New “News” is Bad News

LEAKYPRAVDA Last week saw the launch of Birkenhead Constituency Committee’s long awaited Pravda meets poverty porn publication “Talk of the Town” ,er sorry no we mean “Toy Town”,no “Town Talk” ! which we’ve been breathlessly anticipating here at Leaky Towers – SEE HERE
The target audience for this most significant document since the Magna Carta is nailed in it’s introduction :
” So whether you live in Bidston,Rock Ferry ,Beechwood or Oxton we aim to have something in here for you and if there isn’t then let us know what is happening where you live and we’ll try to include it in our next edition”
Clearly there’s nothing of interest going on in Birkenhead,Prenton and Tranmere! either that or the people behind the publication are confident that they’ve got these wards boxed off in the forthcoming elections.

The previously avowed “apolitical” credentials of the newsletter are evidenced on page 1 as the first picture we see is a photograph of Frankenfield,Power Boy Pip and Matron McLaughlin “opening the cafe at the Vikes”.

Curiously there’s no mention in the newsletter that £22,000 of public money was given to Lairdside Communities Together to cobble together this PR opportunity. Readers will remember than in a previous Wirral Leaks story

that we identified that the first two names who appear listed as Company Directors of Lairdside Communities Together were Rock Ferry Labour Councillor Christine Meaden and Councillor Philip Leslie Davies aka Wirral Council leader Power Boy Pip

No conflict of interest there at all!.

Talking of which can somebody tell us why Frankenfield chairs the Birkenhead Constituency Committee?. How does an MP get to make decisions on council spending – is Power Boy Pip doing a job swap which means he will be galloping off to the House of Commons to vote ? …….

But then of course we need to remember it is Frankenfield who decides most things around here including the use of council money to bury bad news.

We are not providing a link to the document as you will waste 2 minutes of your life that you will never get back – unless of course you’re a fan of word searches. There’s a particularly hard gardening themed example at the end of the document featuring such challenges as “LILY” and “TULIP” .We wasted hours searching for what we thought was the most appropriate word : “COMPOST”.

Other than that it’s the usual stuff – community projects,volunteering for the unemployed and food banks. Worthy though these projects are we can’t help feeling that the Committee should have renamed the newsletter “Frank’s Foodbank Quarterly” and be done with it.

As you know Her Ladyship is a trash mag aficionado and makes some suggestions to “sex up” the next edition .She advises Lairdside Communities Together to take a peak at new women’s magazine OMG! which promises : “Your jaw will hit the floor when you read the SENSATIONAL real life tales of love cheats caught out, crimes that’ll make your hair stand on end and lots, lots more….”

As the Lord and Ladyship knows there’s enough of that around at Wirral Council to keep them in publication for eternity……


2 thoughts on “New “News” is Bad News

  1. G’day My Worshipful Master

    Coming up My L is the annual April Fools Day Event at “The Dunny Chain Wearers” favourite venue but that ridiculous Community Centre that Wirral “Funny” Bizz did one, two or three business plans for at £3,000 a pop would probably be more appropriate.

    Two/Three business plans and no customers.

    Subject: Your Invitation Reminder – Wirral Business Conference 2015

    Good Morning,

    If you haven’t already done so I just wanted to remind you to reserve your place at Wirral Business Conference 2015. We have had an overwhelming response from local businesses and places are being allocated fast.

    Wirral Council is partnering with Wirral Chamber of Commerce to bring together local businesses and entrepreneurs to host Wirral Business Conference 2015.

    Partners made in hell.

    We would very much like you to join us and your fellow businesses at The Floral Pavilion on Thursday 26th March to learn how the past 12 months have shaped the local economy and to gain an insight into the plans which will drive its development and growth in 2015 and beyond.

    Alongside presentations from Kevin Adderley, Strategic Director of Regeneration and Environment at Wirral Council and Paula Basnett, CEO, Wirral Chamber of Commerce.

    “Highbrow” confronted “The Football Shirt” at the 2011 event and he went an even deeper shade of purple as he had just quoted publicly incorrect figures as he did at Gra Gra’s farce of a public meeting 8 October 2014.

    These loony tunes at The Clowncil seem to forget that “Highbrow” has the database or they just don’t care about lying publicly. It seems the latter.

    Just changing the subject My Lordsly in the photo in the local trash paper and Clowncils propaganda machine.

    Merseyrail named Operator of the Year at Rail Business Awards

    You can play that popular old game you don’t see in sports papers much these days.


    He will be off to London to buy those LGA Awards any day My Regent.



    Ps Mayor’s Diary

    Saturday 7 March

    12.30 pm – The Mayor and Mayoress will attend the relaunch of Beechwood Community Centre.

    I wonder My Lovely how many business plans were done for this joint at £3,000.00 a pop?

    “Highbrow” could probably tell you from THE DATABASE plus other ridiculous stories of Beechwood.

    Luv you more than the number of trophies they will buy at the LGA nonsense and show off in the local trash paper. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. G’day Lordly

    Just wanted to explain to new viewers what Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods is all about 1,339 days after I blew the whistle to the Bodgers fake tanned “Football Shirt” and I will do whatever you say “Chamber Potty”.

    Stephen Harper, who we all know who he really is, from Wirral and all knowing about the law, (which I consider an ass just like “The Shyster”) said on one of my other heroes John Brace.

    Mr Brace and Mr Griffiths, each of you is right in your blogs, however, it is not “Equitable” to state those you think are opposed to Filming. Remember the Legal Maxim (Analogy) “Those who come to Equity Must Come With Clean Hands”

    This is not about equity were Wirral is concerned.

    Some believe they are above the law.

    1,339 days ago I met with “The Football Shit” and “The Chamber Potty” and reported criminality and wastage to the amount of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds and “The Football Shit” lied to me and “The Chamber Potty” knew I was telling the truth.

    She wanted Wirral “Funny” Bizz closed down immediately but was overruled and told to keep her gob shut, her words.

    They just ignored me and did not do anything about the report of these crimes for a couple of months until “Highbrow”, another Wirral hero, spoke to his “Pretend Friend” wink wink smile smile stab you in the back boyo.

    He got them to spend £50,000.00 plus on a Grant Thornton investigation that proved criminality and wastage without even interrogating Clownncil staff. That is why they are not guilty according to them but alas they weren’t investigated.

    They were just stalling us initially because of Anna Clown what’s her name.

    “Highbrow” the Oxford educated genius and lowly me reckon that they have now spent £200,000.00 plus defending these criminals and it is ever increasing with FOI’s etc..

    The Clowncil tasked an auditor to look at this and she did a good job and her report has been buried ever since, see “Highbrows” FOI’s that they won’t answer.

    She went missing in action through illness and the chief internal auditor re-wrote the report that was declared a croc of shit privately and not fit for purpose publicly and he was toddled off with a big cheque.

    Then we had Gra Gra’s farce of a public meeting into this at great expense were the auditors didn’t say boo to a goose as the lies rolled off the tongues of “The Football Shit” and “Humpty Dumpty”.

    Then we had a DCLG audit that was finished over a year ago and the report is still not forthcoming, see “Highbrows” FOI.

    I forgot about The Improvement (on my pension) Board and there farce of a public meeting but that was just another of Gra Gra’s crocs of shit.

    So STEPHEN HARPER we know who you are and we, me, don’t care about your theory on equity they are just lying barstards that think they can do whatever they want aided and abetted by “The Shyster” and your wonderful LAW.



    Ps Sorry to bore you My Lordsville but “Highbrow” and I won’t be going away any time soon, my words.

    Luv you more than the “Chamber Potty” loves being an obedient servant. XXXXXXXXX

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