LOBO- tomy Loans

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Wirral Council and banks…….just think about that unholy alliance for a moment and then top up your swear box .

Apparently the people who govern us locally – again,just think about that for a moment and then order a new swear box from Amazon where you can read : “people who ordered this swear box also bought a rope and a chair”  – have been caught up in what sounds like a glorified loan shark scheme called LOBO loans to pay off council borrowing.


Now we don’t know whether it’s us and we’ve got early-onset dementia but we’re getting really confused at Leaky Towers – wasn’t there some brouhaha not so long ago about Wirral Council lending money at preferential rates to help out their mates at other Councils ?. Seems to us as though someone in the Finance Department had a LOBO-tomy when it comes to managing council finances.

Were these LOBO loans some kind of local government pyramid scheme – with the council tax paying public busting a gut lugging the bloody big stones around to enable the pharaohs (aka councillors,council managers and bankers) to get fanned with peacock feathers and bathe in asses-milk?.

We asked Council spokesperson A  – who told us:

” The loans represent good value for money.They enable Wirral Councillors and senior officers to join our friend Mr.Hamid on jaunts around the globe.They also enable us to make huge pay-offs for failure and bungs for people to keep quiet.So all things considered we think Wirral council-tax payers will be delighted that we’re squandering their money left ,right and centre…..”

Council spokesperson B  later contacted us to clarify spokesperson A ‘s statement by saying:

” We’d like to apologise for Council spokesperson A who we think has been under a lot of strain due to continuous kow-towing and therefore we’ve made a referral to our Occupational Health service – because we truly,truly care about our staff here at Wirral Council. We really,really do.

However what Council spokesperson A was going to say before they were carted off to the basement of Wallasey Town Hall never to be seen again was :

Something,something,something….we know better than you…blah,blah,blah… don’t worry about money stuff you wouldn’t understand anyway… yada yadda yadda……that’ll have to do you ,now will you please go away.” 

5 thoughts on “LOBO- tomy Loans

  1. I wanted to find out what it like to live in Greece so I moved to Wirral. Nice to meet the council leader Philipedes Davros! In future all printed Council minutes will be on Greece proof paper.

  2. The RUG and the PLUG is now being pulled out from under THEM, I do hope that the GLORIOUS WIRRAL METROPOLITAN BOROUGH COUNCIL. LEADER and his COHORTS and some of the Senior Management EMPLOYEE’s have the answers ready, because all I can see here is FRAUD> FALSE ACCOUNTING> THEFT>ETC and it is my humble opinion that the First two to enter the LIFEBOATS, are ADDERLEY and LAMBERT, followed closely by HODKINSON and the sooner the better

  3. G’day Lordly

    Just a reminder to all those co-conspirators at Wirral about the Wirral “Funny” Bizz approximate £2,000,000.00 fraud for those that have been lobotomised.

    The money doesn’t matter it is their filthy actions.

    I went to see Adderley and Basnett 4 years ago last week knowing Lockwood had gone kaput, a Big Fund recipient. Companies House for the world to see.

    He told me all was well with every Big recipient…he lied.

    He kept paying Wirral “Funny” Bizz for a further eighteen months…….Why??

    Basnett wanted to close them down immediately but was told to keep her gob shut….her words she knew they were criminals. You only had to look at some convictions and court matters.

    God I hope that “Shyster” gets exactly what he deserves.

    Adderley then ignored me until about September 2011 when “Highbrow” told his “MATE” Jones who pretended to be disgusted, probably still pretending four years later, and I got to talk to Edwards Internal Audit.

    She interviewed me and “Highbrow” and corresponded with me begging me to push on even when I was in Australia until she vanished in about December.

    Her report has not been aired in public to this date.

    Garry then wrote a report that that the CEO said was a croc of shit and he was paid off with a handsome bonus instead of being sacked etc.

    I am SICK TO DEATH of this……

    Do something you useless, dishonest, self righteous, egotistical, good for nothing but collecting allowances twats.



    Ps My Good Lord what is wrong with this fucking clowncill?

    Luv you as much as these council officers’ and councillors’ children should be totally ashamed
    of their parents for co-conspiring with the senior officer scum in the most rotten of Rotten Boroughs. XXXXXXXXXXX

    “Highbrow” has the database so can’t wait for them to be in court.

  4. Oddly enough, when John Maynard Keynes was laid out on his bed ready and willing to release his grip on life and meet his maker, his last recorded words were, ‘for Fucks sakes, tell the lads that borrowing money is bad and no bloody good will come of it’. Then, this mighty economist raised his eyes toward heaven and howled, ‘take me Jesus I’m bloody ready’.
    Now then, given that Keynes was probably the greatest economist of his generation and someone who regularly preached that borrowing was bad and there were no advantages to it, ain’t it strange and rather worrying that a spokesperson for Wirral, who probably is less qualified than Keynes and considerably less respected, should claim that the borrowing has been a jolly good thing and a huge benefit to the ratepayers. Call me an odd sort heavily dependent upon prescription drugs, but I’d have thought that borrowing a shed full of money and then paying eight bloody million as a ‘thank you for loaning us this money is a bit of a contradiction.
    By all means, if you’re fiscally knackered, bereft of hope and you’ve run out of money because the Council budget has been fucked up, then say it as it is. ‘We are fucked and we’ve been forced to borrow money’. But don’t, under any circumstances tell me and anyone else who’s still able to think in a straight line that ‘we’ve borrowed money and its good for you.’
    And it’s this! This strange and peculiar way that has evolved within the Council that sees a total and complete disregard toward all things sensible. To them, the deluded ones who exist within this giant factoid that howls out, ‘all is bloody well’, nothing is real and little matters. For them, where Council Maths reigns supreme and one and one has no real need to equal bloody two, it’s relatively easy to claim that losing eight million quid servicing a debt has been a success story.

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