the ever illuminating Wirral In it Together blog:

The steps are:

1. Prove yourself “useful” to Wirral Council
2. Nab a 12 month contract
3. Set up a consultancy company
4. Think of a number – treble it and there you have your daily rate (£515 in this case)
5. Get your contract extended (with or without councillor scrutiny).
6. Trebles all round!


7 thoughts on “Consultant Insults

  1. G’day Lord and Lady Leakersville

    It’s me from down under…………. how ya goin?

    Missing me my lovelies?

    Been down in the antipodes now for a couple of weeks and the rancid stench of “Phil The Dill”, “The Football Shirt”, “The Pretend Friend”, ” The Shyster”, “The Chamber Potty” and everyone’s favourite Beetroot Head “The Dunny Chain Wearer” is still up my snozzer despite swimming in the Pacific.

    I think these barstards are more evil than the hole in the ozone layer down here.

    I have now backed off emailing them on a daily basis leading up to the Special Fudgit and Risk IT Meeting on 8 October in the hope that “Graham Burge (r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes in 29 seconds)ss” has banged all their heads together and insisted they clear up this effluence.

    If not I will be back on a daily basis. They have made it personal.

    “Highbrow” has given them so much irrefutable evidence it has to be acknowledged and recognised.

    Just a case of good honest people against a shit pile called local government. They have made it personal, my words, “Highbrow” can speak for himself.

    If they can’t fess up on this one BRING IN THE ADMINISTRATION.

    Ooroo for Now My Heroes


    Ps Hope to see you at the Fudgit and Risk It Meeting 8 October My Lover.

    Pps Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro should be Courted and Feted in the “Dunny Chain Wearers” Parlour along with John and Lenora Brace as Wirral Heroes for trying to combat the evil that is firmly embedded in WBC.

    Ppps It is now 1,178 days since I blew the whistle under that fools Football Shirt, the day he lied to me, yes 3 years 2 months and 20 days ago. I promise I will not go away for 48,000 days.

    Luv you as much as God’s Own Country Lordly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Thank you for your kind comment. i will point out there are two of John and Leonora Brace, 66 councillors and thousands of officers. Therefore this may not surprise you, but with limited “manpower” and financial resources, I have to prioritise. However I multiply some of my efforts by delegating some of the work to others. For example Leonora passes me the spare batteries when I need them leaving me free to concentrate on filming.

      There are however matters at Wirral Council I would like to tackle, but require joint decisions with others, that is to say I am not supposed to make a unilateral decision on due to the ramifications.

      I will say this though, the whole system doesn’t work, has weak points and relies too much on certain key people. However can you imagine what things would be like if I chose to go on holiday for a month?

      All the best,

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