Shark Attack


We have long held that working for Wirral Council must be like swimming with sharks


This is never more so than at the minute – it must be a pretty grim swim in this sub-aquatic food chain trying to avoid the sharks and the shoals of bottom feeders and the pond life.

What’s more the waters appear to be very choppy at the moment  – with the Burgesski “retirement” and two further senior manager resignations ( Head of Paid Services and Director of Resources) and possibly more on the way…….

Is Burgesski finally realising that he may have been a big fish in a small pond ( a mere babbling brook so to speak ) – but he wasn’t the biggest fish swimming in the Wirral Council aquarium……and what’s more it looks like the Fisher of Men sitting outside on the edge has him hook,line and sinker ……..

It seems to us that Burgesski’s retirement is strangely redolent of the demise of former Wirral Council Chief Executive Wee Jimmy Winkle – where once again the sharks got narked over management restructure proposals….and a particular proposal which has resurfaced like the siren’s song echoing across the bay ………….. and has caused more than a few ripples.

We suggest that this could prove to be the longest two months of Burgesski’s life  – but then those who want to make the earth move should eventually expect a tsunami……..

4 thoughts on “Shark Attack

  1. Just to correct what seems slightly misleading.

    Graham Burgess is Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service and Returning Officer and Electoral Registration Officer.

    The other two senior managers going (Head of Resources and Head of Specialist Services). One is leaving because they have a job offer elsewhere, not sure about why in the other case.

  2. G’day My Lord

    I must apologise to you that I always say John “Tarrantino” Brace and Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro are champions of Wirral, My Luscious, it goes without saying you are the third member of the Trinity. (In no particular order)

    See they were trying to do their bully act on little “Tarrantino” the other day.

    They just don’t get it a Public meeting at Wirral is a PUBIC (TOXIC) meeting.

    Why My Fearless do they not want to be filmed when they have egos as big as “The Football Shirts” thing?

    If you ask “Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes in 29 seconds)ss’” I bet he says “I wasn’t there” “I wasn’t there” “I wasn’t there” “I wasn’t there” which seems to be his recurring comment.

    Anyway, he won’t be there soon. I can feel sick leave coming on.



    Ps Teeth in photo aren’t as white as “Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes in 29 seconds)ss’” but the eyes are just as little and beady.

    Pps That treasure chest won’t be big enough for his take home even though, or, because “He wasn’t there” “He wasn’t there” “He wasn’t there” “He wasn’t there”.

    Luv you more that “The Pretend Friend” likes a siesta in boring whitewash meetings. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX He goes to them all the time. X

    • Oh dear there you go mentioning me again. Unlike Quentin Tarantino’s films Wirral Council public meetings tend to have a lot less swearing and less gory violence.

      I’ve often wondered if I was to determine an age restriction on the video of each public meeting (under the BBFC classification rating) at Wirral Council what would it be ranging from U, PG, 12, 12A, 15 or 18.

      U = unedifying spectacle of politicians mildly disagreeing with each other and getting slightly cheesed off
      PG = pretty good speeches but with more robust language, but not as unedifying as U
      12 = We can’t let children under 12 watch this as politicians are trying to close their school down and it might upset them
      12A = We can’t let children under 12 watch this as politicians are now not only trying to close a primary school down and it might upset children, but the politicians are now not listening to the childrens’ parents too but telling everybody they are listening to them
      15 = The public meeting is engaging in discriminatory language or behaviour, so under 15s can’t watch this because it might set a really bad example
      18 = Politicians have started using “frequent strong language”, are engaging in discriminatory language and behaviour and we can’t have anyone who’s too young to vote seeing this at all as politicians are engaging in behaviour society wouldn’t find acceptable in children

      How about that for a new classification scale? 😀

  3. G’day Tarrantino

    Different spelling but I think you are the right one, the one that is often the only one in the chamber not full of obfuscation and bullshit aren’t you?

    Irreverent Aussie here.

    I still don’t understand how you can share a room with the vile specimens amongst them so often “Tarras” me old mate. You know the scumbags I mean.

    Answers on a postacard.

    Is there any way on your film you can give it a blue tinge when they are telling porkies?

    Then you might be responsible for the worlds longest blue movies.



    Ps Would luv to see a debate between you “Highbrow” and The Lord of Wirral versus “The Shyster” “The Football Shirt” and “Humpty Dumpty” on Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods and it wouldn’t matter if you and My L don’t fully understand it you would smash em and it would make a great adults only.

    Pps Just for your fun Tarras next meeting imagine them all in the buff, will be fun, and you will be able to see if they have their fingers and toes crossed when they are AT IT.

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