Frankenfield’s Monsters v Little Green Men


Well it’s all been happening Rock Ferry way hasn’t it?

Formerly known as the place where complacent Labour politicians could rely on the unquestioning support of local residents (well the few who voted that is)

However it would appear that times have changed and Wirral Leaks is particularly pleased to see the disenfranchised and disillusioned finally find their voice over plans for the former Rock Ferry High School site at a public meeting at Highfield Church (or should that be High-handed Field Church?)

Recent discussions on future proposals for the use of the site culminated in a meeting last week where – as the world and her husband now know – that veteran Birkenhead MP Frank Field was suddenly taken ill. However Frankenfield ‘s subsequent response to the unfortunate incident clearly indicate to us something that we have long believed at Leaky Towers and that Frankenfield has really,really lost the plot this time.

We have documented the man’s wild conspiracy theories on here for some time – from the Wirral highways robbery scandal that seemingly never was, to the time he claimed on Radio Merseyside that mysterious members of the public were conspiring to bring certain parts of Wirral Council down by making an excessive number of Freedom of Information requests ( this wayward allegation was later dismissed by the Information Commissioners Office – the body responsible for monitoring FOI requests ) ,to his sardonic remarks about this very blog at a Birkenhead Constituency Committee meeting – but he really has excelled himself this time. There was always a possibility he would resort to conspiracies about Little Green Men taking over the world but we never expected this……

Witness his aggrieved wailings about Green Party members in the aftermath of the public meeting described above and where we understand there was 1 Green Party member present.Frankenfield used the platform of his Wirral “News” column to bleat:

“A small number of people are carrying out political thuggery in a way I haven’t witnessed since the Trotskyist Miltant Tendency tried to infiltrate the Labour Party thirty years ago.”

It would be easy to dismiss these wild-eyed statements if it wasn’t for the fact that the local media are still in thrall to Field and despite – as far as we know ,that no journalist who has written about the meeting actually attended it , the press coverage of the incident at Highfield Church has been as unbalanced as the man himself.

The Liverpool Echo saw fit to print this apparent nonsense straight from Frankenfield’s disapprovingly pursed lips :

“There were five of them [agitators at the meeting]. They dot themselves about the hall to make out this is a huge uprising. They do the same sort of appalling things as the Trots, which is these are people who are going to rat on you so you are set up to fail.”

Paranoid Android much?

Meanwhile in the same report friend,confidante,Rock (or should that be Rocky) Ferry councillor and Wirral Council social care failure Matron McLaughlin chipped in that events at the meeting were “orchestrated” by about 5 agitators ( oh do get your stories straight people).

What isn’t reported is that members of the audience had been described as “a mean spirited little group of people” in an email sent by Frankenfield to McLaughlin and that another Rock Ferry councillor Chris “Meany” Meaden called them “horrible people” at the meeting. And before you can say Her Ladyship and I can talk when it comes to pejorative comments can we remind our readers that we are not elected representatives meant to serve their constituents and represent their best interests.

Perhaps the most disturbing report we have of the meeting (besides the police presence ) was the comment from McLaughlin that if local residents wanted to visit a green space perhaps they could use public transport and visit a park!.
Coming from a Councillor who’s taxi bill is the largest in Wirral Council and paid for by the people she was treating so contemptuously is a comment that reeks of (taxi) rank hypocrisy!

However having said all that it’s not that the “horrible people” of Leaky Towers are unsympathetic to Mr.Field’s health concerns – quite the opposite – we think that for the good of his health and the well being of his constituency he needs to retire as soon as possible………


8 thoughts on “Frankenfield’s Monsters v Little Green Men

  1. For once an accurate article based on the events at the RFHS meeting at RFUR Church, even if it is a bit of tongue in cheek. Wirral Globe/Wirral News/Liverpool Echo, take note!

  2. G’day My Lord

    I think some of your readers may wonder why I have taken such offence and taken this Wirral “Funny” Bizz issue so personally.

    We all know politicians just say whatever they like and tell porkies as a matter of course, it comes with the territory. Like “Phil the Dill” the other night when asked by the great Simon Kelly the Lib Dem about Big and he just gave some crap answer about ISUS. They have no idea or care that much.

    It is not though the job of Council Officers at any level to lie.

    When Wirral “Funny” Bizz realised I was awake up to them “Highbrow” and I knew it was only a matter of time till they got rid of me.

    Just before I got the flick I phoned “The Chamber Potty” but the witch of Wirral “Funny” Bizz caught me asking for her and demanded I hang up.

    That was the end of that.

    I phoned “The Chamber Potty” later and she knew I was telling the truth and she suggested giving me a job and asked what I could do.

