Wirral’s Growth Industry : Foodbanks


The new year has started off with much sound and fury signifying nothing about record business growth on Wirral and the usual petty politicking about who should take the credit.


Forgive us for being cynical here at Leaky Towers but where is this growth exactly ? – call centres? , former council services which have been outsourced ? consultancy firms – it’s got to be consultancy firms the amount of money Wirral Council spends on them!  Business growth is certainly not yet apparent on Wirral Waters and the much trumpeted golf resort non-starter has finally been declared unplayable and left in the rough. In our experience the only area of growth on Wirral that we can identify are foodbanks.

That’s hardly surprising as my goodness our Wirral politicians love those foodbanks don’t they ?- it’s a pity some of them have never been reliant on one.Let’s face it having to live off tins of spaghetti hoops and spam might make them focus their minds before they issue their next caring,sharing soundbite

In the blue corner we have Esther McVague extolling the virtues of foodbanks and how right it is that people should live within their means even if that means reliving the days of the soup kitchen. And in the red corner we have Foodbank Frank – who laughably was recently identified as a Hero of the Year for 2014 in the tabloid blog Huffington Post. What for ? – you may ask – for services to breathtaking cynicism and political manipulation? Why no – it was for his anti-poverty stance. Which I’m sure you agree is so,so brave because there are so many people are pro-poverty aren’t they? It seems to us that Frankenfield’s anti-poverty stance means as long as him and his chums don’t have to experience poverty the feckless, the wreckless and the less than well connected are on their own.

There have been more foodbank frolics with Foulkesy thanking Wirral council staff for donating generously to this year’s Foodbank appeal in his Mayor’s Diary in the Wirral “News” which made us think a) does he still use crayons to write his column and b) will Wirral Council staff who donated generously end up eating their own spaghetti hoops and spam found at the back of the cupboard when they too are made redundant?……….


3 thoughts on “Wirral’s Growth Industry : Foodbanks

  1. I hope your years got off to a great start My Lordly


    Here Comes the Judge (Pigmeat Markham song)

    No My Lovely that is not “The Dunny Chain Wearer’s” alto ego.

    Pigmeat was much thinner.

    I would just like to warn those whistle blowers not to hand over those tape recordings to anyone but me until after they have got the dosh safely spent.

    Frankenstien and his retinue of God Son etc from that dump Hooligans, or whatever it is called were they sup DrEGG’s and man hug and plan scams, are liable to make saints of themselves by grabbing that tape of “Phil the Pickled Dill” and his “Ugly Twin Brother with the worst comb over in history” and then handing over 48,000 food vouchers for the Bank of Frank.

    Got to go My L they are making me feel sick thinking of them.



    Ps Lets hope “The Football Shirt” goes down like his team.

    Luv you more than “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” thinks he is the boss. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    I don’t know anything about him My Lord other than porkies roll off his tongue readily but wouldn’t he have been a little short pain in the arse at school My Lord I can imagine him at private school having to be wicket keeper and scrum half and yap yap yap around the masters.

    I hope he got what he deserved from the BIG conservative boys.

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