The Bamboozlers

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”- Carl Sagan
As we predicted Wirral Council becomes a Local Government Chronicle (LGC) award winning Council by the simple expedient of steering loads of work the way of the Local Government Association.
The Local Government Chronicle is of course the trade paper of the Local Government Association and giving an award to an organisation you’ve allegedly helped move from “abnormal to inspirational” is clearly good for the business – so we’ll let you join the dots. SEE HERE 

Of course the business we’re talking about is here bamboozling – the ancient art of fooling some of the people all of the time……of course any sussed and sensible person who lives on Wirral is clutching their sides in mirth at the thought that Wirral Council could win a “Most Improved Council” award.

But then we must remember they were starting from the deepest depths of dysfunctionality (we’re talking the Marianas Trench here) and as Her Ladyship said about the “Most Improved Council” tag :” It reminds me of how many years ago and in less enlightened times I was at primary school and those deemed less gifted were left at the back of the class with a colouring book and when it came to prize giving day there was a “special prize” for the pupil who best managed to colour in between the lines “.

A clearly giddy Power Boy Pip described the glittering award ceremony in that there London as the “Oscars” of local government ….and in some ways he’s right about the similarities – the over-privileged and over-paid who stick to the script and smile for the camera…..but let’s not mention the casting couch.

We understand the Wirral delegation at the ceremony included such luminaries as Council “Leader” Pip, Joint Deputy “Leader” Ann McLachamindofmyown, the prodigal son, that irritating chap who’s sole job seems to be nodding his head at public meetings and making press statements defending the indefensible and that call centre owner chappy who seems to go everywhere with the Wirral Council posse.

We were shocked to discover that the other Deputy “Leader” Gorgeous George Davies wasn’t there – he’d have been such an asset – if all else failed he could have offered the prize giving panel a nice little incentive to make sure things went Wirral’s way as that seems to be his modus operandi.

Our final note to this glorious accolade is to send our heart-felt (or should that be gut-wrenching) congratulations from Leaky Towers with the following caveat :

We’d ask all those loyal to the cause to finally acknowledge “the bamboozle” – it’s simply no good shaking your heads and reassuring yourself that a dodgy award somehow negates what your so called leaders get up to or that certain abuses are out of your control and you’re more interested in serving your constituents than a) yourself or b) power crazed bullies.
If you give the charlatans power over you – you become part of the problem – floating in an amoral netherworld where abuse of power festers like a putrid sore….. and as you know Wirral Leaks is ever ready to prick that putrid sore.


7 thoughts on “The Bamboozlers

  1. G’day Lordsville

    Its back.

    My sense of humour is restored by the antics of “Phil the Dill”.

    I couldn’t hear him clearly on John “Tarrantino” Braces wonderful movie of the “The Dunny Chain Wearers” last stand as the dunny chain wearer but about Enterprise Solutions/Wirral “Funny” Bizz sneaking off into the ether I think he said the clowncil couldn’t do anything without the DCLG.

    Another croc of shit.

    Funny that huff in the Hough didn’t get a mention in “The Dunny Chain Wearers” plaudits

    Where is that DCLG Report that the auditor says was finished over a year ago?

    Just as funny;

    The Local Government Chronicle is of course the trade paper of the Local Government Association and giving an award to an organisation you’ve allegedly helped move from “abnormal to inspirational” is clearly good for the business – so we’ll let you join the dots.

    This is just like Wirral “Funny” Bizz winning all those awards when they were making super profits closely guarded by “The Chamber Potty” and Mrs Garbage and their fearless leader in Regurgitation. Now sunning themselves in Portugal with shit loads of Wirral’s hard earned council tax. The “Football Shit” still not giving accurate numbers on start-ups.

    The criteria for this ridiculous LGC award;

    All entries will need to meet the general criteria outlined below as well as specific entry criteria – please see our full list of categories for more specific details

    How ambitious and innovative the project/organisation is

    The clarity of the project’s objectives and how they were communicated
    The quality of management and leadership
    The understanding and involvement of service users
    How performance has been measured and benchmarked
    How transferable the project would be to other local authority organisations
    How the project demonstrates good value for money

    So My L I presume someone had to write an essay about how good Wirral is.

