Wirral Leaks Welcomes Stressed Eric

Stressed Eric

So Wirral Council appoints a new Chief Executive.

And it’s not as we predicted a person of the female persuasion – no,no,no – that would be a step too far. So it’s back to the usual “M” template – male,middle aged,middle class,malleable. The only departure is that this one is apparently a Reds fan – whether this means LFC or the local Labour elite we don’t yet know.

As devoted readers of Wirral Leaks will know we don’t like to judge but the picture in Echo doesn’t instill confidence.



We’re minded to recall the character Eric Feeble from the Stressed Eric cartoon – and let’s face it if he’s not “Stressed Eric” now he will be as soon as he discovers the shameful legacy he has inherited………


3 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks Welcomes Stressed Eric

  1. Lordy Lordy Lordy

    Knew It Knew It Knew It

    St Helens got Palin Wirral got Eric.

    Let us see how IDLE he is with Big ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.

    I will leave the jury out on Ecca for the time being but will haunt until the day I die;

    THE M (onty) P (ython) CIRCUS Less ERIC

    WARNING***** There are some animals, political, some from the genus Sus, and, some just seem to have the symptoms of BSE;

    “Phil the Dill” “The Dunny Chain Wearer” “The Football Shirt” “The Pretend Friend” “The Shyster” “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” “Humpty Dumpty” and of course “The Raving Loony”.

    Ecca just drop me an email if you need to know who the circus cast is at Wirral but you will work it out quickly enough when you see………….

    The pile of evil shitty secrets and gags in “The Shysters” office.

    “The Football Shirt”…. with the egotistical, I can say whatever I want truth or lies in private to whistleblowers or in public cos its not our money, name on the back of the shit, sorry typo, like a five year old.

    “The Pretend Friend”…. don’t wake him in meetings unless he has to vote the way “The Dunny Chain Wearer” tells him or his missus that wished now she’d married “The Raving Loony” needs some of the hard earned £50,000.00…or is that £60K.

    “The Raving Loony”…. is the one they let out for meetings and Gra Gra I will say whatever you want….you are Gra Gra aren’t you? You look younger.

    “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything”…. is the one crying in the foetal position cos he didn’t get your job you barstard and telling porkies to “Highbrow” in my company.

    “The Dunny Chain Wearer” is self explanatory he is the drongo with the potty mouth that runs the place.

    And, of course “Phil the Dill” he who thinks he runs the place but is just “The Dunny Chain Wearers” big green pickled dill.

    They will have you to “Hooligan’s Bar” soon soon Ecca to meet Big Frankenstein and relative(s) and get your instructions.



    Ps My L as I said it will end ugly I feel sorry for him…unless he does what Gra Gra wouldn’t and we all know what that was…”Dill”, “Your ugly twin brother” and “The Dunny Chain Wearer” don’t we???????

    Luv you more than the number of days since I blew the whistle to “The Football Shirt” and “The Chamber Potty” on Wirral “Funny” Bizz. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Course, half the bloody problem is accepting you’re completely stressed out and being prepared to do something about it and address the symptoms of stress and debilitation.
    I did, and it’s the best thing I ever did if anything I say is worth a jot of notice.
    I tap, tap, tapped on the door and said, ‘it’s me Fortyseven your eleven ‘o’ clock. He, the bloody Doctor said, ‘so what’s your problem?’. I said, ‘look at my fat rosy cheeked face. Surely, given the state of this bloody eczema it’s bloody obvious to any qualified General Practitioner’.
    Course, he was good at his job wasn’t he. He said, ‘you’re very stressed and you’ve got bloody eczema which is making your fat face look unusually red and blotchy’.
    Following this immediate diagnosis, I fell to my knees, cried, ‘hallelujah. Lord be praised now give me the healing. Let the healing begin’.
    And it did! I went to the chemist with my prescription and they gave me a huge tub full of Dermatological Centraben Emollient cream which I apply thrice daily to my fat face.
    This medication, together with six single ten milligram dose units of Diazepam and a handful of psilocybin mushrooms has brought about a remarkable transition in my ability to manage my urges to stab my local Chief Executive in the eye with a soft leaded pencil and to be able to sup ale with the lads without one of them saying, ‘ is it catching’.
    And if the new Wirral Chief Executive is reading this slice of rancid codswallop, and let’s face it it’s highly unlikely, I’d say to this good soul who’s now being paid a huge mountain of public money to deliver and transform stuff I no longer understand because every bloody thing has now been outsourced, I’d say to him, ‘get some cream to ease your burden of suffering’.

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