Devo-Scouse ? – My Arse!

Featured imageDon’t say we’re judgemental here at Wirral Leaks….but it took until Eric Robinson’s 2nd address to Wirral Council before the penny dropped (or £48,000 in Wirral Council’s case) and we realised that there was yet another corporate-speak spouting spin merchant in our midst.

Let’s face it we couldn’t stand the last Wirral Council Chief Executive Comrade Burgesski from the word get go. The self interest! , the self promotion!  and let’s not forget the self abuse!.”What Really Matters” was his permanent contract and the Council credit card. But then even those tics and twitches  – which made it seem like the person in charge of Wirral Council was the love child of Frank Spencer and Jack Douglas didn’t put certain people off – but then they do say that power is an aphrodisiac!.

However all it took for Stressed Eric to mark his card permanently with us was the use of the dreaded phrase “Devo-Scouse” that’s doing the rounds.In his patronising ExecView missive Eric tells us that “ The Council Leader Cllr Phil Davies met with the Secretary of State to discuss ‘Devo Scouse’ and devolving more powers to the Liverpool City Region. “

And we’re telling you right here,right now Eric we aren’t buying this (or the golf resort spin) – you just about got away with telling us about your “passion” in your inaugural address but you’ve really crossed a line with this BS.

What’s more Her Ladyship concurs with our source –  that ExecView is not only a word blend from hell this edition has more photos than this week’s issue of Hello!.It seems that with Stressed Eric and his rictus grin we find ourselves once more in the realm of the cult of personality (minus the personality).

However there are some moments of of unintentional hilarity as Eric cheerily tells us what he’s been up to to earn his £165K per annum:  “Next stop was Woodchurch, where I talked to the Recycling team about their interesting work to reduce dog fouling….”.

It’s a crap job but somebody’s got to do it eh, Eric?.

Finally our LeakyView on Devo-Scouse  is this – here at Leaky Towers we wouldn’t trust Mayor Joe or Power Boy Pip to look after the class hamster during the school holidays.


4 thoughts on “Devo-Scouse ? – My Arse!

  1. G’day Lordly

    I would just like to say to “The Blinking, Blithering, Spotty, Purple Headed Buffoon with Passion”

    You have had enough time and opportunity to get rid of “The Football Shirt” “The Shyster” and “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” and to fix the Wirral “Funny” Bizz issue so all I can say is that you are not fit for purpose.

    So “Ecca” where are you all going and I don’t mean the ridiculous five year journey of “Phil the Dill”?

    Which ex Wirral person living overseas has come up with “an idea” to rip off Wirral from afar?



    Ps Oh Lordsville I think we need the rat catcher in.

    Luv you more My L than the number of blinks per minute of he who is already under “Ankles” thumb. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


    You couldn’t make this shit up.;

  2. G’day The Lord of the Manor

    Just thought I would spell out Wirral “Funny” Bizz to the Blinking slow learner that is “Spotty Dog” and CEO of the most improved council in Shit Britain.

    “Highbrow” and I went to council to report approx £2,000,000.00 fraud.

    Basnett was appalled and wanted them closed down immediately.

    She was told to keep her gob shut…her words.

    Her family must be so proud she did as she was told, fuck the taxpaying public.

    Adderley ignored me after lying to my face under his ridiculously childish football shirt with his name on the back ‘LIAR’.

    Jones got internal audit to do something and then stalled “Highbrow” to this date.

    Edwards internal audit wrote a report that is hidden to this date and she vanished.

    Garry superceded this report that the CEO of the day (Ecca don’t get to cosy you will be gone in a minute) said was a croc of shit.

    Wilkie knew of all this and he has gone.

    Norman knew of all of this and he is gone.

    Garry was paid off instead of being sacked. Why?

    “Highbrow” went to the cops but the council took over and then of course found there was no case to answer.

    Jones got them to pay an independent auditor (Grant Thornton the council’s auditor ha ha ha independent) and they found wastage and criminality that has been ignored to date and GT received a £50,000.00 plus bonus.

    DCLG sent an auditor in that finished his report and found issues over eighteen months ago and is still hidden.

    Burgess with his 29 mistakes in 7 seconds on Radio Merseyside set up a farce of an Improvement Board that was just money for old rope for his old buddies.

    Then the fool set up a public meeting on 8 October 2014 into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods tried to pull shenanigans and he stood Adderley and Ball up to lie publicly.

    All this time the half wits that got away with this simple crime because of sheer incompetence and …. are buying new gnashers, cheap scotch and sunning their criminal bodies in Portugal.

    “Highbrow” still has the database and all the evidence in the world that every relevant senior officer and probably 70 councillors have seen. He will show you if you ask.

    And ignored in what seems to be a conspiracy of silence.

    Not one person has accused “Highbrow” or myself to have lied about anything.

    Administration should be brought in you Blinking CEO if conspiracies that cost the taxpayer over £250,000.00 can occur to save a couple of reputations.

    It is now down to you Ecca to be open, honest and transparent.

    I am not holding my breath “Spotty Dog”.



    Oh Lordly I suppose we should take them to court like the Wirralgate kids.

    I would rather haunt them till they do the right thing of their own accord My Lovely and just keep reminding them what arseholes they are and how proud their families must be.

    I read an obituary yesterday about how wonderful someone was that was a complete arsehole.


  3. Heaven help us! Throw me a bone and switch Eric off. I mean, how in Gods name can you apply the word ‘interesting’ to the process of recycling canine shit. He’s bloody relentless!
    I don’t suppose during his visit he was taken down to the dark and dank bowels of Woodchurch and see the poor soul who’s task it is to rummage through the bin bags and deal with the shit. You wouldn’t hear this fella howling with delight, ‘hoorah! Dog shit. The very thing I’ve been tasked to find. How very interesting’. More than likely it’d be, ‘only another five fucking ton to go.’
    And as for reducing the shit that this good and kindly spirit has to deal with every single day of his working life, how on earth can you slow the mountain of shit down to a level where Eric can announce, ‘now we’ve sorted the shit out, let’s be brave, bold and innovative, Involve our Partners and face the challenge of the Dogs piss’.

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