Christmas Caption Competition: I’m Dreaming of A Whitewash Christmas

 “A good conscience is a continual Christmas.” – Benjamin Franklin
Please send your captions to :
Please note do not make comments on Facebook page as apparently last time that led to someone banging in a hurt feelings claim to Wirral Council….(no we don’t know how that works either).
From everyone at Leaky Towers we’d like to wish all our devoted readers a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with truth and justice.



12 thoughts on “Christmas Caption Competition: I’m Dreaming of A Whitewash Christmas

  1. G’day Mate

    Can I call you mate as a Xmas Present Your Majesty.

    Was “The Dunny Chain” arrested for having his thing in his hand on that plane?

    And I thought he was a massive cock!

    Bet he doesn’t ever see it again after this year of La Grande Bouffe.

    Very Merry Xmas to you Verity all your readers and I am sorry that I have to be so cryptic but you all know the lying, cheating thieving barstards I am referring to.

    I wish them all what they truly deserve.



    Ps My L it was 1,268 days that I blew the whistle to “The Football Shirt” and “The Chamber Potty” 109,555.200 and probably 60,000 fags out the back and he is still living by his lies.

    Didn’t understand the simple contract and anyway it wasn’t our money.


  2. Merry Xmas My Darling

    I didn’t forget you “Football Shirt” even when you are not lying you are lying.



    Ps Dreaming of Stella by any chance?

    Luv you more My L than “The Pretend Friend” snores (in the chamber) louder than the “Football Shirt” when he is caught on camera sleeping with “The Dunny Chain Wearer”. XXXXXXXXXX

  3. “Wakey….Wakey”…..!!! (ie Bill Cotton…cannot beat the ‘oldies’)….I live in the hope that a nudge or two/three/four/five…000’s…… will result in Wirral residents/voters knowing that there is “better” out there. Has to be said I feel for the employees of Wirral Countril as I can imagine that they are under immense pressure/retrisction/instruction from ‘others’….this can only change with support from those who are paying!!!! This is my view and is heartfelt. Come on Wirral – let us make a difference in 2015!

  4. Oh Lordy

    Well that takes the biscuit Lordsville.

    You’ll never guess who they went to see in Reno.

    For God’s sake what are the other 60 odd, and when I say odd, I mean really odd clowncillors going to say about the jolly when they find out who they were going to do business with.

    They will be furious and demand they repay “The Chamber Pot” who in turn will pay back the Clowncill who in turn will have to repay Europe no doubt.

    Who do you think My Lovely is the last person you would do business with anywhere?

    Oh L talk about taking the piss, he makes Stella look like a good bet.

    Which idiot suggested they go all the way to Reno and thought they would get away with it when it came out.

    They will no doubt blame “The Chamber Potty” because she will do anything for them.

    Lordy are you sitting.

    It was the infamous KENNO.

    You couldn’t make it up My Regent.



    Ps They will be off to Lapland next My Darling.

    Luv you more than the number of freebie football tickets “The Dunny Chain Wearer” and “The Football Shirt have had.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. G’day My Lord

    I bet the vacant seat was for “The Chamber Potty”.

    She was probably playing air hostess when the love birds where snapped.

    Or maybe she took the photo to keep her job at “The Pot”.



    Ps I bet she has more photos.

    Luv you more than than the number of air miles they have between them. XXXXXXXX

  6. G’day Lordsville

    Just came in from watching “The Football Shirt” and “The Dunny Chain Wearers” favourite team get beaten again.

    Bet they were there with free tickets.

    Bet they lied and said they were the better team and were unlucky. Fools.

    Bet they are stupid enough to think they are going to beat their local rivals…..Tranmere.



    Ps They will always be losers My Lord.

    Luv you more than “The Chamber Potty” looks down on them. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  7. La-la Land

    Coach crossing the Mason-Dixie line:A well earned rest after lengthy negotiations with Jefferson Davies -no relation- for buildling “AlabamaTwo” on “Wirral Waters” for the Confederacy

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