The only time that the Daily Mail enters the portals of Leaky Towers is when Her Ladyship has a sneaky peak at the Mail Online’s “Sidebar of Shame” where she takes great delight in dissing botoxed z-list celebs falling out of nightclubs and/or their clothes.

Therefore we’re grateful to one of our dedicated Leaks followers who pointed us in the direction of a post-election analysis that she found within the print edition of the right wing rag which she read whilst visiting a batty old reactionary relative.

The online version is here:

However the print edition which Verity has acquired for our archives has a series of articles savaging outgoing Labour “leader” Ed “Stone ” Miliband among which there is an extended piece which analyses Labour’s “appalling defeat” written by our very own local Wirral Leaks regular Frankenfield….and although we must say we wouldn’t have thought that your average Birkonian struck us as an avid reader of the Daily Mail, judging by the adoring comments it’s readers seem to revere him as much as his constituents do!.

But my goodness does Frankenfield provide a master class in just how to stick the knife in.
He opens up by stating : ” during his resignation speech last week Ed Miliband took full responsibility for the Election disaster that had engulfed Labour.It was gracious and typical of the generosity and kindness of the man”.

And so with the two-faced niceties out of the way Frankenfield skewers the hapless has-been talking about the “gaping black hole” in Miliband’s resignation speech which failed to provide an explanation for the defeat “worse still” he bemoans “there is as yet no sign that any of the likely Labour leadership candidates have the answers either”.
Which once again doesn’t exactly sound like a ringing endorsement for local hero Andy ” Eyelashes” Burnham does it?

Then with breathtaking hypocrisy he goes on to write about the current Labour leadership :

” No doubt they will try to get away from the scene of the crime quickly and wash their hands of the policies and tactics they so recently endorsed.Will any of them break free ,confess the weakness that now engulfs Labour and point us in a new direction where political principles outweigh gimmicky press releases…….”

These words seem to us to be equally (if not more) applicable to the local Labour leadership but Frankenfield presses on in his willful blindness and moves to the Labour party manifesto about which he writes :

“I am ashamed to say I felt like giving up life rather than read it……”

To which we can only say we’d like to shake the hands of the people who wrote it for nearly doing us all a huge favour.

Needless to say Frankenfield thinks that the election would have been a different story if the national Labour leadership had done the same as the local Labour leadership and did exactly as they were told by him.
And judging by Frankenfield’s Little Englander political philosophy this basically amounts to EU-bashing and sucking up to the self-serving middle classes.
No wonder Daily Mail readers adore him!

However the absolute non plus ultra of hypocrisy comes with this self-righteous statement:

“Call me old fashioned,but as a Christian I believe in guilt – or rather that when you have done something wrong you should own up to it, atone for it”

Oh Frankenfield how we can only pray that your day of atonement comes soon.


3 thoughts on “Atonement

  1. G’day My Lovely Lord

    So appropriate regarding Big ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods abuses of public monies.

    “We go on our hands and knees and go crawling to the truth.”

    I am still irked by the ridiculous comments on “Tarrantino Brace’s” blog made by Annony Mouse and My Ronnie that I should behave better.

    Almost four years on the dole and I am well and truly on my knees and crawling.

    No dignity or self respect left……..BUT THE TRUTH IS GETTING CLOSER.

    That is not the bit that irks me most though My Lord I have not asked for one penny off the clowncil or anyone, apart from asking “Highbrow” for a loan, and, I would like to tell these two caring citizens to start picking on people on over £100,000.00 per year who think it is ok to trample over people if they are really caring people.

    They are public servants for fukks sake.

    I would also like to add that Martin has not nearly been compensated enough for their vile repulsive inhumane actions and I hope they get what they well and truly deserve each and everyone of them they are the scum of the earth. (Bobby47 help me out here please I can’t vomit enough bile about the scumbags and dross at Wirral)

    When “The Chamber Potty” started to offer me a job when I first blew the whistle almost four years ago I wasn’t interested.

    She knows exactly what went on which you HAVE TO question.

    I was just reporting a serious crime and never expected senior officer lies, report changing by senior officers, senior officers being paid off, external auditor report ignoring, farces of public meetings like Gra Gra’s 8 October 2014 joke and DCLG to stall on a report.

    Let alone MY L 66 Clowncillors doing their best to say eff all about their electorate getting ripped off and standing back playing with their…………..allowances.



    Ps The saddest part My Lordsly is that when I am completely broken and gone the truth will out.

    Pps It is dreadful My Lordsville that “Spotty Dog” has fallen straight into line with the conspiracy of silence sending FOI’s that refuse answers.

    He will be signing those cheques for Frankenstein any day now if he hasn’t already.

    Luv you more My Lord of Wirral as much as the kind thoughts and wishes people sent me since My Ronnie and Annony Mouse butted in. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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