Wirral De-Evolution

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Last month saw the launch of Wirral Evolutions,which apparently is a “Local Authority Trading Company (LAC) bringing together nine key day centre and daytime services from across the area to continue to offer high-quality care for people with long-term and learning disabilities.”


However after the ballyhoo and hoo-ha at the Hulme Hall event it didn’t take long before Leaky Towers started receiving a steady flow of concerns raised by staff and carers and not just about the ludicrous name of the company!.

Carers and relatives have frequently mentioned the dodgy consultation process which proved to be a lucrative money-spinner for consultancy firm V4


And now it seems as though Wirral Evolutions is now also proving to be a money-spinner when it comes to the head honchoes salaries at the new enterprise and which have been described to us as “excessive”  , especially when considering the size of the new company and that the budget for providing such services has been reduced from £6.3 million to £4.8 million!.

So not only have these public servants given themselves hefty pay rises but they’ve also bestowed fancy titles such as Managing Director,Finance Director,Marketing Director etc;. So it seems to us it’s the usual story of self-interested chiefs rewarding themselves for scalping public services.

Meanwhile social services staff are telling us the way this was all set up took them back to the bad old days of bullying and nepotism but nevertheless are still quite happy to see “The Coven” (as they’re less than affectionately known) who are behind this exciting/exiting venture to fly off on their broomsticks.

Even browbeaten social services “director” Graham Hodgepodge seems to want rid as he declared in a masterclass of understatement :“We have been faced with a lot of challenges and this is a great way of working together to move forward.”

Well he would say that wouldn’t he ?, especially when considering Moreton day centre staff took a mass grievance out against his father Bill !.

Further concerns have been raised about one of the “principal” figures behind this initiative having a string of dissolved companies behind them and that another seems to have an aversion to “people with long-term and learning disabilities” as apparently they “slobber”.Clearly the money and power have helped the poor love get over her aversion.

Finally let’s leave the last words to Chris Beyga, Acting Managing Director of Wirral Evolutions , who  at the launch declared  : “It is great to see so many people here as we move from a public service to a commercial entity.”

What could possibly go wrong?………….

9 thoughts on “Wirral De-Evolution

  1. What a Load of Balder Dash, by ” BIG DOPEY ” It does not excuse that Personage, give yourself up and throw yourself to the Flwar, Atonement, Atonement, Atonement!!!!!!!!!!

  2. G’day Lordsville

    My God “The Pretend Friend” used the P word in the local rubbish propaganda sheet.

    Addressing cabinet before the recommendation was approved last month, Cllr Jones said: “The principle has always been that we do this sort of thing frequently.

    The man has no PRINCIPLES he smiles, nods, winks and then stabs ‘anyone’ in the back.

    This man’s favourite frequent thing, apart from napping in the clownhall, is fucking people over, even mates.

    I feel sorry for this deceitful cretin.

    He showed a lot of concern to his mate “Highbrow” and outrage at Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    He then lead him up a four year garden path and shat all over him.

    How about you smile, nod, wink, and fuck right off.

    I don’t like people like you that do that kind of thing to their (so called) mates.

    Sorry Lordy for the bad language but after watching Despatches tonight, reading Private Eye
    and their rubbish local propaganda sheet I am just appalled at what goes on in local government.

    And they get away with it.



    Ps You say

    However after the ballyhoo and hoo-ha at the Hulme Hall event it didn’t take long before Leaky Towers started receiving a steady flow of concerns raised by staff and carers and not just about the ludicrous name of the company!.

    Just saying

    Why don’t these people speak up publicly and put an end to the nonsense that is WIRRAL.

    Luv you more than the number of times “The Pretend Friend” has fallen asleep in meetings in the Clownhall. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. G’day Lordly

    They had a big meeting last night I wonder how many sleeps the dozy, deceitful, slimy, creepy nod, wink, smile, stab you in the back, welsh leprechaun had?