    I said I was more interested on telling her about the criminals but she would not see me for more than a week when “The Football Shirt” was available.

    When I met them he just crapped on about how good he was, how good the Big Panel was, who he knew and nothing was wrong.

    She knew more than me what the criminals were up to and later said she wanted them closed down immediately.

    There had been A4E audits from previous years that weren’t good and “Highbrow” has all this info.

    She was told to keep her gob shut.

    So as I said I don’t care if politicians lie to the general public because everyone expects it but when it is face to face I take offence. Especially when “Highbrow” has irrefutable evidence.

    I don’t care if ERDF people or whoever find out they are incompetent because they are either incompetent or corrupt.

    I don’t care if they don’t give them any more money because they are deemed to not be able to manage it. Because I don’t think they can.

    At the farce of Gra Gra’s meeting of 8 October he stood there saying the contracts are complicated and its not our money. What a croc of shit.

    I take this very personally after they defend these lies at enormous cost to the taxpayer.

    He probably has never paid council tax in the Wirral or actually cared as long as he gets his enormous pay packet.

    I don’t care about him and Stella but I resent being lied too.

    So yes My Lovely it is personal they must have spent about £200,000 defending their lies.




    Ps Have I ever told you My Lordly I don’t like liars.

    Luv you more than I hate “The Football Shits” actions. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. G’day My Luscious Lord

    In this silly political season that not many care about or actually vote I thought to get in the groove and as it appears the 65 (Simon Kelly seems to care) only care about politics and their egos first and the….. taxpaying customers…… just before elections.

    I would like to ask Wirral Clowncil if they would have a mass de bate against “Highbrow”.


    To be adjudicated by “Spotty Dog” aka Ecca.

    To be filmed by John “Tarrantino” Brace.


    “The Shyster”
    “The Dunny Chain Wearer”
    “Phil the Dill”
    “The Pretend Friend”
    “The Football Shirt”
    “The Chamber Potty”
    “Humpty Dumpty”


    How I would see it playing out My Lordsly on the past four years’ experience;

    “Highbrow” wins the toss and puts them in to bat……… He usually beats them hands down.

    “The Shyster” opens and takes his guard, puffs up his enormous jowls in the usual fashion like a great big sloppy gobbed St Bernard….slobbers and says I am not saying they are good or bad and I am telling my team to keep their gob’s shut like what “The Chamber Potty” did or they will all end up with massive sloppy jowls like me. BBRRrrrrrr slobber.

    “The Dunny Chain Wearer” steps up next and says I have told you all from Frankenstein’s team talk at Hooligans Bar how we will play this where are the fucking free pork pies and pints I am starting to look pale red? Don’t you slobber on all my pies “Shyster”.

    “Phil the Dill” is in next and says like he does in the chamber. About Big, ISUS is good. About ISUS, Big is good. When am I taking over from Frankenstein? “The Dunny Chain Wearer” mumbles what a deluded fool he really thinks he is the leader of this circus.

    “The Pretend Friend” wakes up nods winks and stabs thin air in the back oh you’re over their “Highbrow” boyo. Sorry ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

    “The Football Shirt” is in next but is out the back having a smoke dreaming of Stella. Just as well he would only talk about his brilliant career, how good the Big Panel was, who he knows and how he can use them and how complicated those contracts are and it’s not our money anyway so who cares. I wouldn’t live in Wirral for more quids.

    “The Chamber Potty” would then flick back her long blonde hair extensions and show off her false tan and gag. I said gag you naughty Lord of the Manor.

    “Humpty Dumpty” having been there for many many years gets confused and gets the dates of the alleged criminals wrong as he did at Gra Gra’s farce of 8 October. Or was that a deliberate lie on that ridiculous night.

    “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” interjects and says what about me being in the team and talking just because Ecca got my job doesn’t mean… the audience says ah shut up you wouldn’t say anything anyway just waffle crap and lie to “Highbrow” like you did before.

    “Highbrow’s” turn.

    I rest my case.


    Ps Oh Lordy “Highbrow would no doubt wipe the floor with them again as not one of them know the whole story as you can tell by their ridiculous answers but you must agree they are great MASS DE BATERS.

    Luv you more than the number of meetings they have had in Hooligans Bar about how “The Dunny Chain Wearer” will handle Ecca. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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  5. As one of the alleged “Green Trotskyist agitators ” singled out by St Francis, I can assure you that I am not now, nor ever have been a member of the Green Party. That’s the correct form of words when brought before Senator MacField’s Un-birkenhead activities commission, isn’t it? Paranoia and a deep rooted sense of entitlement are not attractive qualities in an MP.perhaps it is time to limit the number of parliaments they can stand for.

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