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The latest edition of Private Eye magazine retreads the Wirral Waters/Stella Shiu story on it’s Rotten Boroughs page and asks when it comes to “the council’s chief fantasist” aka “strategic director for regeneration” Kevin Addled : “Is this Britain’s most credulous man?”.

Here at Leaky Towers we’d like to refute that allegation by reporting that we understand Addled may be already working on a back up plan if it’s a no show from Ms.Shiu’s crew.

Now our readers will know Wirral Council has a habit of hawking it’s tawdry wares around like a Corporation Road hooker in the hope of catching the eye of some gullible punter.

Remember the “EuroWirral” rebranding when the Council tried to hitch a ride on the EU gravy train?. More recently we’ve had failed attempts to set up “ChinoWirral” and “RenoWirral” – as the Council have sent a tight knit clique on freeloading junkets ,sorry, trade delegations around the globe.

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We suspect that based on past credulousness that an email such as that below would have the Council clique reaching for their battered suitcases and setting off to Nigeria in the hope of setting up “Afrowirral”.Although this time the usual crew ( including specially favoured local business man Asif “Air Miles” Hamid ) would be minus one member of the usual party – as we understand they’ve recently set out on their very own high risk financial strategy at the Council’s expense…….

My Dear Beloved Friend 

Euro – Afro American Sweepstake Lottery Promotion

I know this message will come to you as surprised but permit me of my utmost desire to go into international business with you.

My name is Lady Ugogo and I am the daughter of a very important person who is a chieftain.My father at this moment in time is in a very special place we call prison.  

I am here seeking this day for The Wirral Council to transfer funds to enable my father to be released from imprisonment and with your gracious blessings he will start work with extreme haste on the building of International Trade Centre on The Wirral Waters.

Please will you arrange for £48,000 of monies to be transferred into a special bank account for safe keeping.

Remain Forever Blessed ,Lady Ugogo


4 thoughts on “AfroWirral

  1. Wrong type of letter,it should be that Lady Ugogo has to ‘look’ after some money for her imprisoned father,amounting to many millions. If you pass on you bank details they will transfer the money and give you a percentage for your co-operation. That is more believable by the gullible idiots in Brighton Street. They are quite adept at getting something for nothing then being conned.

  2. This is now a Misconduct in Public Office, a Conspiracy to Commit Fraud and Numerous other Offences, committed by Public Servants and the Administration and Police should be called in to Investigate and as it is a “Combined Authority” One and all.

    It certainly is a ” CONSPIRACY ” and Not of Silence, unfortunately Phil Davies and Kevin Adderley have spoken Volumes and it is all recorded

  3. G’day the Lord of Wirral

    I just can’t believe what you have served up.

    Private Eye is watching.

    Is this Britain’s most credulous man?

    Since I blew the whistle to him “Kevin I am useless but I have a football shirt that I bought myself Adderley” and his little, little, peanut brain, I kept my gob shut, because, I was told too helper Basnett.

    I am blonde though…..and obedient.

    I’ll do anything for Kevin despite him stinking like an ashtray.

    I’m so jealous of Stella.

    Will you tell the chief internal auditor Dave Garry to change Beverley Edwards Report or will I?

    Although My Lordly they have probably earned about £600,000.00 plus since 5 July 2011 when I blew the whistle on Big ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.

    I have probably received about £14.000.00.

    Is that £586,000.00 difference for being dishonest liars, or, I will keep my gob shut, or, anything you ask.

    They are shit! They are shit! They are shit!

    Would I change places?

    No fucking way I would rather die of syphilis.

    These two are an absolute disgrace.

    Their families must be so proud.

    They stink like everything Rotherham, Rochdale and Tower Hamlets.

    Just different issues.

    C’mon My Ronnie, Annony Mouse and Brad Davies speak up with real names and defend this shite.

    C’mon gob shites!

    Is he Britain’s most credulous man?

    Yes he’s gullible he thought he could pull the wool over my eyes. Everyone’s eyes.

    He thinks 66 councillors will defend him whatever.

    Well we know how they think for themselves eeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    He’s up there with “The Pretend ‘They are so proud of me in the Valleys’ Friend”, “Ankles”, “Crabapple”, “The Shyster”, “Phil the Dill”, Clowncillor Doughnut” and of course the tory “Raving Fucking Lunatic”.

    Watch all his “mates” duck for cover now the prick is being found out.



    Ps As you can see My Lordsville I don’t care any more and will just up the ante until sense, openness honesty and decency prevail.

    Luv you more than the number of days Eric Robinson will be in post. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    That is not saying many My Lord but I do luv you to the moon and back.

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