Sindy Says

Sindy Says…..


Hi Leakers and Leakerettes Sindy Snipe here!

So they’ve asked me to deal with some of the more downmarket elements emerging from their bulging postbag and also to add a bit of showbiz razzamatazz to proceedings at Leaky Towers….and at the moment the postbag is bulging like a consultant’s bank account ( Is that a rolled up  independent report in your trousers or are you just pleased to see me ? – by the way you can gag me anytime big boy!…..but it’ll cost ya!.)

The Silver Fox & The Blonde Bombshell

And so to the surprise of absolutely nobody we hear that outgoing  Wirral Council chief executive G-man Burgesski – has with indecent haste after announcing his alleged “retirement” – revealed he’s got a lucrative new gig as chairman of a newly-formed Northwest housing group called Torus. SEE HERE  (gotta pay the rent somehow eh G-man? But beware property management can be a sticky business! )

Burgesski cheekily says :

“The size, scale and vision of what I have seen so far are really impressive.”
Oo – er! …we can only hope the wily old silver fox is talking about his pay cheque!…….

Joining him at the top of this ambitious Northwest network for narcissists will be Rob “Blonde Bombshell” Young – a former Assistant Housing Director at ,yes you guessed it boys and girls ,……Wirral Council! ……..“I’m really looking forward to working alongside Graham right from the start of the Torus journey.”
Yes –  a journey all the way to the bank.  Torus? For-Us morelike !

What A Pair of Tits!


Vapid, Vain and fake. But enough about Frank..

I understand that one-woman frocky horror show Dame Vivienne Westwood  caused controversy this week by suggesting that poor people should eat less so they can afford organic food. “Let Them Eat Mung Beans” eh,Viv ? – you batty old trout.

Talking of which has my favourite local MP been whispering his usual showboating piffle in her ear?  Hey Frankenfield – do they have Fairtrade tofu at the local foodbanks ?….. I’m sure you volunteer there all the time!
What a pair of tits! – and I’m not talking about Pamela Anderson.

Menage A Trois

I know that French is the langue d’amour but I’ve never been able to get my tongue round it?!!! ..  😉  However I keep coming across the phrase “Menage A Trois” in correspondence addressed to Leaky Towers…..whatever does it mean?!……… tell !


Sindy X


7 thoughts on “Sindy Says

    • G’day Paul

      Is it true that “Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes in 29 seconds)s’s’” first erection for Torus is re-housing the The Clown Hall into an asylum on a vacant lot in King Street?

      Good work Gra Gra your first customer could be the old fool that asked “Highbrow” to apologise at your farce of a Special Meeting of 8 October.

      The poor old goat from the Raving Loony Party who said at a previous meeting it was the worst scandal he had seen in his forty years in local government.

      Keep up the great work Paul.



      Ps Maybe “The Football Shirt” will get his “Regurgitation Department” to send “Humpty” out more often to do stress tests as a favour for Gra Gra and Torus.

  1. G’day Mate

    Shit I have done it again Your Majesty, calling you mate, it is just the girls above got me all excited plus the thought of a Menage A Trois “The Football Shirt” “Phil the Dill” and “The Dunny Chain Wearer”……….. With “The Shyster” “Crabapple” and “The Raving Loony Party Member” watching and “The Pretend Friend” sleeping through it. ZZzzzzzzzzz

    Irreverent Aussie here.

    I just thought you might be interested to see how you get a promotion at the Clown Hall when you are only acting.

    One way is by ignoring, bullying and harassing innocent whistle-blowers like “Highbrow” and my good self, people who just want to tell them about hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds going astray. They really don’t want to know………………………why?

    You write them a letter:

    Dear Mr Griffiths

    I refer to your email to Graham Burgess today which refers to another email dated 25 April (timed at 09:31) sent by you to Council Members, Grant Thornton and the Daily Post.

    As you are aware, the Council has taken action in relation to the issues and concerns raised in connection with both the ISUS and BIG programmes. These matters are still ongoing and do involve other relevant authorities.

