Death By A Thousand Cuts

This week Wirral Council agreed to £2.5 million worth of cuts (disguised as “budget savings) to local services. Despite the fact that the “refreshed” Corporate Plan gave “protecting the vulnerable ” top billing it’s clear from where the axe fell that this claim is nothing more than a miserable lie. It is clear that the vast majority of the cuts were aimed at vulnerable people – namely respite services for disabled adults and children and the scrapping of Council Tax discount to pensioners over 70.

The Council meeting where these cuts were discussed appears to be a rather tense affair judging by the footage on John Brace’s blog

Mayor Foulkes seemed particularly tetchy telling lone Green Councillor Pat “Green Not Mean” Cleary that he couldn’t address Council because he didn’t have a seconder (which is a bit difficult when you’re on your own) :  ” I’ve made the decision.Sit down….” he yelled before going on to tell another Green ,by name if not by nature,this being the Tory leader Jefferson, to : ” Sit down. I’m speaking…” .

Foulkesy then went on to relent ” as it was Christmas” and obviously regretted the decision as Cllr Cleary’s impassioned anti-austerity speech drew rapturous applause from the public gallery. ” I won’t be ambushed again” pouted the titty-lipped tinpot dictator.

It’s clear from the public’s reaction  the Green Party is cultivating a groundswell of support (geddit?) and long may it continue. Anything that disrupts the political hegemony which has blighted Wirral for far too long is alright by us at Leaky Towers.

There was another speech of note from  Cllr Janette ” Millie Tant” Williamson who railed against the coalition government and their policies which was very much in the Labour tradition of blaming the government for decisions made by Wirral Council. What is always missing from the ” it’s all central government’s fault”  default position is the fact that the coalition government did NOT dictate to  Wirral Council how to implement the Bedroom Tax or their increasingly reprehensible approach to Council Tax discounts and exemptions or their continual scapegoating of disabled people – talking of which will this inglorious history continue tonight when Cabinet finally decides the fate of Lyndale School?

What’s more is Cllr.Williamson aware of the national Labour Party’s stance on austerity?
It is clear from  policy statements made by Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls that if Labour succeed in getting into power following the next General Election then Labour have promised yet more austerity measures.

Who will Wirral Council blame then?


2 thoughts on “Death By A Thousand Cuts

  1. Merry Xmas My Lord


    Lets not mention Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 ”mistakes in 29 seconds)ss’ today because we all know “He wasn’t there” “He wasn’t there” “He wasn’t there”

    So what did he actually do when he was there?

    Well My L I am reliably informed he fell out with them.

    And why wouldn’t he if he is any tiny bit decent.

    Only 13 more sleeps Gra Gra to redeem yourself.

    I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the Lyndale result so I will just give you one of my favourite reviews at “Wirral Funny Bizz”.

    Went out to see two young men who had done the course and got there £500.00 start up dosh and “Wirral Funny Bizz” got their £1,300.00 or possibly more.

    Nice young blokes, on the dole, and explained that they wanted to make movies and the “boss” said how his wife was involved with the Clowncil” and that is how he became aware of the course and the £500.00.

    This was the 18 month review and I asked what their income was for the first year and they said £0.00 and said things didn’t work out with the movies so they had moved into wedding videos.

    I then asked how much was their income for the 18 months and to my shock they said £0.00.

    They said they had done a couple of weddings for free (yes right) to advertise themselves and it was looking promising.

    I was now struggling to take them seriously and asked them what there estimated income for the first year was when they did the lectures and prepared their business plan with the “Backward Cap”?

    Well My Lordly I nearly fell off the settee when in all seriousness they said £1,000,000.00.

    I couldn’t get back to the office quickly enough to look at their file which I never did find.


    Headline in that rubbish local paper.


    “Phil the Dill” “The Dunny Chain Wearer” and their little gang of bullies I presume are out celebrating they are ‘orrible.

    I just hope they get what they deserve for Xmas unanimously.

    Come on Gra Gra spill the beans on the Barstards.

    Vile vile specimens emigrate to Reno.


    Luv you more than the number of arseholes in the Kitchen Cabinet. XXXXXXXX

    No wonder Martin wouldn’t go back and work with them.

  2. James by the time you met the cameramen wirralbiz would certainly have received 276 for enlisting them onto ISUS; 1,144 for the conversion into a viable business; a fee of 119 for the complementary services review at 12 months and up to 400 for ISUS reviews.

    could be a touch under 2,000 for a business where no other review appeared to have detected NIL turnover. I suggest they were simply turningover reviews!

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