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We’ve had some interesting feedback on our Wirral De-Evolution story
Not sure that even we can publish most of it as the responses were less than complimentary about some of the main protagonists behind this Darwinian DASS endeavour.
The comment that DASS Director Graham  Hodgepodge ” never comes out of his glass box and really seriously needs to grow a pair!” was probably the least critical comment we received.
However it seems that as ever there are more questions than answers when it comes to Wirral Council (and they wonder why there are so many Freedom of Information requests).
Here are a few questions we’ve been asked and in the name of public interest we’d be grateful if any of our readers could help clarify the following queries:
So how is this going to work then? How can all the senior staff on this project continue to work for the Council? 
Oh wait, here’s an idea. Why don’t we all get handsomely paid off or even better pensioned off, then finish on the Friday and start again on the Monday with the Social Enterprise on even more money.
I would also like to know if these jobs were advertised?
How are the Council going to get around the OJEU regulations for commissioning? Surely there is a conflict of interest!
Did you know the Finance Director of Wirral Evolutions is someone called Sandra Thomas ?- don’t you think it might be worth finding out whether she was involved in the cover up of financial abuse of disabled people by DASS ?.  

16 thoughts on “Re:Evolutions

      • Hi Titus
        MM here.
        And yes I have all the evidence that Ms.Thomas was involved in a cover up and a subsequent case of financial abuse which is referenced in the Independent Review report from 2012 but has never been resolved and which I am still having to pursue with DASS.
        The living embodiment of my adage that if you want to get ahead in social care train to be an accountant.

  1. I can tell you yes she was involved and was asking serious questions as to whether anybody from DASS would be arrested or Interviewed over one certain case. I wonder how many more she has been involved with

    • Further if there is ever an Investigation into DASS, I do not mean a Council Independent one, HA, Ha, a Full Blown One. Very few in DASS would remain and ever work for Social Services again. Bring in the Police and Administration

    • Hi Stephen
      The police interviewed me for 2 hours and agreed the case of financial abuse involved corruption but told me they wouldn’t pursue charges as people with learning disabilities were the bottom of the barrel and as it would involve charging the most senior officers of Wirral Council.Therefore the case would be put in the “too difficult tray”.
      All will eventually be revealed on my blog and in my book as Anna Klonowski failed to address any of this (and indeed many other more serious issues) in her failure of an investigation.

      • Hi Mal,
        Yes the particular case I refer to, the Object of their Financial/Safeguarding Abuse has since died and my Marriage has failed because I will not allow them, now listen to this my Estranged Wife be taken for a Ride anymore than she has been and she has got strange idea’s or having had the pressure of 3 yrs 8 Months of Pressure had enough.

        It is immaterial to me what the Duce it is with her, but having had a Court of
        Protection Order and me being if you like a Voluntary Trustee of the now Deceased person consider what has been done is Fraud, False Accounting, amongst other Offences.

        I understand where you are coming from MAL and I too have Reported Corruption!!!! and I await further contact with the Parties Involved

  2. Obviously there has been a lot of forward planning made by Sandra Thomson, Chris Beyga & Graham Hodgkinson see” Proposal for officer option for saving Equality impact assessment template October 2012″ published on Wirral council website. Obviously the three Dass staff were really forward thinking to set themselves up for the plum jobs nearly three years in advance, well done guys.
    Please read & weep.

  3. Sandra Thomas was singled out for interview, along with several senior managers, by none other than Rob Vickers – the former St Helens stalwart who failed to declare he had no prior connection to Wirral Council before serving up a whitewash on the “Four Week Delay” debacle (used to put conserving money ahead of conserving lives).

    Managers were courted, feted and invited to defend their baby, whilst the whistleblower at the sharp end and at the heart of it all was studiously i g n o r e d.

    Your links:

    • Mr Cardin, I can also refer to the ” Issue of the 4 Week Delay ” and Several members of staff and others involved in this and have reported that also. The answer I received was not a Direct quote ” It is just a Strapped for Cash Council
      ” What a Load of Tripe ” and this Council must have spent over 3 Times the amount spent looking after the Deceased person on trying to Destroy my Family and me and what systems and people they have used to do it

  4. There is a fine line between suggestion, implication and downright libellous reporting.

    I would suggest that, before Wirral Leaks considers it appropriate to publish any more comments like those attached to this story, they consider whether these people’s claims would be considered “statements of verifiable fact” in a court of law.

    It is negligent to put defamatory, baseless claims such as this out in the public domain (regaress of whether Wirral Leaks considers that it’s acting in the public interest or not); generally, anyone who repeats someone else’s statements is just as responsible for their content as the original speaker.

    • Hi ROBOCOP
      Thanks for your comment and the pro bono legal advice.
      However not only does Wirral Leaks publish matters that we consider to be in the public interest we also consider whether the facts are substantially true (s.2 Defamation Act 2013) and support fair comments that are expressions of opinion (rather than fact) as set out in s.3 Defamation Act 2013.
      Pursuant to s3(6) Defamation Act 2013 when Wirral Leaks publishes someone else’s comments we could only be considered to be negligent if the person who alleges defamation is able to show that Wirral Leaks knew that the author of the comment did not hold the opinion expressed.
      We are confident from the credentials of the sources and from additional information – some of which are already in the public domain – that the comments we published were justified.
      Furthermore we have the added advantage that additional information has been provided to us , which as yet , is not in the public domain via
      Therefore we suggest that if you have any information which you consider relevant to this particular story that you contact us via email so that all opinions are fully considered.

  5. Thanks, Julian!

    Not having had the benefit of a classical education, I’m afraid I don’t understand what “pro bono” means, but I have taken it to mean “in return for sexual favours”.

    Whilst certainly a generous offer, I’m afraid I must decline. At such an early stage in our relationship, I’m afraid I’m simply not ready for that level of commitment, yet.



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