Bye Bye Burgesski !



And so with tedious inevitably comes the announcement that another Wirral Council Chief Executive bites the dust.


Of course knowing what we know it comes as no surprise to us here at Leaky Towers that Comrade Burgesski will be heading for the beautifully appointed fire escape just before the great political conflagration engulfs Wallasey Town Hall once and for all.

Somehow we suspect that despite the praise emanating from Power Boy Pip and co that Burgesski will not be eulogised in quite the same way that former Chief Executive Steve “Mad Dog” Maddox was on the announcement of his sudden departure to spend more time with his long suffering golf clubs.

Will it be an OBE and Freedom of the Borough of Wirral for the man who allegedly turned Wirral Council around into the model of efficiency it now so clearly is ( honest guv) after a series of scandals?………..

We humbly suggest that a fitting tribute in honour of Burgesski’s tenure would be a revolving door fitted to the Chief Executive’s office !


4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Burgesski !

  1. Tough job. Required courage. Required experience. Now let’s take time to list those corporate achievements in full:

    1. Gave us the most pampered, lavished upon occupants of the most lovingly refurbished Town Hall in Christendom.
    2. Put a bomb under Special Education on Wirral.
    3. Forced out many hundreds of staff, gagged them, then publicly lied about the gags.
    4. Paid some anonymous senior upstart £48,000 in extorted cash.
    5. When crooked, complicit councillors feigned ‘shock’, gagged them (as though it were needed !)
    6. Failed to “unredact” the Klonowski Report and the Smith Report (both remain impenetrable).
    7. Hundreds of other scandals, too numerous to mention or recall.
    8. Abysmally failed to tempt their most honest, upstanding, dignified member of staff, whistleblower Martin Morton back into the fold.
    9. Er…
    10. That’s it.

  2. G’day The Lordly Family

    Didn’t see you at the Special Fudgit and Risk IT Committee Meeting on 8 October into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.

    Was Corrie any good?


    I think the pre-meeting meeting would have been more fun as some star players were missing from the real thing.

    Liverpool paper and Wirral garbage “What do you want me to write “Dunny Chain Wearer”?

    Told to stay away obviously. Even though all the heavyweights were there except “Phil the Dill” and “The Dunny Chain Wearer”.

    Also the lady from the panel last time who actually reads the documents and asks pertinent questions must have been told not to attend by her ridiculous old fart of a buffoon boss.

    There was a token lady there who didn’t say boo. I don’t think she was a cardboard cut-out. She reminded me of my goldFISH that sadly passed away My Lord while I was in Australia last week.

    This lady was about as animated and useful as my fish now is.

    The council auditors were in attendance too and didn’t say boo, VALUE FOR MONEY ha ha ha ha.

    My L, you should have seen, probably can on John Brace, “The Shyster” and “Tosh” blithering and blubbering about 7 lines of redactions.

    I presume the seven pages were from an honest auditor, obviously no longer there.

    Later “The Shyster” and “Tosh” when they were wanting to object, talking at each other at the same time, flashing their lights, spinning there heads like in the Exorcist and waffling. It was like Laurel and Hardy.

    “Highbrow” had his bible and was prepared to swear on it that he wasn’t telling porkies and noticeably no officers offered the same but that was probably pre-arranged that no one would speak up.

    He also had THE NOKIA in his pocket “You Know Who”.

    They didn’t take him up on his offer to answer questions either My Lovely…..they knew he would answer with the truth which for them would have been humiliating.

    “Highbrow” wasn’t allowed to ask questions either which would also have been humiliating for them.

    There was as you could predict the forced interruptions to put “Highbrow” off.

    I noticed a couple of them had obviously been in hospital recently so hopefully they are on the mend and the lobotomies were a success. They will qualify for the cabinet soon.

    The VERY RED “Football Shirt” was playing ridiculous stare you out games with “Highbrow” and myself so I let him beat me once so he wouldn’t have HURT FEELINGS and go for 48.

    What was special though and I hope John Brace picked it up was when “Highbrow” winked at him when he was playing his infantile game.

    It was sickening listening to Graham Burge (r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes in 29 seconds)ss’ say at least 7 times in not quite 29 seconds how he wasn’t there when these crimes happened.

    Yep Lordsley, I said crimes, which these buffoons just can’t comprehend C R I M E S.

    So he wasn’t there, he wasn’t there, he wasn’t there, he wasn’t there, he wasn’t there but that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. What was his point?

    The officers are still there!

    Simon Kelly was the only one there prepared to show that he got it, or, maybe he is the only one that gets it. He mustn’t have turned up in time for the pre-meeting meeting.

