Reign of Shame

1a Mayor cap

Foulkesy : What’s up wid ya Eric, la, you’ve got a gob on ya like a smacked arse.Just sign deez 4 cheques for 48 grand and then we can all go for a bevvy….

And so last week Wirral Council’s reign of shame came to an end as Mayor Foulkesy handed over the chains of office to Tory councillor Les “Tiny” Rowlands – who we hear is a man of conviction!.

As you can see from John Brace’s XXX-rated footage  HERE 

Foulkesy brought his supposed  “lovable” rogue persona to proceedings during his rambling farewell speech at Wallasey Town Hall – eulogizing about how proud he was to show people round the (lavishly refurbished) building – but not proud enough to have his own mayor making ceremony there obviously!
However, in a failed attempt at being profound and poignant,he saw fit to randomly make reference to carvings in the civic hall which he’d been told represented the past and the future.
We’d have thought any reference to Foulkesy’s past should have been best avoided – but this is one politician who’s living proof that history is (re)written by the victors.
Foulkesy was on more secure territory when he claimed he’d been requested to tell the assembled throng a few jokes as if he was auditioning for a slot as the new Bernard Manning on the bill at the Wheeltappers & Shunters Social Club.
Keeping it classy as usual he regaled the audience with a tale of a Birkenhead north ender who’d discovered a dead body but couldn’t spell the road he’d found the body in – so he’d moved it to one he could spell , so he could tell the police where to find the body.

Thereby reinforcing negative stereotypes that people from his ward are callous and stupid ( takes one to know one).Actually they recently voted this end of the pier and bottom of the bill clown back in – so actually he may have a point there.

But my how everyone laughed……” he’s such a colourful character isn’t he?” they all docilely nodded. ” Yes  – red and bloated” chipped in Her Ladyship.

He then mentioned that he’d help raised the not inconsiderable sum of £32,000 for “charidee”  – including such selfless tasks as a fundraising curry at the tandoori in Claughton village – my goodness such personal sacrifice – a curry ,a few beers and a stagger home afterwards – much as any other Friday night in Foulkes World we would have thought.

Obviously being a connoisseur of medieval literature Foulkesy then tried (and failed miserably ) to raise the tone by quoting from “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” :

We’re described, the Wirral’s described as a mysterious, forested place inhabited by man and beast that God cannot love. It’s good to see the Wirral PR team still in action in the thirteenth century!”

With the Wirral’s  former PR guru currently “indisposed”  and  seemingly “disposable,” this was obviously an in-joke for those in the know. We have to say that Foulkesy and co certainly know how to kick someone when they’re down.We’re just left wondering whether such remarks will come back and bite the Council in the courtroom…..

This snide remark seemed particularly ungrateful when we consider that he failed to give specific thanks to the people that enabled him to hobnob over the hoi polloi and have the dubious honour of being  Wirral’s civic representative along with his consort – the Lovely Lainey – this past year. We were particularly surprised that he didn’t specifically thank Frank, George, Phil, Emma, Gary or Liam…..

However, these are but a few of the people that allowed this mayoral appointment to be made and to continue full term .Other than the councillors brave enough to publicly oppose Foulkesy ( take a bow Cllrs Blakeley and Cleary) all the elected members who colluded with this charade should be ashamed of themselves.

<After Foulkesy was ousted as Leader of the Council in a vote of no confidence it seems to us that allowing someone drunk on power to once again take the position of high office is like sending someone to rehab only to drive them straight to the pub after they've been discharged……….


4 thoughts on “Reign of Shame

  1. G’day The Lord of Lords

    So it is all over.

    Smarter than Blatter.

    More corrupt than Blatter.

    No longer “The Dunny Chain Wearer”.

    This My Lovely L means he needs a new nickname.

    I look back to my days in the land of milk and honey.

    The game in New South Wales is thugby league and were better to get a nickname?

    There is an ex drunken scandal ridden scumbag player with the nickname that I think just fits the ex-mayoresses bloated fiance.

    He shall now and forever be known by us My Lordsly as




    Ps Why you might ask My Lordsville….”ANKLES”?


    Answers My L to you.

    Open to the general public except for members of the newly formed


    Luv you more my Lanky Lover than the number of days DCLG now have to show the report into the abuse of ISUS monies. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Sorry to write again Annony Mouse and My Ronnie but being silent didn’t help in any way. X

  2. G’day My Lordship

    Talking of the new Wirral Whistleblowers Club we are looking for a suitable venue to do our dirty filthy business of cleaning up the dirty filthy business that is Wirral Clowncil.

    I thought I would propose at our next meeting to approach the 2016-17 “Dunny Chain Wearer” and see if we could use the vacant and desolate Community Centre down near Morrisons (Other supermarkets are available).

    As that silly, silly man has had Wirral “Funny” Bizz do one, two or was it three business plans at £3.000.00+ a pop for a non and never be business.

    They were nonsense as well prepared by “Phil the Dill’s” love child at Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    I then thought it would be appropriate to have “Ankles” come and open the venue and court and fete the Wirral Whistleblowers Club Membership and we could pay him in free pork pies and beers.

    He must be in a dreadful state of detoxification after the year in the trough where he found thousands and thousands of new friends who liked him and his politics.

    As they enjoyed his freebies with him.

    He will never fit in his big fat wedding dress.



    Ps Of course My Lordsly it goes without saying that you will be Patron of the new Wirral Whistleblowers Club.

    Luv you more than the number of days left for DCLG to show that Report into the Abuse of ISUS Monies………..their words (see FOI). XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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