“There is a purpose to journalism…It is not to pander to political power, big corporations and rich men” – Peter Oborne – journalist resigning this week from Telegraph newspaper group

During the interminable run-up to the local and national elections we must learn to get used to PR and puff pieces and party political broadcasts masquerading as news so Wirral Leaks will continue to bring you the news that you won’t read in local newspapers or websites.
Wirral Council – please take note  below  are just some of the despairing correspondence sent to us recently by your adoring public…..

I Spy With My FOI

“Haven’t bothered for a while but seen John Braces video from the council budget proposals for the coming years and then was amazed to see my old job (only twelve months ago) with a hefty bit of investment and the promise of new staff to carry out a role deemed redundant only last March.
After many emails, F.O.I requests, meetings with councillors who soon disregarded me as soon as they realised I was talking sense and trying many other avenues to raise the point making us redundant was a stupid idea in the first place because their plan was built on lies and was quite shit also.

Now Philly boy has eventually decided that yes it was a shit idea and as he was told the Police couldn’t carry out the same role carried out by the council staff and for the amount of money invested in the cctv and repairs it was better left alone with the fully qualified staff carrying out their role much un-noticed but much admired and appreciated by Merseyside police officers and many other stakeholders. As previously stated they were all hoodwinked by our ex boss …… who is now failing to pitch for council contracts..thankfully.”

We Don’t Need No Education

“The level of misconduct, negligence and breach of the legal responsibilities of Wirral LEA (Local Education Authority) and Social Services confounds me.
I am being forced to take legal action against them as, even now, their behaviour (is) ridiculous.”

Our Source Is Outsourced

“I don’t know if you are aware that a company is being set up (extremely quickly!) by the council for all the services who trade / provide services to schools , it will run as a partnership with Cheshire and Cheshire West, like Cosocious. Staff will be type transferred across so they no longer will be council employees, they also will loose the option to take EVR /redundancy at the enhanced rate. No negotiations have been had with unions and staff have not been told t&cs (terms and conditions,) The financial information is not forthcoming to staff in relation to the ‘ business case ‘ that was drawn up by consultants ( which were apparently paid for by the government) so it makes the staff ask the question , is this company being set up to fail to rid the council of a number of staff at a reduced redundancy rate? I do wish to remain anonymous please, as repercussions do still happen within the council ”

Preaching to the Converted

‘Spect you’re v. busy with elections looming. Don’t know if the mormon councillor for Prenton’s standing for re-election in May but here’s some info about his ‘church’ & their latest efforts.


“How he’s balanced commitment to this organisation with his role as a Labour councillor is baffling. Throw in his continued membership of XXX……well, just makes your head start to spin. Why is he still chair of a major committee? (Merseyside Pension Fund) & how does he find the time to fit everything in? His building company SDA’s got a lot of planning applications currently in process; the late (but unlamented) Dirty Food, Hoylake (prev Bej Vegetarian) restaurant’s been re-incarnated as Steak & Lobster & his day nursery (Little Angels), occupies a disused mormon meeting house in Moreton is pretty much full.”

Which brings us to …..

Alison McGovern wringing her hands –  HERE – & he’s coining it from this venture. Last OFSTED inspection (October 2012) reports 66 children in attendance. The mormons’ll conveniently overlook this one tho as all his income generates at least 10% for them so he’ll be filling their trough nicely & the good people of Wirral have helped those donations along over the last 4 years as his councillor allowance will also be available to tithe. Plus gift aid & if he is up for re-election, that’ll be another 4 years of creaming off the 10% from the long suffering citizens of Wirral.


5 thoughts on “NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS

  1. God Bless You My Lordsly

    What would Wirral do without YOU…..and “Tarrantino” (and his super duper camera) “Highbrow” Cardin” and “Morton”? (In no particular order)

    Please tell me My L why would “Phil the Dill” “The Dunny Chain Wearer” “The Shyster” “The Football Shirt” “Humpty Dumpty” “Crabapple””The Pretend Friend” “Gra Gra” and others aided and abetted by “The Raving Loony” spend probably £200.000.00 + defending Wirral “Funny” Bizz if European monies thieves are not prosecuted anyway?

