If its broke – don’t fix it!…

Can He Fix It ? Can He Fuck !

Can He Fix It ? Can He Fuck !

Awards -nominated Wirral Council finally get round to looking at their use of consultants and specifically at a case which we covered extensively last year


And what do you know ,it would appear that a council report identifies that in the style of Sybil Fawlty’s Mastermind specialist subject ( i.e statin’ the bleedin’ obvious) council officers had broken rules and regulations when it comes to consultantcy contracts.


Now we’ve long claimed that “The Curse of Consultants” is a plague that is affecting councils up and down the land – they are the locusts of local government – however Wirral Council seems to be a heaven sent haven for these cash-hungry hasbeens (as most of them seem to be retired/redundant council staff).

However what infuriates us here at Leaky Towers is the sheer sloppy incompetence and laissez -faire laziness of some council managers who clearly hold councillors in complete contempt – which for the most part is justified – and think that it’s OK for a £50K contract to spiral out of control into a quarter of a million pound cash prize bonanza.

“We don’t understand this complicated contract stuff …” the well-remunerated “managers” whimper ( this was also a feature of the Wirralbiz whistleblow case ) – conveniently forgetting they have a legal department to advise them on such matters – on second thoughts perhaps not – the legal department seems to be crying out to be a test case for euthanasia.

We note that in this instance Frankenfield hasn’t taken a break from pontificating about poverty to make headline grabbing calls for sackings and lynchings and the intervention of the Serious Fraud Office.

But then why would he when it was Labour acolyte Chris “Meany” Meaden who took her eye off the ball on this one and let council managers carry on their merry way and run up a massive bill without actually checking it was OK to do so ?……
Although apparently to ensure the mistakes are not repeated managers are to receive extra training and guidance…….on what ? – how to do their bloody jobs properly!

But really what does Wirral Council expect ? This is what happens when there are no consequences,no accountability, no sanctions and no sackings.

In the unlikely event of a council manager facing disciplinary action for any misdemeanour they would be perfectly entitled to turn round to councillors at an appeal hearing and say :

” You’re having a laugh aren’t you? after what you lot have been up to ? , and when Foulkesy is the mayor! you lot are in no position to take anyone to task.”

Consequently it seems that council managers are laughing in the faces of councillors and the public of Wirral and this is what happens when an organisation has completely lost all MORAL AUTHORITY.

4 thoughts on “If its broke – don’t fix it!…

  1. G’day My Guardian of the Wirral

    So you tell us which is the biggest tool in the belt????



    Ps “Highbrow” is getting emails at sparrow’s fart from an officer My L they are starting to realise he doesn’t forget their untruths.

    Luv you more than Piermaster the councillor should be on “Phil the Dill’s” tool belt. XXXXXX

  2. G’day Lord of the Manor

    Can’t wait to tell the new CEO all about Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if he (no chance of anything but a man) went to Oxford with “Highbrow” and was actually a Chartered Accountant that understood and had some moral decency?

    Headline from their local rubbish paper.

    Shortlist for Wirral Council’s top job to be drawn up this week.

    So if it is a short list “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” has a chance with the stature of an annoying gnat with eyebrows and particularly as he spoke porkies to “Highbrow” in front of me. Great reference.

    So if it is a short list “The Football Shirt” is too tall but the fact he tells untruths in public and sends emails before sparrow’s fart to pesky whistle blowers gives him the inside running if he can get off the sun bed for the interview. Sorry I am told that is just blood pressure and nicotine.

    I bet they don’t let the new incumbent have the opportunity to talk to “Graham Burge (r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes http://goo.gl/znBccO in 29 seconds)ss” and explain what he wouldn’t do for the gang that meant he had to go.

    Oh Lordy whoever it is it will be another joke like Monty Python in St Helens.



    Ps Good look to the person who picks up the Poisoned Chalice trust me it will end ugly.

    Luv you more than the council officers make complete tools out of the elected members.

  3. G’day my L

    “Phil the Dill” is a deluded self serving self righteous buffoon.

    Improvements recognised with nominations for four prestigious awards
    I was absolutely delighted earlier this month when we received the news that the Council had been shortlisted for four prestigious local government awards.

    Our difficulties over these past few years have been well documented. We have all, staff and Councillors, worked extremely hard to turn Wirral Council into an organisation which we can all be proud of – being shortlisted for these awards is absolute proof we are on the right track and this work is beginning to pay off.

    Go ask Gra Gra what was asked of him and why he is history.

    Then show the DCLG Report that was finished last year according to the auditor.

    The only improvement is that “The Dunny Chain Wearer” has been away feeding his fat face.



    Ps Headlines from their local rubbish

    Council makes some local businesses wait more than a month before bills are paid


    Taxi-happy Wirral councillors are taking us all for a ride

    Council taken to task for delay in IT Improvements

    Luv you My lord as much as I admire and respect “Tarrantino” “Highbrow” “Cardin” and “Morton”


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