Fishing On The Mersey – Millers Crossing ?

More Wirral Mugs ?


So what exactly has Doncaster Council Chief Executive Jo Miller been doing on the wilder shores of Wirral? On a fishing expedition following news of the imminent departure of outgoing failure Comrade Burgesski? Or borrowing a few more bob for Doncaster Council from the Wirral kitty?

She certainly has all the right credentials for the Wirral Council Chief Executive post – female ( we all know why that is) , links to SOLACE and the Local Government Association and has had former appointments on Merseyside so will no doubt have all the “right” connections.

Therefore we can only wonder whether her Wirral mug is soon to become her poisoned chalice ! ?…….


8 thoughts on “Fishing On The Mersey – Millers Crossing ?

  1. G’day My Lord and Lady

    With only one sleep left Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 ”mistakes in 29 seconds)ss’ we should all thank him him for doing………


    I know….taking about £300,000.00 that would have just been wasted anyway.

    Can you imagine the meetings that “The Dunny Chain Wearer” has been chairing and the planning for the arrival of the new BUFFOON.

    They will send in the old fogey of a “Pretend Friend” to nod, wink, smile and touch. Closely followed by the old goat from The Raving Loony Party to give his speech on whatever they tell him is speech is.

    They might even invite “Phil the Dill” to the meetings.

    Whilstin the mean time the senior officers will be throwing money at hopeless causes before he settles in.

    I don’t believe it will be a female BUFFOONESS as they are a rare breed that will not be bullied like the one at “The Pot”.



    Ps I bet there are some shenanigans going on currently My Lordsly.

    Luv you more than Gra Gra hated Wirral. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. G’day My Lord and Lady

    Surprised not to see you on the New Years Honours List My L along with John Brace, “Highbrow” “Paul Cardin” and “Martin Morton” for trying to keep the barstards honest.

    Not surprised to see no one at the Clown Hall mentioned on Gra Gra’s last day.

    I bet “The Raving Loony” and “The Pretend Friend” thought they were certainties the old duffers.

    If “The Raving Loony” hadn’t backtracked from “Big, ISUS and Working Neighborhoods being the worst scandal in his forty years” to “”Highbrow” should apologise” on 8 October he might have got The Order of The Bath in Gra Gra’s sparkling new dunny.

    And, if only “The Pretend Friend” wasn’t such a creepy old man, smile, wink, stab in the back.

    So My Lordsly I would just like on behalf of “Highbrow” and Myself to thank Gra Gra for rolling all the heavies out on 8 October to make complete ASSES of themselves particularly “The Football Shirt” and “Humpty Dumpty”

    I don’t understand simple contracts and it wasn’t our money.

    What an idiot.

    Grant Thornton told them in simple English at a cost to the Wirral Taxpayer of £50,000.00.

    {Just a small extract}


    2.40 We have made detailed recommendations in our report dated 2 May 2014. These include recommendations that WBC considers whether it:

    Can or should claw back the Big given to Big 6; and

    Should refer Big 6’s application to the police.

    So My L, if you go to wave Gra Gra off today can you just ask him what he feels like to be treated like they treat the “Chamber Potty” and be just shat on constantly and be told to keep his gob shut like she was.



    PS. I see “The Chamber Pot” got an award in the “Honors” I would instantly quit if I was him before that gong gets tarnished. Or, used as a gambling chip in Reno.

    Pps Can you imagine the conversations between “The Shyster” and the new boss if he (it won’t be a she) comes from a legal background? It will be like a mime with Marcel Marceau and Bip The Clown both telling each other to keep it zipped.

    Luv you more than the head size this morning of “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing” as he prepares to bury all the recent sins before the new incompetent, I mean incumbent arrives. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • I would like to retract the comment I made regarding Jo Millers involvement with the Labour Party in New Brighton and apologise for any offence taken.
      Denis Knowles

    • No she wasn’t , that’s Horse manure Denis Knowles & well you know it since you were a member of Wallasey Labour Party & sat as a labour member on Merseytravel , oh and then you lost your Merseytravel place and members allowance & then became a Conservative ….. Denis Knowles £££ .

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