    In your email you have stated that a senior Council Officer has “lied” to you. This is a very serious claim and one that has not been proven. It is simply not acceptable that you make such a bold unsubstantiated claim and then consider it appropriate and justified to communicate it to all Members of the Council, Rob Hampson at Grant Thornton and Liam Murphy at the Daily Post.

    The Council is of the view that making such bold unsubstantiated claim and communicating it, is defamatory; and when considered in the context of your other previous emails, may also tantamount to harassment.

    The Council owes a duty of care to all its employees, and that includes its senior officers. The fact that you have raised concerns and issues, particularly in connection with the BIG programme, does not entitle you to defame or otherwise harass any Council employee.

    You are therefore requested to issue a full unequivocal retraction of the unsubstantiated claim and apologise in writing within the next 7 days to the senior officer against whom you have made the claim.

    I strongly suggest that you refrain from making any further defamatory remarks or comments against Council Officers, or conducting yourself in a manner that may amount to harassment. Should you fail to do so, the Council will have little alternative but to consider the options available to it to ensure there is appropriate redress.

    I would also suggest you seek independent legal advice in respect of this matter.

    Yours sincerely


    Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council
    Town Hall
    Brighton Street
    CH44 8ED

    So mate. fukk, My Loveable, I did as I was told. ha ha ha

    I hope I have retracted better than they usually do My Hunk.

    So My L what do you reckon?

    No, I said what do you reckon?

    As you can see My Lordly there must be something in it, it must have cost them £150,000.00 plus and a farce of a Fudgit and Risk It Special Meeting into Big, ISUS andn Working Neighbourhoods of 8 October.

    Notice My regent they never, never never mention Working Neighbourhoods when “Highbrow” reckons things were worse than ever.



    Ps I will send you my response to that letter soon My Honey.

    Pps Grant Thornton think there is something in it, see their Report.

    Luv you more than the Senior Officers want to live on the Wirral. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • A translation out of Council speak into plainer English with some “artistic licence” and reading between the lines:

      Dear Mr. Griffiths,

      I refer to your email to Graham Burgess today which refers to another email dated 25 April (timed at 09:31) sent by you to Council Members, Grant Thornton and the Daily Post.

      You called one of us a liar, but didn’t say who. So we’re all offended now. At least have the decency to say who so we can suggest that person to sue you.

      Please retract your previous communication otherwise well that person will get very upset and we have to work with him or her!

      P.S. How dare you go writing to the local newspapers about us and our auditors? Don’t you realise we have both a press office and an audit team for that? I mean what if our press office or audit team wrote one thing and you contradicted it, how would the journalists and/or auditors know to believe? It would cause us a lot of extra work responding to their queries!!!!

      So please retract your communication now and let us get back to our very important work.

  2. G’day Lordly

    Only 43 sleeps “Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes in 29 seconds)s’ss” till you can creep off with all those secrets you can use against them for ever more.

    Another day passes since I blew the whistle to “The Football Shirt” and “The Chamber Potty” that makes it 1,232 days since I went in to tell them of the crimes of “Wirral Funny Bizz” yep My Lovely three years four months and 13 days.

    To be fair to them they didn’t actually do anything for three or four months at all until “The Pretend Friend” in his wakeful days tried to do the right thing, other than keeping their gobs shut, she says on advice.

    I will keep counting the days My L until justice is done.

    Talking on the topic of gossip, as above, My Hero, on the night of 8 October Special Fudge It and Risk It Gra Gra farce were he rolled them all out to tell untruths in public (see “Highbrow”).

    I was told two people were to retire on the evening, obviously we now know one was “Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes in 29 seconds)s’ss” I was disappointed to find out the other wasn’t “The Dunny Chain Wearer” lessons to learn lessons to learn court and fete court and fete. It was just the “Pretend Friend” was going to retire to sleep mid meeting. ZZzz “err err where’s my attendance allowance and mileage?



    Ps Would love them to show the “Beverley Report” My Ace.

    Pps Who was “Beverley” you might ask. An honest auditor My Regent she had to go.

    Luv you more than Gra Gra can’t get out quick enough. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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