Frank Field – The Biter Bit

” Things just ain’t the same, any time the hunter gets captured by the game….”

I’m sure we can recall the feigned outrage that accompanied Frankenfield’s recent fall from grace at a public meeting in Rock Ferry.


To the dismay of local Green Party members acres of newsprint were wasted reporting the sheer brutality meted out to our revered local MP as – SHOCK HORROR PROBE! – local people exercised their democratic right trying to make public servants accountable.

Seemingly unable to cope with such an unprecedented challenge Frankenfield was soon carted off sniffing into a scented hanky and then proceeded to moan like Mavis Riley having a hissy fit to any old rag who’d listen to him including the Mail on Sunday where Frankenfield was perfectly at home amid the prissy curtain-twitchers from the home counties.

He also wrote to Green Party leader Natalie Bennett demanding that local nasty Green party members be publicly flogged for being perfectly frightful to him
But whaddayaknow? , the mung bean munching brigade bit back as an investigation carried out by the Green Party found that allegations made by Mr Field and Labour councillors present at the meeting were “clear attempts to smear both Green Party members and some local residents” and therefore in that time-honoured local tradition it was found there was ” no case to answer”!


Freda David and Mike Shone, the Green Party members who conducted the investigation have now called on the Labour Party leader Ed Militant to investigate Frankenfield’s smears! As well as those Labour councillors present at the meeting, for making “ unfounded allegations” and have asked for a public apology.

Can we suggest to Freda and Mike that breath-holding would be ill-advised when it comes to getting an apology from that lot!

Frankenfield did his usual pursed lipped response saying: “I am grateful that this inquiry was conducted. But I’m equally astounded that the Green Party has produced such a whitewash…..”

My how we laughed here at Leaky Towers to hear Frankenfield complain about a “whitewash” when in the words of Kafka ( who else):

“His weariness is that of the gladiator after the combat; his work was the whitewashing of a corner in a state official’s office”

Might we remind him of his role in a series of cover-ups involving Wirral Council – like the time he wrote to a constituent :” I am a bit miffed with you ” because the person who had whistleblown about the unlawful 4 week delay dared complain to him that Wirral Council were still (and are still) covering up that shameful episode.

And although he obviously hopes we will – we mustn’t forget his starring role in the ongoing and utterly corrupt Wirralgate whitewash…..

Let’s be frank about Frank – we think it’s time to exit stage left – or in his case stage right!……..



3 thoughts on “Frank Field – The Biter Bit

  1. G’day Lordsly

    Only a few days till the election and then what will all their excuses be to not answer the FOI’s etc., and be open, honest and transparent.

    In “Highbrow” speak, I can’t wait to see “Ecca’s” opening gambit in the whistleblower scandals.

    I also can’t wait to see “The Shyster” back in court as it is as much fun as when “Highbrow” ran rings around Wirral “Funny” Bizz in that same courthouse.

    What will that DCLG Report say?

    There is a new blog My Leader about the dross and crap that is Wirral Clowncil.

    A brilliant read.

    The man who is a real Wirral hero says it as it is

    The Mayor of Wirral Cllr .Steve Foulkes and Cllr.George Davies are unfit for public office.
    This assertion is based on the consideration of what I have long known compared with what I have read in the Report of Investigation into Allegation of Breach of Code of Councillors – Patricia Thynne June 2014) .

    Have a read My L it is excellent from a thoroughly decent, open honest and transparent man about people who are not.

    All I can think of to add about the subject matter in my irreverent Aussie style is

    For they are massive bell ends, for they are massive bell ends
    For they are massive bell ends (pause), which nobody can deny
    Which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny
    For they are massive bell ends, for they are massive bell ends
    For they are massive bell ends (pause), which nobody can deny!



    Ps Do you think My Lord that Ecca aka “Spotty Dog” will do what Gra Gra wouldn’t?

    Luv you more than than the number of quids Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocked off from Wirral taxpayers and that was hundreds of thousands My Lovely. XXXXXXXXXX

  2. G’day Lordsly

    So “The Dunny Chain Wearer” and his gang got rid of the only one of the 66 that was willing to be open honest and transparent over Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.

    I wonder what their next filthy trick will be?

    It is obvious that the other 65 are just clinging on to their positions.

    This alone is a good enough reason to bring in the Administration.

    He was the only decent one.

    God Bless him.

    God save the queen because nothing should save this lot.



    Ps Bring on the DCLG Report and that report from internal audit.

    Luv you Lordsly more than the number of ugly (inside and out) reds in one photo in that local rubbish propaganda sheet.


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