The Vision Thing

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Oh here we go again – after Destination Excellence,What Really Matters and Future
Council  (just don’t mention Future Blueprint) here comes another new meaningless Wirral Council plan launched by Power Boy Pip and we regret to have to tell you it’s back to one of those old soundbite standbys – it’s all about the vision thing again.

20/20 Vision (aka Pip’s Pledges) is a  5 year plan of 20 pledges to be achieved by 2020 (geddit?) and by which apparently the people of Wirral can hold Power Boy to account (good luck with that one !).

Most of the the pledges themselves are so vague,broad or simply unable to be measured they are virtually meaningless .We can only assume Pip’s gang must have been holed up in a room in Wallasey Town Hall and were under strict instructions they couldn’t leave for a round of golf until they’d reached the number 20.

For example we’d particularly like to know how exactly the following will  a) be achieved  b) be measured and c) how the blithering hell we can be expected to hold anyone to account on any of them! .

1. Improve the quality of life of older people 

2. Ensure children are ready to start school 

9. Develop workforce with skills that meet the needs of businesses for the future

15. Increased access to events and activities for all residents

17. Make community services “joined up and accessible”

The 20/20 Vision pledges seem to us to be so very reminiscent of former Labour leader Miliband’s infamous “Ed Stone” which is all the more surprising considering Frankenfield has previously been so disparaging of this woeful PR stunt as he so melodramatically wailed:

“Will any of them break free ,confess the weakness that now engulfs Labour and point us in a new direction where political principles outweigh gimmicky press releases…….

We think that Frankenfield’s wise words seem equally applicable to 20/20 Vision but our dearly beloved saint in waiting does seem to have a particular “blind spot” when it comes to the local Labour group doesn’t he?.

To save Pip’s gang (under the direction of Frankenfield obviously) of maintaining this charade for the next 5 years we’d like them instead to turn their attention to just the following 4 pledges :

1.Sort out the Jim Crabtree  suspension

Outcome measure :He’s one of the gang – so no case to answer

2.Sort out the Louise Reece-Jones suspension

Outcome measure :She’s not one of the gang – so it’s bye -bye Lou-Lou

3.Sort out Wirralgate! 

Outcome measure: All those involved ARE the gang – so cheques all round

4.Sort out the she who shall remain nameless  “situation”

Outcome measure :She’s no longer one of the gang – so it’s bound to turn ug(g)ly….unless another big cheque arrives in the post.

5 thoughts on “The Vision Thing

  1. G’day Lordly

    They are all ridiculous fantasists like the Addled idiot of a Super Director that is “The Football Shirt”. Where are you Stella?????

    They think if they don’t actually say it it didn’t happen just like those halfwits down Campbelltown Road, Wirral “Funny” Bizz didn’t take about £2,000,000.00.

    Oh yes they did Addled, you idiot ask Grant Thornton, or, Beverley Edwards, or, DCLG, or, why don’t you do what honest people would do and take them to court and they will roll over like what “The Chamber Potty” does.

    As for their ridiculous five year plans were do they get them?

    They probably listen to “The Pretend Friend” sleep talking in the chamber.



    Ps Hot today My Lovely would love a Stella.

    Luv you more than the number of days since I blew the whistle to Addled and Fuddled.



  2. The Barstards! Throw in ‘ Let’s aim for World bloody peace’ and ‘Stamp out Landmines’ and what you’ve got here is probably the greatest piece of mindless, meaningless, mind numbingly boring pointless dross that’s been authored by a member of my species who probably reached his own personal level of incompetence when his then Line Manager told him to make the bloody tea!
    How on earth do ‘they’ scale these peaks and end bloody up showering us with their personal revelations about their rotten visions, their passion and their unquenchable yearning to see a positive outcome for us who are positioned at the bottom of this dung heap waiting for the next bucket of sludge, dressed up as another holy bloody vision, that follows the rules of physics and falls downwards and onto our bloody weather beaten bloody heads.
    I mean, this soft bellied, big grinning, holier than thou rotten fool of a man, Councillor Davies, must hurtle into his house, howl to his loved ones, ‘Pen and Paper. Quick as you can Darlings. I’m getting another Vision. Let’s record the remarkable event and share it with the Wirral people’.
    The Barstard! I have visions. Lots of them. Mostly they involve me surrounded by scantily clad women who’ve hid up in my attic and appear by my bed every night demanding, ‘please make us all pregnant’, but I choose to keep these disgusting and depraved thoughts and visions to myself rather than transmit them to the reading Wirral public. And that, from hereon, is what Pip should do. Keep his mind on cutting the bloody grass, cleaning the streets, providing help for the meek and the bloody mild instead of gifting me, you and us with his Messianic style Sermon On The Mount pretending to himself that he’s that important and his pointless drivel, tripe and nonsensical codswallop of a bloody vision is of any real interest and relevance to the people who fund thus gravy train that he boarded because of his deep passion to lead us on ‘the journey’ to the land of milk, honey and bloody excellence.
    Let him step on a Landmine I say! Let’s see then, as he hurtles upwards and in many different directions just how passionate and visionary he can become as he ponders this journey to, what for me would be a positive outcome for all of mankind.

    • I luv you Bobby

      I just wish you would say it as it really is.

      The man is an effing deluded fantasist just like his super directors that you wouldn’t even have a free beer with.

      Bobby Bobby Bobby what can we do people actually vote for these lunatic shitebags.

      I suppose though it shows why Great Britain isn’t.

      I would luv to be proud of being British….but no thanks not with aresholes like “Phil the Dill” “The Shyster” “Ankles” “The Football Shit” “The Pretend Friend” “Humpty Dumpty” “The Chamber Potty” “Crabapple” “Clowncillor Doughnut” “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” ha ha he didn’t get the job…again and everyone’s second favourite “The Raving Fucking lunatic from the Tories” in no particular order walking this earth.

      Closely followed by the Clowncilloresses who are just USELESS mouthpieces when it suits the wanna be macho men with their own little football shirts.

      Can you imagine what hangs in their home offices Bobby?



      Bobby Bobby Bobby you are genius.

      Luv ya Bobby



      They are shit! They are shit! They are shit!

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