Sheena Is A Non-Shocker

Let the battle of the sexes commence as the self-serving “public servants” line up to sip from the poisoned chalice that is the Chief Executive post at Wirral Council.
Following our lead (and you know you do you clueless bunch of bottom feeders at Wirral Council ) but we suspect that the next Chief Executive will probably be of the female persuasion.

We understand the first to throw their hat in the ring is Sheena Ramsey – the former Knowsley Council official who left with a tidy £200,000 kiss off. SEE HERE

She then failed to get the top job at Bradford Council and is now sniffing round for the consolation prize at Wirral Council and may have already had a heart to heart with Comrade Burgesski to see whether it’s a goer.

Well when we say heart to heart they’ve probably got their calculators out and compared how much money is to be made from sitting there and taking the flak for a never-ending series of fuck-ups. No doubt Burgesski told her just to repeat the words ” Common Purpose” at regular intervals and she’ll be a shoe-in….

We also hear that Becky “Well Hard” Hellard, Finance Director at Liverpool City Council may also be interested in taking the Ferry Cross The Mersey.It may seem to be a bit of an ambitious punt for a mere Director – but the Liverpool connection will no doubt stand her in good stead.

Meanwhile  we wonder whether Addled  still thinks he’s in with a shout ? – we think it may be a case of wrong sex ,wrong time but we are living in very strange times so anything can happen…………………………… we’ll keep you posted on any developments.

5 thoughts on “Sheena Is A Non-Shocker

  1. Oh Sheena Ramsey, the Chief Executive who turned down requests of mine to film public meetings of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (chaired by Cllr Phil Davies) earlier this year giving a reason in an email of a law that didn’t even apply to such meetings (later admitting in an email this was a mistake)?

    When the Mayor of Liverpool went spinning to the newspapers about his version of what happened over the election of Chair banning any film of the meeting really helped with openness and transparency didn’t it (sarcasm intended)?

    Oh and it was Knowsley officers again (albeit not Sheena but officers advising this course of action that are answerable to her) that advised councillors to stop filming of the April Merseyside Police and Crime Panel public meeting at Birkenhead Town Hall.

    So if this is the calibre of advice Wirral Council councillors can look forward to receiving from a future Chief Executive, let’s hope someone gets picked who has a modicum of common sense & a desire for openness and transparency!?

  2. Oh Lordy

    You make me laugh.

    Not as much as the imbecile senior officers at Wirral though.

    As if “The Dunny Chain Wearer” and his little bully gang “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing” and “The Football shirt” would let any woman in.

    They only use them to pay for trips to Reno etc.



    Ps I think they will save Lyndale on Wednesday or at least not sign the death certificate even this lot can’t be that evil.

    Luv you more than “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing” thinks he’s got the job in the bag. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    He thinks he was clever not sitting at the “Top Table” at the farce of 8 October. He was creeping around hiding behind the audience laughing at “The Football Shirt” saying he couldn’t understand a simple contract and “it wasn’t our money”.

  3. Merry Xmas My Lord


    Lets not mention Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 ”mistakes in 29 seconds)ss’ today because we all know “He wasn’t there” “He wasn’t there” “He wasn’t there”

    So what did he actually do when he was there?

    I know…….. he redecorated…. as work experience for his new job….retiring my arse…into housing.

    I can see him now mincing around the slums of St Helens with his bobbyfortyfive suntan and a cravat.

    I digress My Gorgeous back to the TAX RETURN SCANDAL of “Wirral Funny Bizz”.

    How I got on to this little scam My Regent was when I was reviewing a lady funeral director who worked from home and I told her I had been a tax auditor and she was saying how confusing accounts and tax returns were and all too complicated.

    It was as sad as the Super Duper Duper Director “The Football Shirt” standing up in public and saying my name is Kev (If only I had been good enough to don that shirt) Addled and I don’t understand simple contracts and I do not care because I get big pay like footballers.. It isn’t our money anyway it was just gifted from Europe.

    I asked if she would like me to visit and discuss her issues.

