Rotten To The Core

Crabtree- Private Eye 006Crabtree- Private Eye 009

Private Eye magazine is going to have to re-name its Rotten Boroughs column “Rotten Wirral” the way things are going – so regularly are Wirral council failings recorded in that hallowed tome.

We know that suspended Wirral Councillor Jim Crabtree likes to court the press so no doubt he’ll be delighted to find out today that finally he has national press coverage of his exploits/exploitation.

We note that the Eye article quotes from the Liverpool Echo without acknowledging that it was actually Wirral Leaks that broke the story and that essentially without the leak to us it would have been covered-up,glossed over and forgotten about.

However unlike Cllr.Crabtree we’re not proud – as well we know that pride comes before a fall.We also note Eye rang the beleaguered councillor  “but he hung up”.

Let’s hope Cllr.Crabtree receives similar treatment and that he is eventually hung out to dry – just like he and his colleagues have done to so many people over the years who dared to challenge the bullying,manipulative and utterly corrupt regime that runs Wirral Council.

10 thoughts on “Rotten To The Core

  1. G’day Lordly My Beautiful

    “Crabapple” is another of the lying bastards that has lied in front of my ugly mug and in public at Gra Gra’s farce of a public meeting into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods of 8 October 2014.

    The previous meeting of the Fudgit and Risk It Committee was attended by “Highbrow” and my good self and we happened across “Crabapple” and his slimy, scumbag Labor cohort in the pub down on Stella’s Stagnant Wirral Waters……. and don’t she stink.

    “Crabapple” to his audience said to “Highbrow” you will get your chance to talk at Gra Gra’s farce and said for as long as it takes.

    One of the ridiculous ploys they must have spent all day planning tactics on 8 October things like getting “The Raving Loony” to do his exorcist act the silly old goat, how is his lunacy?, but another for “Crabapple” without warning to tell “Highbrow” he only had 15 minutes and could not ask questions.

    How could anyone beat these slimy fuckers fairly.

    Can’t wait for this issue to get to court.



    Ps “Is Ecca” still alive My Lordsville?

    Luv you My L as much as “Spotty Dog” must wish he hadn’t chose these scumbags to work for in his parents later years.

    Poor barstard fancy having to come into these lying shitbags everyday. XXXXXXXXX

  2. What was Graham Burgess doing on the meeting of 7th October that he cancelled with a weeks notice forgetting to tell Stuart Kelly, the Lib Dem councillor on the Audit and Risk committee; was it co-incidence that he announced his resignation the day after the 8th October audit and Risk committee?

    Perhaps the council has exerted itself not to wash its dirty laundry in public lest the “Open, Transparent” and immaculate sheen they have worked the media with, is revealed to be exactly the opposite. Why did Mr Burgess who had insisted on a full contract on returning to Merseyside rather than the temp one initially he received suddenly announce his fact abruptly!

    Has it anything to do with the wirralgate tapes, the £48,000 cheque given with such largesse for hurt feelings, or indeed to do with rumours of relationships evolving bad?

  3. Unfortunately Wirralbizz Burgess will have Serious Problems of his own to answer above and beyond what he has done for/in Wirral. Gamekeeper turned Poacher along time ago!!!! However instead of getting on the Phone to give a Few Verbals, it put it in writing, never a good idea when somebody has a little knowledge of what their doing. In respect of Employee Theft, then after a Long time, Handling and also Perverting the Course of Justice. You cannot have one without the other. Evading a Debt, there never was one and Unwarranted Demands with Menaces is a Criminal Offence also, Section 22. Entrapment is also a bit Dodgy and whenever the other property resurfaces, merely proves a Bang on Conspiracy

  4. And I’ll tell you something for nothing, not that it’s worth saying anyway, but if ever he tips up at my dwelling and without invitation and verbal consent from me, I peep out and witness him hoeing the weeds on my herbaceous borders because he’d driven past, couldn’t stand the mess and decided to stop and tidy things up, I’ll quickly shout into my webcam and direct the young wench, from Wirral Housewives, ‘keep your clothes on for three minutes, I’ve got bloody Crabtree hoeing me herbaceous borders and I’ll be damned if he ever asked me’.
    Then, I’ll quickly pull me pants up, race down stairs, open the bloody door and tell Crabtree what I’m telling all of you now, ‘ Crabtree, this is a good home, a family home who diligently recycle their rubbish and I’m perfectly entitled, being the lawful householder of this dwelling, to demand that you piss off and take your bloody hoe and pruning shears with you’.
    Crabtree has never scared me. Never has and never will and just because he has green fingers and an ability to germinate a seed, it doesn’t mean that he’s politically speaking of any good and anyone who sees this differently completely disagrees with me.

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