Jim’ll Fix It


We’re hearing there were some very curious campaigning practices leading up the elections in May including Frank “Family Man” Field being accompanied on his doorstep visits by 2 children ( a boy and a girl) on his rounds in Rock Ferry. Any further information and witness reports on what all that was about will be gratefully received.

However by far and away the most worrying information we have received concerns the electioneering antics of belligerent Bidston & St.James councillor Jim “Crabby” Crabtree.

It is alleged by an appalled Labour insider that on the run up to Polling Day Crabtree loaded up the mini -bus he has access to as a tutor in horticulture at the Twelve Quays site with a group of Special Educational Needs kids and a teaching assistant from Meadowside Special School to help him deliver leaflets on behalf of the Labour Party………

It is further alleged an irate parent who got wind of this exploitative and wholly unethical practice complained to no avail to Cllr Matthew Daniel who was running the local Labour campaign.

They then tried complaining to the Davies a trio of Phil,George and then Bill (Labour’s Chief Whip – who seems to be doing a really miserable job of reining in his seemingly totally out of control councillors ).

After receiving no response from any of them the concerned parent then wrote to Anna Hutchinson the Regional Director of Labour North West. Hutchinson did not reply.

Undaunted the persistent parent emailed Hutchinson again and received a reply saying that Labour North West would look into it.
After weeks of no response from Labour North West and after receiving an abusive email from the charming Cllr Crabtree they sent all the paperwork concerning the incident by recorded delivery to new Wirral Council CEO “Stressed” Eric Robinson along with a formal complaint.

After what seems to be Eric the Red’s quickly established decisive executive decision making process of “I -don’t-know-what-to-do-so-I’ll-ignore-it” the complainant was compelled to email him again and he finally responded by passing the buck and saying the hot potato was in the scorched hands of Surjit Tour and he would be communicating directly with them.

As we go to press and true to form it seems that the “bloody useless” (© copyright Cllr.G.Davies) Director of Law has not communicated directly with the pushed-around parent – unless of course he’s practising the skills he’s picked up on a telepathic communications course.

Give him his due it seems that a re-born Brian Kenny having spent some time in the political wilderness after being ousted from his seat in Birkenhead & Tranmere has seen the light and on returning to Wirral Council as a councillor representing the same Bidston & St.James ward as Crabtree has expressed his disgust at these turn of events – although it seems his disgust doesn’t extend to actually helping the parent ensure that they actually get their complaint properly addressed.

However, we’re sure that “Crabby” and co will want to make a full and frank denial of these allegations and we look forward to him clearing up any misunderstanding as soon as possible.
Whilst he’s at it Jimbo might want to explain the curious circumstances from a few years back which led to his sudden departure from the employment of Wirral Council when he was a lowly support worker at Dale Farm.

Now that he’s rapidly risen through the ranks to chair the Audit and Risk Management Committee we’re sure that in the interest of openness and transparency “Crabby” will want to establish his impeccable credentials to lead Wirral Council on matters relating to accountability and corporate governance

8 thoughts on “Jim’ll Fix It

  1. As someone who lives in the Bidston & St James ward where Brian Kenny was standing as a candidate, the leaflets that were delivered to where I live (as opposed to the Freepost delivery the General Election candidates get delivered by the Royal Mail) were both done by Brian Kenny.

  2. G’day My Lovely

    Wasn’t going to comment as I am almost at the end of my tether.

    That will please a lot of people at Wirral but trust me I will haunt them for the rest of their sick miserable sad existences.

    I had to write My L with the Nolan Principle from “Tarrantino’s” blog.

    I will at this point, point out two of the Nolan principles which all councillors had signed up to as part of the Code of Conduct which are


    “Holders of public office are accountable to the public for their decisions and actions and must submit themselves to the scrutiny necessary to ensure this.”



    “Holders of public office should act and take decisions in an open and transparent manner. Information should not be withheld from the public unless there are clear and lawful reasons for so doing.”

    These parasitic muppets think if they don’t say anything that is OK.

    I hope that they all rot in hell for their conspiracy of silence.



    Ps “Crapapple” couldn’t put an intelligent sentence together that is why he would have a bus load with him and he is spokesfool for The Fudgit and Risk It Committee.

    Luv you more My Lordsly than the number of days that I will continue to taunt these cretinous morons. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. What I want to know is when is KENNY going to come forward to the Tax Man with his Expenses and Taxi Receipts and when is keep your GOB SHUT Grabbe in Gra, Gra Farce of the 8th Instance going to get to grips with the Naked Truth, or is that Doughnut

  4. mr Crabree who phoned me after Margaret Hodge telephoned WBc saying “we’ve got enough crap” summer 2012; who must have read the forensic reports re wirralbiz in March 2013; who seemed in our telephone conversation to want some kind of deal..WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

    He left Wirral BC after long absences from work I am told and maybe before any disciplinary and now CHAIRS the Audit and Risk committee..the Gods do indeed play with us as fllies, cos you could not make this stuff up

  5. An here be Jim whose like I did once set traps on that there Dale farm..an Harry was up befor’ em magistrates for taking trout off that there farm..an who was there up at head of magistrates;s bench with em bigwigs nay at head of em, but old Jim, yea Jim himself, him who ‘ad set off wit us two many a night to take fish n poultry Poacher turned Game keeper but for his wink of his eye and afore we know it “Charges withheld” an we be down the old Ferry inn a drinking good beer with said Jim an chewing us cud

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