    C’mon “Phil the Dill” put the essay on your Leaders Bog.

    Or, was it just a cheque?



    Ps I would have thought he would have taken “His Ugly Twin Brother” with him to London to distract from his lack of HIRSUTENESS. He probably had to stay home and mis-manage Wirralgate some more.

    Luv you more My Lordly than I want to win one of your awards in The Irreverent Aussie category. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. …and the winner is…WIRRAL!?…the only positive, if that’s the right word, is that there must be lots of councils far worse!! Unbelievable!!!

  3. Oh Lordy

    The more you look at these LGC Awards the more ridiculous they are.

    New for 2015

    This year’s awards are quicker and easier to enter than ever before with our new streamlined entry process, no questions and no lengthy entry form.

    So what did “Phil the Dill” have to do or pay?

    And the photos My Lovely

    Is the bake off queen pointing at “Phil the Dill’s” soggy bottom or at “The Football Shits” spotted dick?

    There are ten pages of judges on the site My Lordly most with councils of their own to mis-manage.



    Ps They will be seen with masturbater chefs next.

    Luv you more than the number of elected members that don’t realise how bad Wirral “Funny” Bizz actually were. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Dear Wirral Council,

    Thank you for the 2014 instalment of taxpayer cash which helps to fund our publication.

    By way of appreciation, please find enclosed the “Most Improved Council” award.

    This ranks alongside the 2008 “Children’s Services” award given to Rotherham Council at the height of the most hideous, unchecked child abuse,

    Your obedient servant,

    The Local Government Chronicle

  5. G’day My Lord

    In this give thyself an award season with great pleasure I give you.




    The Useless Wankers At Gra’s Wasteful Wirral Awards

    The first award My L is


    The nominations are

    Highbrow being heard saying that Wirral “Funny” Bizz are as honest as his “Pretend Friend”.

    Tarrantino for saying he only films them for posterity out of respect for their openness, honesty and transparency.

    And the winner is:

    “The Football Shit” for his public display of lies and bullshit on 8 October.

    The next award My Regent is


    The Nominations are

    Gra Gra for the colour he went when they asked him to fix Wirralgate.

    Phil the Dill for being a tryhard and getting slightly pinker as the year went on except for his great big and getting bigger white pate.

    The Football Shirt for being up there amongst the best…….sorry disqualified that is just nicotine…..can’t he be honest about anything.

    And the winner is:

    Everyone’s favourite bully and Purple Headed People Eater that is The Dunny Chain Wearer.

    Awarded for the colour he went at the huff in the Hough when told his missus could fix it.

    The main award for the year My Lovely was


    The nominations are

    ME for banging on endlessly for truth honesty decency and wanting the liars and cheats to be dealt with.

    “Highbrow” for saying he would rather go to a full clowncill meeting than playing chess.

    The Cardin man for once saying he liked working at the clowncil.

    Martie for saying he was considering going back to work.

    And the winner of this most prestigious award is:

    Simon Kelly of the Lib Dems hero to all Wirral’s whistleblowers.

    For being the only clowncillor out of the 66 that will, although unduly politely, say the officers are not what all the other suck holes say they are.


    After the main awards My Worshipful Master there was a lifelong winker special mention.

    The special (needs) person was

    The Shyster for telling everyone to keep their gobs shut and hiding the whistle with all the open honest and transparent reports he has hidden in his chamber of TRUTHS that no one will see.



    Ps My Gorgeous I am sorry you didn’t get an award but I think it was for the best, don’t tell anyone but, the TUWAGWWA are just make believe and crap just like the LGCA’s.

    Luv you more than I can’t wait to tell Ecca The Enterprise Solutions/Wirral “Funny” Bizz saga ad nauseum. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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