Crushed – The Closing of Lyndale School

We implored Wirral Council to “tread softly” when it came to Lyndale School.
However reverting to type last night they decided to put on the bovver-boy boots and crush the hopes of pupils,parents,carers,teachers and supporters by deciding to close the special school.

Knowing what she was up against parent spokesperson Chrissie Woodland declined to speak at the meeting of Wirral Council’s Cabinet claiming that it was a “waste of time”.

Indeed it appears to us the whole consultation process was a completely stage managed farrago. We imagine the pre-meeting conversations went something like: ” Right Julia , Ann will ask the first question and then Bernie can ask the next one and then you give us your rehearsed answer and we’ll nod along pretending to be interested”.

Let’s face it as soon as Julia Hassall stated from the outset of the consultation that Wirral Council was “minded” to close Lyndale School it was a done deal.

What we don’t understand that if “economic considerations” were the reason for the closure why don’t the sums add up?
Are the “economic considerations” more to do with a future potential capital receipt for the land we ask ourselves?

Meanwhile the valiant parents have vowed to challenge the process which led to the decision and have it quashed at Judicial Review.

So before they bulldoze the sensory garden funded by £80,000 worth of donations from Wirral Globe readers Wirral Council need to be “minded” that the fight is far from over. We’ll be ringside hoping for a knockout blow in this David and Goliath battle.


13 thoughts on “Crushed – The Closing of Lyndale School

  1. Merry Xmas My Lord


    Lets not mention Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 ”mistakes in 29 seconds)ss’ today because we all know “He wasn’t there” “He wasn’t there” “He wasn’t there”

    So what did he actually do when he was there?

    Well My L I am reliably informed he would do anything the Clowncillors and Officers would ask him just as long as he wasn’t implicated.

    An example of this kind of thing would be if a member of the “Pretend Friend” family would have asked him to spend £50,000.00 of your hard earned on an investigation into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods as pretence of doing something and then we can always ignore the Report as usual.

    Then the whistle blowers will go away quietly.

    Oh no they won’t.

    Oh yes they will.

    Oh no they won’t.

    To show his thanks for “The Pretend Friend” employing him he would probably say something like “Yes Bachgen” but as long as it is clear I wasn’t here, I wasn’t here. I wasn’t there.

    Talking of the despicable “Pretend Friend Partnership” not that I want too but one of my heroes of Wirral mentioned them, not “Highbrow” not Martin Morton not John Brace but that very likeable and knowledgeable Mr Paul Cardin in that useless local paper.

    What the vile couples, “we can’t get our hands up quick enough to close down Lyndale” performance would have been like .

    It would have gone something like this in the Chamber, wake up wake up Buoy we have to put our hands up to close down that pesky school.

    Ooh ooh sorry darling I just nodded off after breakfast.

    It’s 6.30pm Taffy.

    Did I get my allowance today, err err how did “The Dunny Chain Wearer” tell us to vote.

    Just stick your hand up like “Phil the Dill” you stupid old buffoon, I knew I should have married that Raving Loony from the Raving Loony Party who’s party we aspire too. Then I wouldn’t have had to put up with your snoring day and night.

    Then they would have driven off to their little house twenty five yards from The Clownhall after a long day (sleep) in the office.

    Shouldn’t he give his heating allowance back as he sleeps in the chamber most days and evenings with a nice cup of COFFEE.

    So what did my hero Paul say in that rubbish paper inexactly…. well he vaguely said it appears that this partnership gets for the year

    MRS “PRETEND FRIEND” CM 8,712.48 9,171.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 17,883.48

    MR SLEEPING PARTNER AE 8,712.48 9,171.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 17,883.48

    I can’t say My Lovely that I hate this vile partnership I really do feel sorry and pity them for what they have to do.

    To make ends meet.

    Or, just out of avarice

    They must have lost their dignity years ago.

    I will pray for them this Xmas.



    Ps Luv you more than the 35,766.96 pounds (ZZZzzz’s) in the “Pretend Friends'” year.

    Just for doing what someone else says believe in it or not.

    Absolutely no shame.

  2. Merry Xmas My Lord


    Lets not mention Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 ”mistakes in 29 seconds)ss’ today because we all know “He wasn’t there” “He wasn’t there” “He wasn’t there”

    So what did he actually do when he was there My L?

    He went up His Stairway to Hades every morning and sat there on his new dunny thinking these suckers on Wirral are effing galahs they are giving me about £500.00 a day to re-decorate and show St Helens I’m good at housing…… ha ha ha ha ……they can’t implicate me in anything.

    I keep picking on “The Dunny Chain Wearer” because he kept stupidly saying with the look of a peach faced love bird ” Whistle blowers are courted and feted courted an feted and we have lessons to learn lessons to learn lessons to learn”.

    Well my dear “Dunny Chain Wearer” that will learn you about passing envelopes on stairwells in public (Me Martin Highbrow Paul and more) at adjournments in full Clowncil meetings.

    Go on you 66 parasites ignore that email from Martin last Monday at your peril.