    Why pretend for almost four years that they were innocent?

    Why not just be open honest and transparent with “Highbrow” and myself that WIRRAL “FUNNY” BIZZ and like criminals are better protected than KOALA BEARS?

    Why go through the process of employing an independent auditor Grant (Keep are gob’s shut) Thornton apart from the investigator, at £50,000.00 + who is our own auditor to do a report that is just ignored?

    Why hide a DCLG Report that was finished over a year ago.



    Ps Can you just imagine if they rolled out, in Brussels or wherever, the two muppets from down Campelltown Road who were smart enough to rob hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds of that Euro money “The Football Shirt” says wasn’t our money.

    Pps We probably send off to Europe £2.50-£3.00 and it probably comes back as £1 and “The Football Shirt” and “Humpty Dumpty” don’t even think it is our hard earned. No wonder it is easy to steal.


    Wednesday 25 February

    7.00 pm – The Mayor and Mayoress will attend the Claughton Unsung Heroes Celebration Evening at St James Church, Birkenhead.

    The joint wasn’t named after me My Lord (I don’t think) but the unsung heroes might well be the rest of the Kitchen Cabinet and all those other forty odd clowncillors that have let them get away with it all.

    Luv you more than they can’t wait for the purdah and to save Lyndale XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Your Toys are ours; I will borrow your toys, if they get Broken, Lost or Stolen, I can always say, I am Sorry, Lessons to be Learned and all that Crap. Problems come when the Hands get caught in the Cookie Jar and the Matriarch has to step in and Correct the Naughty Children

  3. The comment ” The financial information is not forthcoming to staff in relation to the ‘ business case ‘ that was drawn up by consultants ( which were apparently paid for by the government) so it makes the staff ask the question , is this company being set up to fail to rid the council of a number of staff at a reduced redundancy rate? I do wish to remain anonymous please, as repercussions do still happen within the council ””

    Who were these business consultants making a case- I re-iterate WBC used wirralbiz as a consultant on 66% of Asset transfer cases; on nearly 50 BIG fund cases and on the Community Enterprise initiative. These consultants have , at great expense to the public, been shown to

    have been ridiculously incompetent

    somewhat insouciant of the lines that differentiate private interest and public duty

    have overcharged for their work

    been one of the partners in BEIC, an erdf project, for which the government have clawed back £1,4m of a £3.9m spend based on” serious accounting irregularities” december 2014

    I would be interested to know whether the consultants in this case hold professional qualifications; are insured for negligence;have declared no connexions with any councillors or staff at WBC?

  4. If you employ Consultants or any other Business, at a Rate that they Require and you set the Base Line or Boundary for that Job, I for one would go beyond that Remit to ascertain what lies beyond that Boundary or what is being hidden.

    If you also fail to allow Full Access to information or Misdirect the persons who are doing that job, the Moron(s) think that you will get what they require. However a Good Investigator looks at all the possibilities and reasons for a Job, failure to do so results in Court Action.

    Lets take the Internal Audit, anyone can make figures up and get a Computer to say what is required, after all the person doing the Audit was probably the one doing the Inputting. Proper Controls have to be put into place and not circumvented or Computer Data Erased for a Full Picture or FULL DISCLOSURE OF CREDIBLE EVIDENCE

  5. G’day L

    Happy Monday My Lovely…. you say

    I Spy With My FOI

    How do I know it is Monday?

    Cos I spy a lie in their FOI.

    Lockwood Engineering just one of “The Football Shirts” cock ups that they will defend for ever.

    Where is Dave “The Football Shirts ace auditor” by the way?



    Ps Oh My Lord almost four years on and they are still spending money and hours and hours and hours of big wages defending lies.

    “The Shyster” must cost a fortune just defending their lies and FOI shenanigans.

    Luv you more than the few points “The Football Shit’s” team has got this season.

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