Frankie Says ..WIRRAL LEAKS…


When the latest cinematic masterpiece from John Brace was forwarded to us for our perusal we were very reluctant to view what on previous experience has to be the most tedious meeting on God’s earth (or whatever deity that does it for you) – The Birkenhead Constituency Committee. SEE HERE

However we were helpfully tipped the wink as to what section of the six part magnum opus would be of particular interest to us. Initially we were disappointed to see that Director of Law  Sirgit Tool was missing from his usual place as the meat in the Davies sandwich ( that’s George and Pip) and was replaced by an anonymous person who seemed to be mid-nervous breakdown.

So we then fast forwarded to the bit were Frankenfield was tittering like a naughty schoolgirl at his Freudian slip as he introduced  council officer David ” super -sub” Armstrong  – the David Fairclough of Wirral Council -as the Acting Chief Executive of Wirral Council! Oops! ….seems to us as though someone can’t shove Comrade Burgesski down the Downton Abbey fire escape quick enough! But at least we now know who takes over when Burgesski buzzes off in his beamer!

However nothing but nothing could have prepared us for the final reel when Frankenfield  grabbed a Houses of Parliament bag ( just to remind us he’s an MP and very,very important) to hand over to departing Committee Co-ordinator the beloved Dawnie whilst saying that he hoped that she’d be back after her stint with Sport England.The look in poor Dawnie’s eyes suggests she’d give Usain Bolt a run for his money when it came to running for the hills! He then uttered those immortal words : ” In case Wirral Leaks is actually recording us or anything it’s not cost a penny of public money…..”

An endorsement from Frankenfield – what more could we ask for?
However we can’t help feeling he’s made a schoolboy error by not heeding the words of his heroine Maggie Thatcher and that he should never have  given us “the oxygen of publicity”……..


2 thoughts on “Frankie Says ..WIRRAL LEAKS…

  1. G’day Lordly

    With my mate “Highbrow” being on foreign soil, I bet his “Pretend Friend” is glad he is not here, you cheered me up no end with your missive.

    “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing” as new leader ha ha ah is as ridiculous a thought as “The Dunny Chain Wearer” ha ha ha being “The Dunny Chain Wearer” and “The Football Shirt” being a contender when he doesn’t understand simple contracts ha ha ha.



    Ps I am still fuming My Lovely at those two dumb auditors sitting through the farce of The Special Audit and Fudgit Meeting of 8 October and being as mute as the cardboard cut out of her with the look of my goldFISH.

    Luv you more than “Phil the Dill” enjoyed sniffing around “The Dunny Chain Wearers” workplace. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. G’day My Bessie

    “Highbrow” is still away but you would be my bessie anyway.

    “Highbrow is my bessy though. he he

    All quiet on the the Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods front as Gra Gra won’t put the DCLG Report out that the auditor says was finished last year. Yep 11 months ago at least. Shambolic, claw back might be some of the words………. Maybe not. Good work… definitely not!

    “I wasn’t there” “I wasn’t there” “I wasn’t there” “I wasn’t there”.

    “The Shyster” who obviously doesn’t believe in karma (I worry for him and karma) just keeps telling them to keep their gobs shut which is remarkable when you see the size of some of them when they are bigging themselves up hey “Phil the Dill” and “Dunny Chain Wearer”. Watch out Fukkus he’s sniffing around Port Sunlight. Probably dodging Uncle Joe.

    My sympathy goes out today, and most days actually, to those who have to go and work with “The Football Shirt” and “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing”.

    I dare you to tell them a lie today so they know how it feels.



    Ps Won’t pester you much longer My Lover “Highbrow” is back soon. Bet he gets back before his long overdue FOI’s. Have a look there are thousands of them. Not really I was just seeing what it felt like to tell untruths like them.

    Pps Why do I laugh at these senior officers My Snoop because they are a joke. ha ha ha

    Luv you more than the goldFISH can sit motionless without blinking or speaking while the “The Pretend Friend” snores through meetings.

    “Simon Kelly” for Mayor.

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