    He certainly didn’t go along with their whitewash.

    God Bless Simon Kelly.

    I think Mr Kelly is just an honest decent person.

    There was a hail and hearty speech from the man that last meeting said this was the worst scandal in his forty years in local government ….who about turned ……and was so far up there derrieres’ that I think the speech must have been Graham Burge (r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes in 29 seconds)ss’ farewell gift from The Raving Loony Party.

    He actually had the audacity to ask “Highbrow” to apologise and he wasn’t even one of the ones that had obviously been poorly recently.

    Then I think it was “Tosh’s'” assistant the man that thinks you don’t have to discuss the accounts at AGM’s mentioned having “lessons to learn” “lessons to learn” “lessons to learn” and then they were all into it.

    A tribute to the master “The Dunny Chain Wearer”.

    Then I heard snoring which John’s video may have picked up and lo and behold it was “The Pretend Friend”. He obviously already knew the outcome of this farce as he was probably orchestrating the pre-meeting meeting being a big player in this……affair/whitewash.

    Highbrow gave them some papers with 5 untruths on titled D Garry Big Report Collation of Untruths.

    Not one person mentioned it that is how controlled they were with their whitewash. They might have just conceded that they were true…because they are.

    The very RED “Football Shirt” had the audacity then to stand up and quote Wirral Biz figures on how successful they had been but he failed to add how many hundreds of thousands of pounds that they had ripped off the Wirral Taxpayer.

    They forget that “Highbrow” has the database with the actual figures.

    One breath, or, was that a wheeze, he also said how proud of ISUS he was in it’s success and in another said they didn’t monitor it but just you wait MY L he might have to EAT THOSE WORDS.

    He triumphantly waved with a camp flourish a “SIGNED” contract that couldn’t be found for years that just popped up recently from were it had been ferreted away but the silly sausage forgot to show anybody that it had actually been signed. Honest gov.

    I won’t even refer to Graham Burge (r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes in 29 seconds)ss’ document he handed out it is not worth a thought or the paper it was written on.

    So Lordly, Lordly, wake up, wake up, that is what they wanted everyone at the meeting to do 3 years 3 months and 4 days later. Not over yet………………



    Luv you more than he luvs his “Football Shirt”

    Even more than the NOKIA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I’d like to make all of them play Pensions Challenge. It’d be written into their contracts. They’d have no choice in the matter. It’d be no good Burgess saying, ‘I’d rather not thank you very much’. He’d have to. There would simply be nothing he could do but turn up at Wallesey Town Hall, face the howling mob and be met by me, the Compere of the show.
    Course, I’d be dressed in a little sequined clad jacket, a belly full of ale, a bag of Pork Rind to nibble on and high as a bloody kite on two dose units of Diazepam and a generous handful of Psilocybin mushrooms.
    And I’d say, ‘welcome to Pensions Challenge. And you are? ‘Burgess’, he’d say, ‘Burgess by name and sneaky and incompetent by nature’. And then the whole bag of tripe would begin where I and the crowd thirsted for him to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to an answer and subsequently lose his near on two hundred thousand tax free lump sum.
    And some gap toothed ugly wench dressed in her bathing suit would be there holding her drum stick ready to belt the gong.
    And cognizant that he, Burgess, was never in a bloody month of Sundays going to give us all what we wanted and respond accordingly I’d say, ‘Surprise, surprise you thought your dear and much loved lady wife was at home picking out Axminster carpets, half a bloody foot deep in woven pile and three hundred quid a bloody square yard. Well she’s not. She’s here. Wheel her in.’
    And on she’d come howling and screaming tethered to a gurney as I produced my six pound mallet I lovingly call ‘the bloody mallet’. Course he’d wail, ‘surely this ain’t legal’, and she’d be gibbering, ‘Yes. Yes. Yes. No. No No’ and I’d gentle wipe her fevered brow explaining, ‘you dear sweet child of creation. It’s not for you to say yes or no. Not at all. We want your Graham to say it’, and then, I’d turn to the outgoing Chief Executive and with a look of steely intent, I’d tell him, ‘I’m going to belt her toes untill theyre flat with this hideous tool. Do you want me to do it?’
    Course, that got him thinking. Having all your toes flattened is no small thing. You’d be an odd sort if you thought differently. ‘Well?’, I’d say, ‘what’s it to be. Leave here with near on two hundred thousand pounds tax free with your wife who’s toes will be flattened or walk out hand in hand and be prepared to buy cheaper carpets.?’
    He said, ‘I don’t know’. With that the drumstick hit the gong, the crowd howled and I said, ‘Know’ is good enough for me. Thank you for playing Pensions Challenge’.

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