The Bung,The Bad & The Uggly : Silence is a Golden Handshake


Two terse sentences brought to an end 13 long years in the chaotic world of Brighton Street on Monday:
“We can confirm that Emma Degg left the Council on Friday 17 July following her request for voluntary severance and an agreement being reached with her.
We wish her well for the future.”

Precisely who the “we” is wishing the now departed head of tourism and community engagement “well for the future” would be interesting to know, however.
Because there isn’t exactly a queue of people lining up to donate towards her leaving present.
Emma “Uggs” Degg is of course long known to regular readers of Wirral Leaks. She’s been directly and euphemistically referred to in virtually all of our reports.
Such was her influence right across Wirral Council, there seemed little that could be done without her first giving it the nod.
And that includes her control over and interference in replies to Freedom of Information requests…

During her tenure she held enormous sway over three chief executives – and got a fourth, the incumbent  Eric “Feeble” Robinson, to sign off her generous leaving package – which we’ll come to shortly.
Degg was in effect the de facto deputy chief executive to previous CX Graham Burgess and Jim Wilkie before him, again, more of which later.

There are anecdotes galore about her antics. About her manipulations, her tantrums, her politicking, back-biting, hair pulling out, floor-rolling hysterics, wild accusations and constant poison-dripping.

There are those colourful relationships with certain senior council officers, too.
For a long time – too long a time – none of it seemed to matter.
Such was her vice-like grip on the balls of weak men in powerful positions – and let’s make no bones about it, we’re looking at every single individual, elected or employed, who failed to act against her histrionics – Degg remained untouchable for over a decade as she rose from mere spin doctor to taking up residence in the office next to the boss.

To the abject horror of many inside and outside our rotten borough, she appeared to be unstoppable – right up until the wheels began to fall off in October 2013.
That was when a letter was sent out to the local press detailing how Degg – who earned £84,000 a year of your council tax – had been paid a further, tax-free, hush-hush one-off payment of £48,000 out of the public purse.

The 2013 letter, since obtained by Wirral Leaks, said: “It was paid through the payroll and was tax-free, being classed as compensation – apparently in relation to her being bullied and ill-treated at work.
“The payment was authorised by Graham Burgess, the [then] Chief Executive and Chris Hyams, the head of human resources and organisational development.
“It is unclear as to whether elected members were involved in the decision to make this payment, or indeed, are even aware of it.
“External legal advice was sought as to making the payment, so that will add to the bill for the residents of Wirral.”

Though Degg was never identified as the recipient at the time, the reaction throughout the council was instant: Utter consternation.
But still she clung on.
Burgess of course skipped out of Brighton Street on New Year’s Eve, under circumstances that appear related to secretive and possibly romantic goings on between himself and Degg – and that of Degg and the director of regeneration, Kevin Adderley.
The heat was very definitely on, so Burgess scuttled out of the kitchen.

Since then Degg has largely been absent from the town hall, supposedly through illness.
Yet as one Leaker informed us yesterday: “Just had a call from… who were told this morning that she had decided to leave after being off ill for some time. What a joke.
“They have played the whole ‘she’s been off ill for some time’ card with the staff. One of the things that took so long was agreeing how she would go.
“She has even been putting the feelers out for who might like to go for leaving drinks with her (presumably to celebrate her massive cheque)…. Er, that will be no one, thanks.”

Ah yes – the massive cheque.
Another letter obtained by Wirral Leaks from what appears to be the same well-informed source behind the 2013 revelation about the £48,000 payment – a payment that to this day has never been explained to council taxpayers – offers up some details.
If you have recently left the council’s employ with a meagre pay off – or if you have left because you couldn’t work with or alongside Degg or her ever shrinking number of acolytes – then you may want to look away now……

She leaves with three month’s pay in lieu of notice, £35,000 in redundancy, and a £15,000 compromise agreement to keep her mouth shut.
The letter writer adds: “What makes it even worse is she insisted on receiving £50,000 cash to go – so the council has paid the income tax and national insurance on her behalf – so the taxable element of her payment has cost the council £27,000.
“It all means that Emma Degg’s take home pay for July is £97,000.”
(Interesting how Wirral Council always – always – has money to pay off senior staff members, but cries penury whenever we want some actual services, isn’t it?).

