Wirral Leaks – Election Special


Hasta La Vista Esther

The big news here on Wirral was the ousting of Employment Minister Esther McVague from the Wirral West seat. Although it must be said this wasn’t exactly shocking considering “Detesting Esther ” had recently become a local pastime and plus the fact that the national Labour Party threw everything they could at this key marginal including sending in pugnacious “Lord” Prescott who posed awkwardly in West Kirby bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “we’ll fight them on the beaches”.

It was clear from pictures from the election count that a frozen-faced McVague and her political agent Wirral Councillor Chris Blakeley , who was following her around like a depressed bulldog , knew the writing was on the wall (and we’re not talking about that unsightly graffiti in Hoylake). For all the gung-ho triumphalism of local Labour apparatchiks, we have to say it seems as though it was the UKIP vote that won it for them in the end as McVague’s vote astonishingly actually increased !!!

However, as our pre-election profile predicted – HERE


it’ll take more than an election defeat to keep McVague out of the political limelight. Back to her true calling of being in front of a camera with a microphone she announced: ” I’ll be back” like a Tiny Tory Terminator.

And of course she will be – she’ll land safely on her kitten heels thanks to the patronage of some powerful political friends.We predict that like a ruthless killing machine it will be some time before she’ll be terminating her lofty political ambitions.

Stu Kelly’s Blues

Locally it was the usual Labour and Conservative shoe-ins determined by the great Wirral East/West divide (and never the twain shall meet) . Shamefully Foulkesy was re-elected largely unopposed as were most of his Labour colleagues – although there was a spirited fight from the Greens in Council leader Power Boy Pip’s Birkenhead & Tranmere ward.Of course Pip benefited as usual from “The Field Factor” as locals voted in droves for anything wearing a red rosette even if the wearer of that red rosette resides in a less deprived and more salubrious and leafy part of Wirral. That is, of course, their prerogative – we just think they’re deserving of someone so much better.

However, credit, where it’s due the Labour group, pulled off a massive coup as Paul “Danceaway” Doughty ousted Lib Dem councillor Stuart Kelly from the Oxton ward. Kelly was one of the few opposition councillors who seemed ready, willing or able to mount a coherent challenge to dubious council practices so this seems to represent another victory for secrecy over scrutiny.

Stressed Eric Knows His Place

The election results provided the opportunity for new Wirral Council Chief Executive Eric Robinson to make his mark in his first public appearance as Returning Officer. However, it was apparent that Stressed Eric learned a salutory lesson about Wirral Council and where he stands (or rather kneels) as he was ousted from reading the General Election results by Mayor Foulkesy! Seems to us that Stressed Eric’s next job will involve meeting Frankenfield’s “demands” and having a cheque book thrust in front of him with the instruction: “sign here”!

7 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks – Election Special

  1. Yep – that Prenton Boy Made Bad Danceaway certainly suckered the people of Oxton. Obv the opportunity to vote for himself’s got him starting to believe his own publicity that he’s some sort of pillar (or should that be pillock) of the community. ‘Giving something back’ when the only giving that’ll be going on’ll be more cash into the coffers of the Mormons. After all his other priorities (including dancing away down the primrose path) are sorted, there’ll be precious little time to spend on taking care of Oxton’s issues. Wonder how long it took the other 2 councillors in Prenton to wake up to the chancer & user he ‘Realey’ is? He wasn’t exactly discreet in expressing his (v) low opinion of them. No time for the LibDems but it’s a shame someone who’s given a lot to the community’s been dislodged by an individual who reinforces every negative stereotype of a local ‘politician’.

  2. G’day Lordy

    I hope all is well in the Towers?

    You say

    Seems to us that Stressed Eric’s next job will involve meeting Frankenfield’s “demands” and having a cheque book thrust in front of him with the instruction: “sign here”!

    Oh yes that is one of the reasons that they have given poor young young “Spotty Dog” the job.

    Cheque signer…. as Gra Gra wouldn’t sign we will see how much honesty, decency and gravitas Ecca has.


    Just by the way My L a friend bumped into a clowncil finance officer who reckons has a lot of the details and suggests maybe someone got more than one £40,000.00 plus cheque.

    Also suggests the dirty dirty filthy filthy (don’t tell my missus) business happened in a rental property for the British Open.

    And did she open!

    Oh dear Mr Pickles you best turn up quick.



    Ps God Bless Simon Kelly the only really decent one of the 66.

    Luv you more than the amount of pressure that will be put on Ecca by “The Dunny Chain Wearers” gang to sign the cheques. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Most improved clowncil my arse.

  3. G’day Lordsville

    Erection over.

    The local trash propaganda sheet

    Wirral issues 18,000 summonses for non-payment of council tax

    And, they can’t be bothered to chase Wirral “Funny Bizz for the hundreds of thousands of pounds that they stole.

    The half wits that are Wirral “Funny” Bizz that got them for all that dosh are sunning themselves and pickling their livers with new gnashers in sunny Portugal.

    Mr Pickles where are you?



    Ps Do you think My Lovely that the “Dunny Chain Wearer” is SPENDING his honeymoon in Portugal????

    Luv you more than how long it took Ecca to realise he was given the job to do what he was told by the gang.

    And he thought it was because he was the Best Man.


    I think you will find the Best Man will be “Phil the Dills Ugly twin brother with the comb over from hell”….oh no no no he has been super seeded by that creep “Doughnut” the new young go to man with no principles when you want filth done.

  4. G’day L

    The local rubbish propaganda sheet says

    Appalled by Wirral Council’s service

    Apparently My Lordly they are not answering the phone.

    Do you think that they are all out at that rental property they maybe forgot to cancel after the British Open with her who a finance officer suggests got more than one £40,000.00 plus cheque.

    She will have more than hurt feelings I would imagine My Lovely.



    Ps I would hate to be any of them when all the Mrs Wirrals learn of this.

    Luv you more than fidelity is us at “The Dunny Chain Wearers” Clownhall.

    They actually make Wirral “Funny” Bizz look decent but they were impotent fools.

  5. Me again Lordsly

    Just to be open, honest and transparent about things.

    The finance officer my very close friend has met suggests that “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” is considered to be honest, despite me thinking he is a twat, and that is probably why he never got the job. ha ha

    Doesn’t pay to be honest if you want to get on at Wirral.

    The last thing the “Dunny Chain Wearers” gang want is someone honest.

    Doesn’t say the same about the chief internal auditor that was paid off handsomely.

    So “Ecca” which way will you go?



    Ps Go on “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” get the new boss “Spotty Dog”on side and do the right thing.

    Luv you more My Lanky Leader than the number of sleepless nights clowncillor “Doughnut” will have when he works out he has been used for nothing.



    • Not sure about the shrewdness or wisdom of your man on the inside here James.

      It appears this alleged “honesty”, if it does exist, doesn’t quite stretch to speaking up and thereby jeopardising one’s fat, steady, regular income…. for er, how many decades has “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” worked there?!

      • G’day Wirral in it Together

        You are spot on mate they can’t even trust him and that is why he has never got the job.

        Is he good or is he bad????

        He probably only gets higher duties because he is a lily livered coward who is too scared to stand up.

        Oh the short arsed maggot is standing up…silly me.



        Ps How does he sleep at night knowing what he does and too chicken to speak up. ha ha ha

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