What A Load Of Testimonials!


We have been following yesterday’s reports in the local press who were in attendance at Wirral Magistrates court where the Jack Nolan “Teenage Rampage” case reached it’s inevitable conclusion as ” Our Jack” gets a slap on the wrist. SEE HERE AND HERE

As Nolan pleaded guilty to charges of affray and assaulting a woman by beating Judge Michael Abelson gushed:

“This is a wholly exceptional case.I can’t remember the last time I read so many testimonials from such an extraordinary range of people, from parish priests to head teachers….”

He also quite unbelievable went on to say – “”I can see what’s happened here. This young man who doesn’t really drink alcohol has had drink given to him by the gallon and feeling nice and relaxed and having a nice evening, has just drunk himself senseless”   Oh so that’s OK then…  although you missed the bit out about assaulting a woman and attempting to stab people… bless him. The poor lad is obviously the victim here.

Might we suggest that Judge Abelson gets out more or at least appraises himself of how things work on the sinful peninsula . This is NOT an exceptional case at all – and ordinarily we wouldn’t comment on the antics of a drunken, violent woman beating prick…..but in this case we will make an exception.

And the reason we comment is that this sordid little story is symbolic of EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG.

It’s the usual topsy-turvy world of Wirral which we report on week in week out on Wirral Leaks where “the great and good” run to the defence of the guilty and the tired old meaningless cliche of “lessons have been learned” is trawled out ,until the next time and the time after that……. The only lesson that “No-Mark” Nolan will have learned is that when you’re in trouble it’s not who you beat up it’s who bigs you up.

If Nolan’s mother wasn’t the Mayor’s consort – would the outcome have been different?

Who knows? – but it certainly didn’t work against him as he was able to drag on a cast of hasbeens ( Ex-Cllr Bri “Nylon” Kenny ), nonentities ( Power Boy Pip) and God -botherers ( Father Phil – who’s stock in trade is forgiveness – and Lord knows he’s had enough practice with Foulkesy).

Meanwhile we see this sinister hypocrisy on a bigger and more sickening scale with the defence of Foulkesy himself and his sidekick Georgie Boy Davies by Frank Field and Power Boy Pip as they try desperately to cover up the Wirralgate scandal. Those tapes must be worth “A King’s Ransom” (or more accurately “A Mayor’s Ransom”) by now.

So next time you see Power Boy Pip trailing behind Frankenfield like a scabby dog, shaking his head in despair at anti-social behaviour in the badlands of Birkenhead just remember his fawning testimonial from today and ask yourself would he be quite so quick to run to the defence of kids who aren’t quite so well connected ?.

On a final note we’d like to contrast Judge Abelson’s concern about how a less lenient sentence might have affected poor “No-mark” Nolan’s future career prospects with the complete lack of concern show by Wirral’s councillors to those people who’s careers have been destroyed as a result of exposing Council corruption.

10 thoughts on “What A Load Of Testimonials!

  1. G’day Lordsly

    Strange old world isn’t it.

    Bankers don’t get their comeuppance nor do council people.

    I am still wallowing on the dole after blowing the whistle to “The Football Shirt” and “The Chamber Potty” on Wirral “Funny” Bizz almost four years ago after they had taken Wirral Taxpayers for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds and criminality was proven by Grant (Here’s a £50,000.00 bonus) Thornton.

    So Wirral “Funny” Bizz effectively get references from the corrupt at the Clowncil.

    Lies are told in private and publicly.

    I haven’t seen a leopard change it’s spots yet so I wait for further news from this orrible bunch.



    Ps Might go to mass on Sunday and see if I can get a reference.

    Mayor’s Diary

    10.35 for 11.00 am – The Mayor and Mayoress will attend the Annual Civic Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Chris the King, Liverpool.

    Luv you more than the amount of flack “The Dunny Chain Wearer” will get at tonight’s meeting from his mates.

  2. Says it all that this case was heard by a District Judge rather than the usual bench of three magistrates. Citizens of Wirral not deemed capable of handling such a ‘high profile’ case? Questions need to be asked how this was allowed to happen.

  3. So poor saintly altar boy Jack “drunk himself senseless” and couldn’t remember a thing.
    Funny how he remembered his Mum was the mayor(ess) and would “sort it out” isn’t it?.
    Perhaps he needs to look to his future stepfather for guidance – as let’s face it Foulkesy doesn’t need to be drunk to be senseless.

  4. G’day My Lord

    After saying yesterday that I might go to church for a reference queuing up behind “The Dunny Chain Wearer” and family.

    I just wonder why the Mayor’s Diary writer didn’t put Christ the King?

    Do you think My L was she she afraid of being struck down by lightning?

    Mayor’s Diary

    10.35 for 11.00 am – The Mayor and Mayoress will attend the Annual Civic Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Chris the King, Liverpool.

    Or, alternatively, is there a knew king on the Wirral?

    King Chris Jon*

    King Chris Mead*

    King Chris Muspra**

    King Chris Sprig*

    There couldn’t possibly be My Guardian of the Wirral, like the CEO job, they wouldn’t entertain a women, well, they might possibly entertain Stella in private or Beijing.

    Couldn’t possibly be King Chris Carub* or King Chris Blake* they are of the wrong faith.



    Ps Did anyone stand down last night My Regent at The Kitchen Cabinet Meeting…… that was the rumour around the Clown Hall ????

    Luv you more than the number of people that know about the Wirralgate Tape and who heard it and who didn’t. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. G’day Lordsly

    A couple of months of good news coming up.

    Liam Robinson, chair of Merseytravel: “We appreciate that toll setting is always a difficult decision.

    Any relation to Ecca My lovely?

    Probably it is a very Monty Python comment. What is effing hard about it for thieving barstards?

    “The Chamber Potty” hasn’t had the bleached head in that shocking paper from over Stella’s Wirral Waters for a couple of weeks. Is she working on the next itinerary so they can all sneak off while everyone is busy not voting.



    Ps Are they all barred from Thornton Arena?

    Luv you more than the number of months my mate and hero Cardin has waited for an answer on his email FOI. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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  7. Just read your report on sorrento , why did you bring Mrs foulkes son into the equation ?
    Also I may be wrong but I don’t recollect any testimonial from so called pip Taylor ?
    The reporting of her sons case was totally over the top , I’ve seen worse trouble in a kindergarten .
    What ever his mother is accused of it is totally unfair to bring her son into it.
    You want to attack the foulkes on there conduct , being public people , fair enough but leave her children out of it , as they are not in the public domain .

    • Hi Withheld

      a) The Jack Nolan case was brought before Wirral Magistrates and therefore in the public domain
      b) The events that led to a conviction of assault and affray were at the Wirral Council Mayor’s Charity Ball when The Foulkes’ were in attendance as Mayor and Mayoress of Wirral and therefore it was a public interest matter (and accordingly reported elsewhere)
      c) We wanted to particularly address to the fact that Nolan Jnr tried to use the fact that his mother was then Mayoress and he therefore suggested he shouldn’t have to take any responsibility for his actions
      d) We made no reference to ‘Pip Taylor’. Do you mean the leader of the Council Cllr Phil’Power Boy Pip’ Davies? We consider Nolan very fortunate to have so many high profile public figures were prepared to give him a testimonial. We also understand that young people do things they regret and deserve a second chance. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for many young people who aren’t quite so well connected and who are vilified by politicians such as Davies.
      e) Under the circumstances it would have been strange if we had not revisited our previous report especially when the allegations are strikingly similar.


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