    They were apparently humming and harring over turning a powerhouse into a shithouse.


    Councillors also debated whether Merseyside should become part of a”Northern Powrhouse”, in which Central government devolves power to the regions.

    Haven’t had John “Tarrantino” Braces version of events but you can bet your life the best outcome for the public will not have come into the equation.

    They must really hate John filming.



    Ps Why would they give them a cracker if they cannot protect the halfwits that were Wirral “Funny” Bizz stealing away with about £2,000,000.00 and then spend £250,000.00 defending their lies and stupidity. Then 65 clowncillors all keeping schtum.

    These people should be given what they deserve…..ignoring totally like they ignore honest, open and transparent WHISTLEBLOWERS.

    Luv you more than the number of fags “Addled” will have out the back this week looking over the water and dreaming of Stella.

  4. It’s truly depressing isn’t it. They lurch from one badly thought out gimmick to another without ever revisiting their steps and learning from the mess and devastation they create.
    And it’s always the same grandiose language of words that are transmitted to make you mutter, ‘hi up. This sounds lovely. There’s hope for us here’. Sadly, there’s no bloody hope. Hope is the last thing that I take with me as I hurtle ever faster to my headstone that reads, ‘I fucking dropped down dead’.
    You’d think that in the normal course of things, when the bloody word ‘Evolutions’ was incorporated into something, you could reasonably conclude, ‘this is going to be good’. But it ain’t going to be good. It’s yet to kick off and you just know, deep down within the marrow of your bones that it’ll end up ‘a dog with fleas’. Unfortunately, things can evolve one of two ways. You’ve got your evolution that sees positive change and bloody transformation and, alas, you’ve got your bloody evolution that overwhelms something that once worked and did the job, to become, through evolution, into the bloody runt of the litter that needs cornering in a bloody old barn and shooting dead to end its bloody misery.
    And that’s exactly what’ll happen here with this latest slither of miserable bad tidings as they go about creating, through bloody evolution, another dreadful Council arms length company that you just know will bloody provide a safe haven for the suits, on bloated salaries, who’ve absolutely no concern toward those they are meant to help.
    Oh!, it’ll get up and running very quickly, once they paid the best to get the bloody best and set up their management structure that’ll quickly cascade downwards some wonderfully crafted testimonials from the poor confused service users who’ll say, ‘hallelujah and Lord be praised. I’ve never been happier and I thank my God daily that some twat had the good sense to name my protector and salvation Wirral Evolutions. Within forty eight hours they’ve turned my life around and I’ve never felt better, thank you very much’.
    It’s a load of pigswill. It seems to me that nowadays all ‘they’ need is some gibberish mission statement littered with fine and glorious words and off you go, riding the gravy train to a place that will never be called ‘Go back. We fucked up everything’.
    Course, they never use words and language that are more realistic to an unknown outcome do they. No, never, ‘Let’s hope this initiative won’t end up a Bag of Rats’ or ‘Fingers crossed we don’t bugger this up’. No, none of that. For us, the readers and the silly twats who fund this madness, it’s the journey, the vision, the glorious outcome, the evolution, the transformation and the horizontally integrated thinking that allows complete shit to be dressed up and shoved down our throats as a lovely piece of something that tasted like shit but was labelled a bloody tasty treat intended to save you all thousands of pounds and create you some much needed jobs.
    It’s all bollocks and it’s no different from the bollocks that I’ve just authored and hopefully transmitted to the reading world. Words! Meaningless drivel and tripe intended to convince us all that all is well and the weak and the vulnerable will be properly cared for by this latest bastard child of birth that’s come bursting out from the loins of yet another deluded Council.

  5. Lets hope its all above board and all fits in to the extremely well run Council Procurement system. Must be a big worry starting a new company with £5 million worth of contracts already won. Anyone see the tender?

  6. 2012 House of commons Esther McVey “will the Prime Minister make sure that none of these ever work in social services again?” ..after release of Klonowski report

    Et apres?….

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