    Demand “Phil the Dill” and “His Ugly Twin Brother” resign and take “The Dunny Chain Wearer” with them.

    Bring in the Administration.

    But I think from my experience watching “The Pretend Friend” talking and dealing to a victim of The Clowncil Assassination Team whilst we were waiting to talk to him and the scumbag “Shyster” and I say scumbag with a massive amount of venom and disrespect.

    He was touching, nodding, winking and smiling at the poor lady victim saying we have adjourned till Monday knowing damn well he had sacked the poor lady. I presume after the touching, nodding, winking, smiling like she was his great granddaughter he sent her a letter.


    The only honesty, openness and transparency they have started to show is when they get caught out.

    I am fuming my Lordsville at what they get away with.

    If you think what they are doing is impossible think again they think they are untouchable.



    Ps You know why “Phil the Dill” left early at that ridiculous Improvement Board Public farce don’t you My Regent?

    Because he thought Martin was going to spill the beans as he did in that email to all the council and others on Monday.

    So like the lily livered coward he was “Phil the Dill” ran and ran and ranand ran away closely followed by that other weasel with the “Brendan fake tan” “The Football Shirt”.

    Although as “The Football Shirt” doesn’t understand simple contracts as he says in public he had to ask “Phil the Dill” why they were running.

    Luv you more than “The Football Shirt” luvs his favourite REDS. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. The Pretend Friend has certainly done more than that with Guidance and Full Protection and when they were told, they let him become a a Big City Jack or a Little fish in a Big pond. He will get eaten up and chewed out, unless he picks on the weak and vulnerable, he likes that.

  4. Merry Xmas My Lord


    Lets not mention Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 ”mistakes in 29 seconds)ss’ today because we all know “He wasn’t there” “He wasn’t there” “He wasn’t there”

    So what did he actually do when he was there My L?

    Well he retired.

    Oh no he didn’t

    Oh yes he did

    Oh no he didn’t;

    and why would he.

    He moved into housing.

    And why wouldn’t he?

    I read in “Phil the Dill’s blog;

    Council budget for 2014-15

    “We have also committed to invest £1.5 million to kick-start a substantial programme of affordable housing to be targeted at areas with the highest levels of deprivation. This funding should generate around 100 new homes”.

    There’s obviously dosh in housing my Lordsly he will probably sell them off for £1 like his Great Uncle Joe and then get the knighthood he is so desperate for.

    I digress My Lovely back to “Wirral Funny Bizz”.

    By now “The Chamber Potty” and her dog’s body, the now, “Garbage Lady” were making their second visit and I wondered why they never spoke to the accountant “Highbrow” and why A 4 E didn’t talk to him either.

    Because he is as honest as the day is long My Minx.

    So prior to these visits I noticed hectic activity around the reception desk and the little office behind said desk were the television and sound recording equipment was positioned overseeing and hearing what was said in that evil boardroom.

    So My L with “Wirral Funny Bizz” at it and the Wirralgate tape and the Nokia/Raspberry it seems everyone wants to do Candid Camera.

    I still wonder why The Clowncil don’t want “Wirral Funny Bizz” in court, do you?????????

    The way I see it My Worshipful is that if you are not doing anything wrong you could be taped all day long.

    Not this scum My Regent.



    Ps Keep on filming Johnnie “Tarrantino” Brace you are legend.

    Luv you more My Morning Glory than they luv being filmed by “Tarras”. XXXXXXXXXXX

    That is why “The Dunny Chain Wearer” puts on rouge and “The Football Shirt” puts on “Buck Rodgers Fake Tan”. Or is that just nicotine?

  5. Its all very confusing and cryptic. Could the ITKs just say the peoples names and tell us the facts rather than postings that soon lose their interest if you dont understand them. I am compiling a story of lies and bullying that will expose one senior manager and when I do he wont be called “The Pieater”, I will give his name.

    • Yep

      Just what I would expect Mr Pseudonym another hero.



      Ps I don’t really have a problem with pseudonyms but advising others ten or fifteen years late is a bit off.

      Merry Xmas G Fours I hope your Xmas won’t be as sad as mine and get your mates to write, pseudonym or not.

      • Ps G Fours

        Don’t run scared when “The Shyster” sends you one of his “letters”.

      • Pps G Fours

        “Highbrow” aka Nigel Hobro and I James Griffiths have been writing to 66 councillors, Grant Thornton, the police and DCLG on a daily basis for almost four years.

        Each of them, except, the 66 buffoons have told us they agree there is criminality not to mention massive wastage.

        The Clowncill just retain a vow of silence which I hope makes them implode at some point.

        Very difficult to argue with silence. It also makes them look guilty of something…..

        Our fraud probably only revolves around 2 or 3 million pounds. Only.

        The idiots could have resolved this easily but decided to go down this long term route, expecting us to go away.

        We won’t until resolution.



  6. They closed Lyndale in the wrong way if you want to close any service you develop self advocacy and listen to what the people who use the service want and also use person centre planning.

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