What A Punt!

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It comes as no surprise to us at Leaky Towers to discover that the disloyal,despicable and hypocritical Birkenhead Labour MP Frank Field won £250 (50 quid on the nose at 5/1) betting on a Tory victory at the recent General Election.

Even the Daily Mail ,which like some local rags is something of a Field mouthpiece , reported the matter disapprovingly.


And what did pious Frankenfield – who we would have thought would frown upon squandering a nifty fifty on gambling – do with his winnings you might ask?.Why treat his campaign team to a self-congratulatory chow down at The Refreshment Rooms in Rock Ferry ,as let’s face it it must be so hard being part of a campaign team in one of the safest parliamentary seats in the country!.

You’d think that in the week that Frankenfield accused  “Wirral Council officers of dithering while children go hungry” he’d lead by example and donate his winnings to a local child poverty charity or to his beloved foodbanks wouldn’t you?.

But no! that’s not how slavish loyalty is bought from the docile and servile party faithful is it ? .Seemingly there are still those who are willing to sell their soul for the price of a slap up meal.


Pass the sickbag!……


4 thoughts on “What A Punt!

  1. The odds of 5/1 quoted dont correspond even closely to any successful conservative election outcome. Tories to win most seats was around the 5/4 mark and overall tory majority was upwards of 16/1. Given this, I will take the veracity of the entire story with a pinch of salt. The daily mail printing anti labour stories? Who would have thought it?

    • However, like the majority of opposition MPs, Frank Field is not true ‘Labour’. He’s a closet tory. For whatever private reasons of your own, you may be doubting the authenticity of all this …but tellingly…

      Frank Field isn’t.

  2. G’day My Lordsly

    As Richard Shaw says above 5/1 is more of their bullshit.

    Some of them are just liars 5/1 my arse.

    As Private Eye calls “The Football Shit” a fantasist the ones in power all are.

    I personally would call them liars, fantasists, buffoons and egotists that consider themselves above the law.

    Richard I have no idea who you are but you can obviously smell a rat.

    Pity a few more like you don’t speak up when they roll out the crap.

    I personally voted for Labor 41 years until I came across Wirral Council.

    Never again in this country they are ORRIBLE.



    Ps Come on Ecca puberty must be over speak up.

    Sorry “Ankles” can Ecca speak yet?

    Luv you more My L than the odds on “Addled” surviving. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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