    I could not believe it My L she had been sold an accounting package by the “The Backward Cap” which was another nonsense of Wirral Funny Bizz” were they talked people into buying an accounting package (off them) that so many Start Ups just really do not need.

    The “Backward Cap” convinced HIM if he could sell all the newbies a package knowing they were not accountants they would have to come back and get his “expert” advice. All paid for by Wirral at over £100.00 per hour (usually half hour at most).

    So they effectively conned people into these packages, people like part time cleaners for example. I won’t embarrass them by naming them.

    The lovely lady told me how she had spent nights and nights with the stupid computer programme and lost all her work and took it all into “The Backward Cap” to fix and she thought he was a hero and got him a Xmas present.

    I looked at the tax return and it was ridiculous, items in fixed assets such as a studio which she never had.

    There were bits of the accounts missing and the tax return did not make any sense and when I asked “The Backward Cap” he said he had the finalised file (a well used excuse also with Big files etc) which I asked and asked for but till today I never saw it.

    “Highbrow” did though and he also closely examined over 50 tax returns “The Backward Cap” had prepared with errors in 93% thereof. They are probably still paying peoples fines three years later.

    He was supposed to check all tax questions with “Highbrow” a chartered accountant of over 35 years but didn’t.

    Did I ever tell you My Old Darling it is 1,259 days since I blew the whistle to “The Football Shirt “ and “The Chamber Potty”.

    Yep 1,812,960 minutes ago and nothing has been sorted out.

    Don’t forget Wirral have spent about £150,000.00 investigating this and still can’t see anything wrong. Ask Grant Thornton but not the two dumb auditors that did not say boo on 8 October.

    Probably all on the sun bed with the CEO in his fancy bathroom and as Bobby says with no goggles on. Although even if they were blind they would see the criminality and wastage at “Wirral Funny Bizz” even though they don’t want too.



    Ps I think “The Pretend Friend” has gone into hibernation, or, does he just sleep all year round.

    “The Dunny Chain Wearer” is fattening himself up for Xmas dinner.

    “Phil the Dill” is still practising his Queens’ Speech err I mean Maiden Speech Frank is getting on.

    Luv you more than the number of hours “The Football Shirt” and Gra Gra spend spit roasting on the sun bed. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    I didn’t mention “The Chamber Potty” you cheeky minx.

    Reply ↓

  4. G’day My Morning Glory

    Advent Calendar 10

    Couldn’t think of a better way to wake up than thinking of you My Lordsly.

    Then I thought……. why haven’t any of the “66 Wise Men” and/or those peanuts they call senior officers at The Clowncil ever questioned “Highbrow” themselves.

    Could it be they know they will get the answers they don’t want to hear, the Labor Party and the guilty anyway?

    The honest answers. No one has ever said “Highbrow” has told one untruth.

    Could it be the Leader of The Clowncil “The Dunny Chain Wearer” won’t let them.

    Don’t be an idiot “Phil the Dill” you couldn’t even be an effective Akela.

    They just use you.

    Trust me “The Dunny Chain Wearer” will attempt a comeback if he survives La Grande Bouffe….

    They know “Highbrow” would make them look stupid. Hence the auditors not piping up at “Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes in 29 seconds)ss’ farce of 8 October.

    When is a lie a lie?

    You might ask My Worshipful Master could it be when “The Football Shirt” talks to me or alternatively when “He that talks for twenty minutes without breathing” talks to “Highbrow”?

    I have witnessed both My Truthful Leader.



    Ps I can still see “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing” going purple when I told him to get back inside The Clownhall with the rest of the shower of shit.

    What did he do????

    He went inside.

    Back to “Wirral Funny Bizz” tomorrow My L, “The Chamber Potty’s” baby.

    Luv you more than I like listening to the NOKIA…. err I mean RASPBERRY…. no no BLACKBERRY. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Pps Why My Lordsly do the people who are about to be made redundant not write to you anonymously? They will regret it forever if they don’t.

    Go on tell us the truths. You know you want too! Better than going to confession.

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