Futile and Redundant

FUTILESo Wirral Council , how’s that “Future Council”  thingy going for you?.
Or as Wirral Leaks fan “Santa” says in our comments section  : “More like Futile Council ……”

Well from our metaphorical bulging postbag it would appear that any dreams of a future utopia are turning into the usual Wirral Council nightmare.

Firstly we’ve had many concerns raised about the “Future Council” consultation (aka stitch up) itself – mainly about how on earth are members of the public meant to decide on “options” (aka cuts)  when it’s clear that  proposals are far from an “informed choice”.
It seems to many people that council officials still haven’t completed their jobs when it comes to consultations,reviews,costings and alternative services or indeed whether there should be services at all. Surely there’s a basic understanding and degree of knowledge about services required before anyone could decide where the axe should fall?

Whilst idly flicking through the Future Council consultation document Her Ladyship commented : ” Can somebody tell me what “Youth Zone” is ?…..it sounds like an advertisement for Clearasil.” Similarly we all thought “Girtrell Court” was a stately home until we read that it was a  ‘short break’ respite service for adults with disability with 20 beds. Yes, it sounds like a valuable service but otherwise we’re none the wiser.

If Wirral Council was truly committed to “consulting”  Council Tax payers shouldn’t it be consulting on fundamental principles and leaving the policy decisions to politicians and the implementation of these policies to council officers? Surely that’s what they’re there for?

For example only last week Cllr Chris ” Meany” Meaden decreed that former British Army personnel who had previously had concessionary passes to Wirral’s leisure facilities were to be withdrawn unless the former servicemen and woman could prove they had a disability or condition that had arisen out of their army service. Meaden said that ex-armed forces personnel were to be “punished” (her words) because the scheme had been exploited by scam merchants who had joined the Territorial Army and then received a dishonourable discharge after a week  – supposedly so they could get a free pass to gyms and swimming pools. The question of who was responsible for drawing up such a pathetic eligibility criteria in the first place wasn’t discussed.

Why wasn’t this matter consulted on?

Similarly were the people of Wirral consulted on £35 million worth of loans  at “mates rates” made by Wirral Council to other Labour  Councils.

A keen local eagle-eyed inquisitor has discovered  that “investments” current at 31 March 2014 were :

Doncaster £2m @ 0.8%

Lancashire £6m @ 0.75%

Northumberland £6m @ 0.75%

Newcastle on Tyne £2m @ 1.8%


Current investments at 31 July 2014 i.e. ignoring those that have matured since 31/03/14

Lancashire £6m @ 0.75%

Newcastle on Tyne £2m @ 1.8%

However further investigation by our eagle -eyed investigator discovered that  :

“Lancashire and Newcastle on Tyne lend out money as part of enterprise schemes I have confirmed that Lancashire (borrow from Wirral at 0.75%) lend at 6.2%.I have confirmed that Newcastle on Tyne (borrow from Wirral at 1.8%) lend at 9.9%.
These figures show what Wirral gets in interest from the other authorities, (very low).
I asked ‘what rate of interest did they charge their borrowers’?
Those I mentioned, Lancashire and Newcastle charge their borrowers more than five times the rate they pay back to Wirral. Doesn’t seem a very fair deal for Wirral taxpayers”

Do the people of Wirral know they are seemingly “subbing” other Councils, effectively at a loss – as they would surely get higher interest rates elsewhere – whilst locally services are being cut and jobs are being lost?

Talking of which we’re getting a lot of concerns being raised by Council staff facing redundancy. Seems like it’s the usual horrorshow – incompetent managers making up the redundancy “consultation”process as they go along. Which reminds us haven’t consultancy firm Ernst & Young been paid over £400,000 since April 2014 to assist with the culling, sorry redundancy, process?

Meanwhile the corporate game players are in their element with nepotism and self preservation being , quite literally, the order of the day.
Council staff are telling us the redundancy process is “unfair”,”shocking”,”flawed”,”callous”,”discriminatory”
(and these are the good points!)
All Wirral Leaks can think to say to council staff is that you can’t say you haven’t been warned! And anyway you’ve always got your unions to support you! ……..ha!ha!

Seems to us your choice is known by the Eldritch-like acronym FIFO – ” Fit In or Fuck Off”!!

3 thoughts on “Futile and Redundant

  1. Very similar to the policy of ‘New’ labour when Gorgeous Gordon Brown sold the gold reserves when the gold price was at rock bottom. Wirral ‘lends’ money to authorities at rock bottom price who then lend it on at a tenfold rate! This is what happens when the Finance department doesn’t know what its doing.

  2. There’s no bloody end to it. They will never stop. They do all these things because they can and we, the ones who ain’t comfortable with it all, well, we’ve simply got our keyboards to tap upon. Whatsmore they, these barstards who are engaged in this illicit activity, well they don’t bloody care what we say, what we think and what we bloody transmit. A curse on them all. I’d like to hurl phlegm upon all those who are asset stripping our public funds. The barstards! How on earth did we arrive in this place that sees us all serving them and they don’t even bother to give us a backward glance. Bloody Hell!
    And why don’t these bottom feeding parasitic tics care what we think? Because, in their eyes its all perfectly legal. They say you get what you bloody deserve! I ain’t so sure that’s true. I’d like to think that one day, some tw.at of a former Council Director, who’s cholesterol has reached 28.9, his arteries are about to explode and he’s suffering angst, stress and depression because of things he once got up to, tips up at the Police Station, howls, ‘I’ve been ripping the ratepayers off for years, I seek redemption and Im here now to confess my sins!!
    It’s only then, when one of them tumbles, the judiciary becomes involved and this whole bag of rancid rats collapses and a bloody light is shone upon all these things that were done by a culture of greed, self serving selfishness and this bloody belief they have of entitlement, that this madness will end.

  3. G’day My Lordly

    Back in the Old Dart for the SPECIAL Fudgit and Risk It Meeting on Wednesday 8 October into Big, ISIS, oops slip of the keyboard, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.

    Are you glad I am back??

    I have returned refreshed despite my luggage still being in KL, does Wirral run airline baggage BADLY as well as everything else? I put it down to the street lights, or, lack of, the lights are definitely off..

    I haven’t sent all the Councillors daily missives for a month or so now but if they don’t at least start fessing up on Wednesday I WILL BE BACK.

    I am concerned for you my lovely that you don’t seem to be on the air waves as much I trust all is well and “Phil the Dill” “The Pretend Friend” “The Shyster” “The Football Shirt” and his “Chamber Potty” and “The Dunny Chain Wearer” aren’t making you ‘crook’ with ‘tray bits’.

    So I trust all is well with you and you are as fit as a Malley Bull and I do hope to see you Wednesday 10 October.

    It is a shame “The Dunny Chain Wearer” won’t be there “We have lessons to learn..lessons to learn..lessons to learn but I am sure “Phil the Dill” will fill that vacant lot.

    I suppose that buffoon of a fella from the Abbot will be there, you know the one that thinks that you don’t need to discuss the accounts at AGM’s.

    Heaven help Wirral.



    Ps John Brace for Mayor so he can court and fete “Highbrow”….two champions of Wirral.

    Luv you as much as South Bondi My Lovely xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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