The writer also says the first £48,000 payment was not for “bullying” after all.
It was “hush money as she had threatened to divulge certain information publicly”.
What that information was we can still only speculate. But it presumably wasn’t her poisonous briefing in 2008 that adult social services whistleblower Martin Morton was “a bit bonkers”.
Another Leaker, themselves in a different job after years working near Degg, contacted Leaky Towers yesterday, to say: “I don’t think I realised what an abnormal environment I was working in while working with her.
“[The new job has been] a massive eye opener… to make me realise how much [working in proximity to Degg] had really affected me. My default position with her was self-defence mode!
“[Now there is] No getting a million people to sign anything off, no worrying about whether I was allowed to share, and no being scared that I may have said too much.
“No drama and no one barking orders or screaming at people for doing things wrong. I am glad she has gone but so disappointed and let down she has been paid off.”

It’s interesting that part of the severance package included £35,000 “redundancy” – does that mean the role of head of tourism has now been deleted?
Surely the long-suffering council taxpayers of Wirral should be told?
As for the £15,000 to keep schtum – something Jim Wilkie, Graham Burgess and Kevin Adderley (at least) will be desperately hoping she sticks to – it seems pretty unlikely to be a watertight agreement.
Emma Degg knows where all the bodies are buried at Wirral Council. Not least because she helped bury many of them.
The question now is: Will the gatekeeper turn poacher in revenge?

26 thoughts on “The Bung,The Bad & The Uggly : Silence is a Golden Handshake

  1. Thank you for further illumination of the dark shadows that gloom at Brighton St whist Mephistopheles like we are lectured on due process, LGA awards for improvements , the shining gnashers of the former CEO that supposedly reflect his inner sanctity and propriety, and butter would not melt in their mouths, perhaps indeed not there…

  2. G’day Lordly

    Nice to see that I am not the only person that thins Wirral stinks.

    I just wish the nine commenters would get on here on this wonderful site and tell it as it is because you My lovely will let them have freedom of speech.

    Not like “The Shyster” and “Phil the Dill” hiding all their crud, lies and deceit and only using the rubbish local propaganda sheet to spread sunshine like golf courses and multi storey nothings on Kev and Stella’s Stagnant Wirral Waters.

    I presume there will be a fire or theft of all those secret reports and compromise agreements like Dave Garry being paid off instead of sacked for writing a croc of shit about Wirral “Funny” Bizz when the Administration finally comes in.

    The “Demigog” Affair just shows that nothing has changed and “Phil the Dill” is just a slimey, scumbag of a politician of the worst kind. A posh “Ankles”, who’s wedding must be soon.

    That will be one to go and see.



    Ps Come on you 9 commenters say it on here to His Majesty, use an alias if there is a slight yellow streak, they can’t do naff all if you are telling the truth.

    Make The Lord’s day.

    Luv you more than the number of people “Demigog” used, abused and spat out….or did she swallow? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Here’s the revealing message that some clown forgot to remove from an official FOI response:

    …exposing to the world that Emma Degg and Surjit Tour were busily interfering with the process and sending “doctored” responses back to the unsuspecting public.

  4. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:
    She once invited me into the Town Hall and accused me of being behind Wirral Leaks. Luckily I’m always alert, prepared and make contingencies for such occasions …

  5. Hi Mr G, She looks worse in a Yellow Coat, Blonde Wig and Glasses pushing a Bike, trying to look like Emma Peel, next to Steed Lambert, what a pair of Wallies, even went and sat in a Bus Stop and then followed me to the Doctors I can recall the date, it was one of those years when all the Want a be’s were out to get me, that year must have cost the Council Thousands of Pounds and they used an all star cast from P/I’s, DWP and the Council Internal Audit and lots more stars. It was Epic that year (So Money Supermaccees Darling!!!!)

  6. Dear Wirral Leaks,
    This is the first and only time I will post on this site. I do so for two reasons, firstly because having left the employ of the council I have a voice should I choose to use it. 2nd because despite the inevitable unpleasant backlash I will get I have something to say that others cannot. As I said to you in the conversation your referred to Paul – if you want to criticise Council Officers work then absolutely you should do so. I simply gave you my card and said if you wanted to do so then to come and see me and I would have a conversation with you anytime. If you were not satisfied then by all means say whatever you want about my or the councils work. That is all absolutely fair game. What is asked was when making personal comments for you to remember that regardless of how much pain you think I deserved that I have children who have done nothing wrong and who get upset. As I remember you shook my hand and said you had children yourself. And that is the point – if you create an environment when the only senior officers who can cope with the job are those who do not care what is written about them then you will end up with public services run by people who don’t care about anything other than the job title and pay. You are creating an environment where Officers are so frightened of being the next ‘uggly’ that they avoid difficult decisions and doing anything to upset anyone at all. Create pantomime villains and we will all be entertained – but try not to completely forget your humanity. For me I am done – hospitalisation over Christmas does that to you. Next time any of you post about another human being perhaps consider wether you would look them in the eyes and say it? Ps ironically I have never owned a pair of ugg boots they were a rather smart pair of Rocket Dogs – funny how a misconception can become a truth.

