All Fall Down


Although Her Ladyship is partial to persuing the horoscopes in her monthly ” Stately Home and LGA Chief Executives Lifestyle” magazines and we’re not usually superstitious or mystical at Leaky Towers. However on hearing the news that the collapsing old buildings in Kings St ,Wallasey was in the ownership of Wirral Council we couldn’t help feeling that this was a portent of things to come.

Apparently Wirral Council had bought the buildings six years ago with “renewal” funny money and in the time-honoured council tradition work had failed to begin by the time the two buildings collapsed.

Inevitably Comrade Burgesski and housing head honcho Cllr George “Downfall” Davies issued statements praising emergency services and the council “for the speedy way the incident had been dealt with.” The fact that the buildings were left to get into a state where they could injure life and limb is blithely ignored. Fortunately it seems no-one was injured or killed or Wirral Council might have been looking at a hefty compensation claim for negligence or even a corporate manslaughter charge.

But did we expect anything  different from Burgesski and Georgie ?  – what a star-crossed combination that is! They’re well practised  in the relentless pursuit of protecting reputations…..their own,the council ,their bezzies, their favoured courtiers ……AT ANY COST! (but if you can bring it in at just under £50K all the better !)

Which brings us back to our omens – we can feel it in our water that Burgesski and Georgie are about to bring everything falling down around them………………

1 thought on “All Fall Down

  1. Yep! I’ve no problem at all in embracing the idea that this is an unearthly and possibly heavenly sign of things that may come to pass, will come to pass or might never come to pass because the notion that a building just falling down has buggar all to do with omens and signs.
    Mind, when God gets involved in this stuff and decides to knock a building down, which is an omen and a heavenly sign, normally he’ll knock it down in an altogether roundabout way. This is the way he works. For example, if God suddenly gets it into his head that were not using enough rubber from the many rubber plantations in South Asia, he doesn’t just send us a message that clearly indicates he wants us to use more rubber. No! Not God. He goes about it in an entirely different way. He sends us the Syphillis. That’s what he does. He sends us a plague of the Syphillis causing us to use more contraceptives. And so, instead of using one condom during our lovemaking, the lads will pop half a dozen on in case the five split. This is the way it works. And then, when the rubber stocks become depleted and God thinks, ‘hi up the rubbers going down’, he sends us all something else to make us use less rubber. For a starters, he’ll soon get shot of the Syphillis. That’ll be the first thing he’ll do to stop our rubber plantations getting stripped bare.
    Now, as for the building just simply giving up hope and falling down, my guess is that God, if he has got involved and made it fall down, he’s done it for a reason. It’ll have nothing to do with rubber. That’s for sure. It’ll be something else that’s beyond our understanding and imagination and, in years to come, when the full picture opens up to us, we’ll all cry, ‘hoorah! That’s why God knocked it down. Halleluzah and Lord be praised.
    Course, it could be that this has buggar all to do with God, in which case, my entire offering of rancid pigswill is a load of Codswallop and the reader would do well to ignore me!

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