Animal Crackers

1a A Fat Mayor

As Mayor Foulkesy nears the end of his mayoral reign the tributes begin to pour in.  Readers are invited to enter our caption competition and win a stay at at award winning top notch Wirral love nest Mere Brook House.


4 thoughts on “Animal Crackers

  1. Audience: It’s BEHIND you !!
    Mayor: What is?
    Audience: Years of unreported, unpunished abuse, stoopid !!

  2. G’day My Real Leader of the Wirral

    I do hate it when you don’t write about these evil, evil barstards more often.

    My L I don’t think I can raise humour towards him in the picture, who is usually surrounded by greedy, diseased, fetid, rancid, stinking animals at Hooligans Bar, with his tiny cock in his hand.

    I think My Lordsly after his year in the pigswill he should approach “Ecca” and beg forgiveness with the answers to “Highbrows” FOI’s in his grubby shit and blood stained hands.

    I do wish My Lord that Bobby47 was here to give me the relevant insults that this ego maniac monster weasel deserves.

    The FOI’s should be answered in an open honest and transparent way and signed with an apology by

    “The Shyster”

    “The Football Shirt”

    “The Pretend Friend”

    “Phil the Dill”

    “His Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell”

    “The Chamber Potty”

    “Humpty Dumpty”

    “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” (Ha ha he didn’t get the job……..…again)


    Who all know the truth.

    Then My Lordsville “Ecca” aka “Spotty Dog” should sit them all on the “Stairway to Hell Lies and Obfuscations” at Wallasey Clownhall and court and fete “Highbrow” “Tarrantino” Brace” “Paul” and “Martin” as Wirral heroes in front of them.

    The main FOI’s that they and DCLG are ignoring are

    (Because they prove it all about Wirral “Funny” Bizz)

    ISUS and Wirral Borough Council

    Lockwood Engineering Ltd Liquidated (The Football Shit” should be sacked just for this)

    Original Big Report

    Etc etc

    I doubt “Ecca” has the cohones though My Lovely…or he would’t have got the job.

    But as you know My Master this is only the tip of the corrupt ice berg.



    Ps No one who has been there for 5 years or in The Kitchen Cabinet should be voted for next week and lying senior officers should be sacked.

    God Bless and vote for “Simon Kelly” Lib Dem.

    Luv you more my Hero than “The Dunny Chain Wearer” had free pork pies and pints this last year XXXXXXXXXXXX

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