  7. The girls got a point. She is someone’s Mother and someone’s Daughter.
    If that really is you Emma, you’e got bigger balls than most men. I do like the line about misconception becoming the truth.
    I would go for a drink with you.

  8. Not the first council officer to be hospitalised as a result of intense stress inflicted upon them by senior officers. Ms Degg you were one of those who created that reality for quite a few over the years albeit unwittingly and certainly not necessarily attributable to you directly but working together the senior management at WBC created a very unhealthy and unhappy environment for those working with or for you and your colleagues. So, as one of them you are responsible. Many of those who became unwell were never afforded the exceptional treatment you have just received from the authority and left with nothing. Their health compromised and their children also suffering, but not in the spotlight like yours perhaps at the moment. At least they don’t have to try and explain their ‘true’ actions to their children as there is no need to… They did their best. They might be skint and now struggling in new jobs but behaved honourably and did not abuse their position for their own gain at any point whilst working for WBC.

  9. Misconceptions do become truth especially when they are peddled by officers belongin gto a large corporation who can emit untruths in carefully worded press releases and statements to newspapers and indeed via the mouths of senior councilliors in the council chambers.

    The officers in their scramble to protect themselves , their deliberate delays, euphemisms and plain blocking of truths have hurt and been complicit in the damage to many persons. I therefore cannot see how a senior former council executive, busy in the alluded proceeding can claim mercy for herself or her kin

    The council is plainly misled, incompetent and it would have been better to own up to that fact rather than dress up a turd

  10. I also admire the bollocks on Deggsy for posting……doesn’t obviate the fact that she amassed and abused altogether far too much authority at WTH and came over as a rather unpleasant individual who appeared to have no time and/or respect for anyone that didn’t operate at her pay grade.

    Emma, use this time between roles for some introspection.

    She also makes a valid point about the strong feeling of some anti-Wirral commentators. I’m not necessarily referring to our Lord and Lady or Martin Morton but I’m becoming increasingly concerned that there are some individuals online who persistently express moral indignation over the failings of senior officers/members but who, to my mind, demonstrate the same bullying and harassment behaviours as those they seek to condemn.

  11. Turd polishing usually incorporates feigned victimhood when the culprits are exposed and desperate smoke screens are laid down to throw us off the scent (see the above hideous prattlings).

    The pretense becomes elaborate, nurtured and occupied, sweeps all before it, is ‘the truth’ to its deluded owner and has to be protected at all costs (i.e. not just public money but service users’ wellbeing and sometimes their lives).

    All this, depressingly, is the despicable scam propagated by these vile, selfish creatures, some bullying, some bullied, some broken, some bystanding, that inhabit, infect, erode and misrepresent our public services. The participants harm and despise each other in these very lonely places.

    If these people had any ‘balls’ at all, they’d try to be honest – the way most whistleblowers are. But I suspect we’re not going to see that happen because the capability just isn’t there.

  12. G’day Demigog and especially you My Worshipful Master

    I always post with my name and will face any of the lying cheating prigs at Wirral.

    I hope you enjoy your dosh with your family.

    As I said on “Tarrantino” Braces’s site I have not been able to obtain work since I blew the whistle on Wirral “Funny” Bizz over four years ago when Basnett started to offer me a job.

    Adderley lied to me and has had his mates spend about £250,000.00 defending not taking them to court for stealing about £2,000,000.00.

    Having them get auditors to write dodgy reports and then getting them a pay off, ignoring Grant Thornton and DCLG.

    Why did Adderley keep paying the thieves 18 months after the whistle was blown?

    Hey Demigog I was down to the last £3.06 of my overdraft two days ago Demigog before I get my dole in ten days.

    A nice human being “Highbrow” lent me £25.

    How do you suggest I pay him back?

