Mob Rule


‘If they are Caesars or Cromwells, they seize power for themselves. If they are spineless courtiers, uninterested in doing good yet dangerous when they seek to do harm, they go back to lay their power at their master’s feet, and help him to resume arbitrary power on condition they become his chief servants ‘– Maximilien Robespierre, 1791

Is it us or does it suddenly seem as though Wirral Council is gripped with turmoil akin to pre-revolutionary France?

Consider if you will the “Golden Shower” – the gilded elite sustained by Comrade Burgesski which has come to symbolise the excess and decadence of Wirral Council – holding court at top-notch tucked-away hostelries and pissing on the proles.

No jobs? no prospects ? no hope ? – “Let them play golf” drawls Burgesski and his courtiers and then signs another cheque of public money to get him out of a bunker dug for him by careless, feckless and clueless local politicians.

Of course we were soon onto the man once described as “the fourth most influential man in local government” ( that’s one hell of a chat up line I’m sure you agree) and identified that he was really the Emperor With No Clothes ………

However we do admit Burgesski proved to be a rich source (no pun intended) of satire – from lampooning his preening vanity in the “What Really Matters” video to his St.Vitus Dance routine at last years Improvement Board Royal Variety Show.

The man who arrived on Wirral thinking he was a shoe-in for an OBE and a nice little pension pot top up – who soon followed the path of least resistance and threw his hand in with the people who had brought Wirral Council so low in exchange for a permanent contract – only to find they were to later to turn on him when he made the suggestion that the future assistant Chief Executive should be a particularly favoured courtier.

Fear not dear readers the revolutionary spirit lives on at Leaky Towers – even in the face of the relentless photo-op phonies.We all know who they are – the ones with seemingly endless access to local media. Note how the press statements and PR stunts from certain local politicians rise exponentially with the effluence emanating from Wallasey Town Hall. The latest manifestation of this loathing by politicians for the people they are meant to serve comes in the form of the desperate and manipulative “yob culture” rhetoric we have witnessed this past week.

We can only long for the day when the so called “yobs” rise from their false consciousness and instead of terrorizing their own neighbourhoods they begin to direct their anger and frustration toward the false messiahs who fail to consider their own manifest failings when it comes to a situation where disaffected,disenfranchised and dysfunctional young people on Wirral feel they have no option but to make other people’s lives as miserable as their own.

Not so much “Yob Culture is Ruining Town” as “Mob Culture is Running Town”

Vive le revolution!

6 thoughts on “Mob Rule

  1. Congratulations should be passed to ‘Little Miss ***’ who managed to collate results from the latest consultation and publish the report in record time! Or was it already written?

  2. G’day Lordly

    Fracking hell My L a building collapsed in Wallasey and it wasn’t the Clown Hall.

    Hope no one was hurt but was it close to the Circus?



    Ps Luv you more than you cam imagine. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. G’day My Regent

    Great news that no one was injured in the collapse of another asset but surprise surprise it was owned by the Clowncil.

    How long till the “Football Shirt” comes out and says it didn’t happen?

    Just like “Wirral Funny Biz” didn’t rip off hundreds and hundreds of thousands of your hard earned My L.

    Don’t worry you senior officers “Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes in 29 seconds)ss’” is still there to help you hide under your rocks.

    ‘If they are Caesars or Cromwells, they seize power for themselves. If they are spineless courtiers, uninterested in doing good yet dangerous when they seek to do harm, they go back to lay their power at their master’s feet, and help him to resume arbitrary power on condition they become his chief servants ‘- Maximilien Robespierre, 1791.

    I dare someone to stick that quote on the cabinet with the football shirt in when he is out wining and dining with Stella.

    Or, alternatively, send it in an email to “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing”….. go on.. do it…do it… that computer next to you has been left logged on while they have gone out to have a fag and suck up to “The Football Shirt”.

    The whole town will just tumble down and they just don’t care…..they don’t live there.



    Ps Is it ok My lordly if I put my “Wirral Funny Biz” Advent Calendar on your site on a snippet a day basis in December? A real life experience I had with the criminals and the liar in the Clownhall. You will laugh your socks off My Hero.

    Luv you more than the number of words the auditors ha ha ha ha ha ha said at Gra Gra’s farce of 8 October Fudge It and Risk It Special Meeting. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. G’day Lordsville

    Coming up to my fourth Xmas of unemployment since I went to blow the effing whistle to “The Football Shirt” and “The Chamber Potty” on “Wirral Funny Bizz” and I can’t get much lower.

    I had to skype my daughter in Oz to say the grand kids won’t be getting Xmas presents from Merseyside.

    How much have those penni earned in that time My Prince?

    They are despicable My L.

    “The Chamber Potty” was told to keep her gob shut and did what she was told.

    Does she always do as she is told “Football Shirt” and “The Shyster”? Haven’t seen her in the Echo lately My Regent is she keeping her head down like “The Dunny Chain Wearer” and “Phil the Dill”?

    YOBCULTURERUNNINGTOWN from the other side of Stella’s Mersey Waters….. right “Football Shirt”?.



    Ps Why don’t some of you damaged people with fresh or not quite printed P45’s tell Wirral Leaks what really goes on…. in someone else’s name if you like? You will be as angry as me 4 Xmas’s down the line.

    Pps I only tried to do the right thing My Hero.

    Ppps Just in case your viewers don’t know who the above people are My Loveable, and others.

    “The Pretend Friend” ha ha he didn’t even get mentioned above…Welsh Leak….must be his age.

    “The Football Shirt” My favourite liar.

    “The Chamber Potty” just goes as told.

    “The Shyster”…. “Highbrow” gave him a lesson on defunct company’s.

    “The Dunny Chain Wearer” We have lessons to learn lessons to learn lessons to learn court and fete court and fete court and fete.

    “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing”….who cares he will never get the job.

    Luv you more My Lord than “The Football Shirt” looks up to his football shirt and wishes he hadn’t had two left feet. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX he he he and no cojones.

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