    Enjoy your loot and spend it wisely.

    My family are 12,000 miles away and know nothing of my situation so enjoy your quality time at home and I suppose Florida etc.

    By the way I don’t know how old your kids are but are you telling me they read Wirral Leaks, not criticising it My Lordsly it is a BEAUTIFUL THING, but hardly fit for kiddies I would have thought.

    Or, is it John Brace they read, a must read also but kiddies wouldn’t understand.

    They couldn’t read it in the local rubbish propaganda sheet they only write about sunshine at Wirral and crazy golf resorts. You should know that.

    I do though wish your kids well especially if they become pubic servants.

    I also did hospitalisation in 2012 and “Highbrows” employment tribunal had to be postponed.



    Ps I would have thought My Lord that the great Oz Ugg boot would be too classy for this specimen.

    Poor old me Demigog says

    if you create an environment when the only senior officers who can cope with the job are those who do not care what is written about them then you will end up with public services run by people who don’t care about anything other than the job title and pay.

    That sums up Wirral perfectly. Well done Demi.

    Luv you more My L than the number of soiled and sullied pound notes that have been paid out to scumbags at Wirral. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  13. Good Morning Ms Degg,
    I had a Family once, but it did not stop you and others from trying to destroy me, over various matters including the Stalking and Harassment I received from Lambert and Yourself. I sat on the Chair in Pasture Road Moreton, when you and that pratt passed me and I laughed at you. You and others know that I had a Wonderful Year and all I wanted was a peaceful Life in order to see my mother in law pass away quietly, but you could not do that.
    Now I wanted this and other matters dealt with quietly, to avoid Families being hurt anymore than they have been. I have even offered numerous CEO’s the chance to avoid the above, but to no avail. I am presently being subjected to more abuse from the likes of you, Adderley, Lambert and others, shall we say the leftovers of what you and others have done and the bodies you and others like you used.
    These people you have left so frightened about going to Prison and losing their Families are actually still trying after you and others left them to avoid prison, so do not tell me about what your children think, once I have dealt with them, the correct and lawful way. I will deal with you the same way.
    Now I am not one that will unfortunately for you back down and I will give a Statement and attend Court if Necessary to prove what I am saying and let me point out gagging orders of whatever kind does not protect you and these other Scumbags from Prosecution. So please do not put on a Sob Story because it will not work for me.

  14. Well done Wirral Leaks , the press seems unable to hold the Council to account , due in no small part to bullying and legal threats so glad the truth is getting out about how WBC have operated

    so –

    If having balls means having no insight, no empathy to the plight of others and the overriding interest is ALWAYS careerist self serving greed then the spinmeisters at Wirral Council have balls bigger than Buster Gonad !!

    This talk of humanity sticks in the craw, even more so when only the other day councillors were sniggering at the plight of a homeless person. Compassion ? Humanity ? So remind us who looked out for the interests of vulnerable people on the Wirral ? The Chief Officers? The sniggering oak headed councillors ? NO it was the whistleblowers, they have the real balls they thought of the human beings who suffered due to Council practices which were illegal and immoral … and Ms Degg? she continued to spin when the denials became pathological, when the FOI request were turned down for completely spurrious self serving reasons

    So please don’t lecture on ‘humanity’ when you have never given a second thought to other peoples families whose lives have been destroyed, when illegal policies have led to suffering and death and were covered up and denied or when a culture of bullying made employees lives at WBC a MISERY

    The whsitleblowers who were smeared and bullied and who are probably unemployable now – these are all real people with real lives, not just stats, and ‘savings’ and people to step on as the career ladder is climbed . You want compassion? Try showing some.

  15. You refer to a Bung in your article, the whole of the Payments to my family were Corrupt, jusdt on £5,000 pounds in the first instance, made up of individual payments, from an assortment of Scumbags, Conspiracy to Commit Fraud, Conspiracy to pervert the Course of Justice, in fact as it was described to me ” An Outrageous Conspiracy ” Stella Shiu or is it Yim or is it Hong or Hing £4.5 Billion Pound Fraud/Theft on Government Funding, what was it over a 30 year period.
    Wirral Waters and it does not stop there does it Phil? what about Mr Griffiths and Mr H and what about Wirral Bizz and the other problems Adderley, Lambert and so many more. It is not my turn you bunch of Clowns

  16. Ms Emma does say that to criticise and challenge her work as a Council Officer is fair game. What she does also say is that personal comments are both hurtful and unnecessary, and made a polite request to lay off. Maybe her management style was awful but some of the personal comments are really unacceptable.I wonder how the posters would like to read lurid stories about their own sexual exploits and have their family ,and their partners, read them. Is that acceptable just because you don’t take a shine to someone or who they work for? Disagreeing with something and someone is fine but stick to comments you would still say when looking them in the eye.

    • Unfortunately Pastor, when her and the kind of people retort to the Kind of Behaviour that warrants the kind of Comment she has received, what can one expect. I am one who try’s to Forgive and Forget, however there are things that one cannot forgive or forget, whether by mistake or otherwise. I also know that to err is human, to forgive is divine.
      Unfortunately when things are done under Article 8 or Section 8 (Ha, Ha) and then are used against you in writing with Tippex Pictures, because your other half has had a Heart Attack, you do not want to go elsewhere because you love her and know that it is morally wrong, it becomes a bit of a Cheek to ask for Forgiveness or turn the other cheek.

  17. G’day Lordsly

    Which muppet of a senior officer or Clowncillor is this Pastor Niermoller?

    In one breath he says

    I wonder how the posters would like to read lurid stories about their own sexual exploits and have their family ,and their partners, read them.

    In the next breath

    If that really is you Emma, you’e got bigger balls than most men. I do like the line about misconception becoming the truth.
    I would go for a drink with you.

    A drink eh Pastor??????



    Ps What would Mr Demigog say about the good Pastor talking about his Ms’s balls then My L?

    Luv you more My Lord than the number of women with balls that have been for a drink with the Pastor. Sounds like it is stupid enough to be “Crabapple”. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  18. If we go from the micro to the macro, consider how a former Home Secretary, part of whose brief was to protect youngsters from sexual exploitation, is now exposed as a deviant himself. This illustrates both how we are governed by lawyers whose personal practice s would have put them in jail , and by civil servants who have expended thousands of our money in attempting to obstruct the truth.

    Now return to the micro.This reputation management is lethal. It furthers misconduct and protects it whether it be Cyril smith or Leon Brittan or Janner.In Wirral the preactitionerts drive out the good by protecting the bad.

    A doise of truth is necessary- we screwed up, we wasted money , we have been phoney..

    In a democracy we are disenfranchised and angry to be so, by the lies and evasions of those who govern in our name. That makes me feel powerless and very , very angry

    • There will be paedos at a senior level in Wirral Council. There can be no denying it. There have been in the recent past. There was one called Jones, a manager in Highways Services or its predecessor about 15 years ago.

      The story was that he had a hidey hole – a loft with a padlock on it, where he’d take young children and make videos with them. He ended up in prison, for how long I don’t know. Probably out in a few years for good behaviour and luckily for him with a VERY common forename and surname, and at a time when the internet wasn’t the joined up, all-seeing, unforgiving (but often truth-bringing) beast that it’s morphed into these days.

      So how many senior officers and councillors are currently harbouring a guilty secret that transcends the workaday stuff, the boring malfeasance and the ten-a-penny cover up of fraud and abuse?

      As Wirralbizz stated so rightly, the bad drives out the good. The crooks and paedos flock together for protection, comfort and the exchange of tips and information, and shun anybody not within the inner ring or on ‘the same level of understanding’ (and therefore out of step with the rest of the team and an inconvenience or even a danger).

      Good god, no wonder these people despise and distrust each other in equal measure.

      Still, perhaps the private lives of these important people should be left well alone, stay protected by public money and remain hidden, never to be opened up to prying eyes. Let them get on with it, eh Pastor N ?

  19. How can we criticise Ms Degg’s work when any plea for information, via FOI or by question at the council chamber is met with vacuous excuses , time-delaying and downright obtuseness. Personally listening to the rumours, very prevalent and sincerely held, we are more able to question why ever she rose to her position. The sudden departure of the sanctimonious Mr Burgess, born by name indeed to enter local government, a burgher through and through. the co-incidental illness of Ms Degg and the Strange incident of the voluntary severance which is PAID!! If I voluntarily give my notice in then I just get holidays paid in lieu and may or may not work my notice but PAID under a compromise agreement..I did believe that Mr Burgess promised that WBC would never use compromise agreements ever again with senior employees..definitely there is something hidden here, and buried with our council tax money to cover it.

    RATES STRIKE surely would follow in any French canton

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