EXCLUSIVE: Degg denies ever wearing proper Ugg boots – but denies nothing else

Rocket Dog

Fleece is the word.

Emma Degg  – the gift that keeps on giving  (and receiving cheques)!.

As this week’s revelations prove we’ll miss you sooooo much here at Leaky Towers.We’d like to thank you from taking time out from your busy schedule  (oh…. perhaps not) to respond to our story about your recent departure from Wirral Council.

For those who haven’t had the chance to read the heartfelt plea for “humanity” here it is:

Dear Wirral Leaks,
This is the first and only time I will post on this site. I do so for two reasons, firstly because having left the employ of the council I have a voice should I choose to use it. 2nd because despite the inevitable unpleasant backlash I will get I have something to say that others cannot. As I said to you in the conversation your referred to Paul – if you want to criticise Council Officers work then absolutely you should do so. I simply gave you my card and said if you wanted to do so then to come and see me and I would have a conversation with you anytime. If you were not satisfied then by all means say whatever you want about my or the councils work. That is all absolutely fair game. What is asked was when making personal comments for you to remember that regardless of how much pain you think I deserved that I have children who have done nothing wrong and who get upset. As I remember you shook my hand and said you had children yourself. And that is the point – if you create an environment when the only senior officers who can cope with the job are those who do not care what is written about them then you will end up with public services run by people who don’t care about anything other than the job title and pay. You are creating an environment where Officers are so frightened of being the next ‘uggly’ that they avoid difficult decisions and doing anything to upset anyone at all. Create pantomime villains and we will all be entertained – but try not to completely forget your humanity. For me I am done – hospitalisation over Christmas does that to you. Next time any of you post about another human being perhaps consider wether you would look them in the eyes and say it? Ps ironically I have never owned a pair of ugg boots they were a rather smart pair of Rocket Dogs – funny how a misconception can become a truth

We also posted some supportive comments admiring your ,erm,”balls” for replying to us.Which, to be fair ,compared to the likes of snivelling senior council officer David Armstrong who resorts to making snide remarks at Council meetings to John Brace about charging us royalties for use of pictures from his blog your response can be seen as being either very brave or very foolish.

You’d think that someone who is supposed to be so media savvy would understand how things work in the blogosphere. You must have heard of Marshall McLuhan surely ?.The medium is the message and all that .We will always have the last word on here and it’s something you and your erstwhile colleagues never had and never will have any POWER or CONTROL over and that’s what really upsets you people.

And so of course this is what your response is really about –  trying to regain some control by playing the “poor me” card and bringing your children into it. What your children (who are hardly babes in arms) may or may not read is not our responsibility.The person who needs to take responsibility for their actions is you.

It’s also a bit rich (pun intended) to be claiming victimhood when a rough calculation indicates you have outstripped everyone (including former CX’s) when it comes to your pay-off(s).

Now time to put a couple of other “misconceptions” to bed :

Anonymity – we were accused in one of the replies of hiding behind anonymity to have a pop at Little Bo Peep .This seems a tad hypocritical coming from someone with the self-righteous nom de plume as Pastor Niemoller – actually that’s one of two aliases they use – so we’ll take no lectures from them both on the use and abuse of anonymity.

Let’s break it down and get back to what we stated before about power and control. The way this site operates means we do not face the same constraints as the local mainstream press – who despite some valiant campaigns can be compromised by threats to advertising revenue, a risk averse legal department or just lack of future co-operation from some some of the most important sources of news and some of the most powerful people in the area.

Plus it is not the job of the local media to hold local officials to account – it is local politicians and they have failed miserably and shamefully to do so.So how else do we ever hope to get stories like this which are very much in the PUBLIC INTEREST out there?.After all it’s the poor punters who pay their council tax who should have the right to know where the hell their money is going.

However vulgar and disrespectful it may seem to self righteous prigs like the Pastor Wirral Leaks is a place were the disenfranchised,the bullied ,the cowed,the downtrodden and the powerless have a voice and sometimes it’s an angry voice – an anger borne of frustration and injustice.And lets make no mistake what is written on here is exactly how ,behind closed doors, the so called respectable and powerful speak about other people and each other.

Private and personal – Our self appointed morality guardian Pastor “First they came for the hypocrites” Niemoller along with Degg also refers to “personal comments”.

This site is about public accountability and not personal attacks. Personal impropriety in the course of public duties will inevitably lead to comments about nepotism,conflict of interest and the appropriate use of public money and we make no apologies for that.

Although it goes against our ethos to edit,censor or redact replies we have refrained from publishing replies that we think are gratuitously insulting or appear to us to emanate purely from personal enmity (and believe us there were plenty of those).

However if indeed we are “creating an environment where Officers are so frightened of being the next ‘uggly’  ” we’d say that was a good thing.

Finally we’d like to give the last words (because that’s how it works round here) to one of our most valued contributors who somehow puts Degg’s plea into proper perspective :

” The difference is we ended up in hospital trying to make a corrupt system better, she , by trying to defend it…” 

9 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Degg denies ever wearing proper Ugg boots – but denies nothing else

  1. The only time anything will change is when somebody in Control over these People, take their head from up their Arse and Start Locking them up and Prosecuting them. Unfortunately that does not look like anytime soon, but I continue to live in hope and please do not forget I am willing, able and ready to give a Statement and attend Court if Necessary

  2. G’day My L

    No one can tell me where Basnett has arranged for them all to go on their annual junket.

    I presume Demigog is packing up the kiddies and taking them off to Florida, or, the Big Apple and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she actually meets up with someone connected to Wirral.

    My dole is now only 7 days away and thanks to “Highbrow’s” £25 loan there is a bit of food in and I still have £2.91 of my overdraft to blow on my junket.

    Would I blow the whistle again if I had my time over………YES.

    I don’t envy Demigog I feel pity, and, sadness, the sisterhood must be ashamed of her, but, I must admit a bit jealous if her balls are as big as the Pastor says, he would know he has probably seen her in the gents at the top of Gra Gra’s “Stairway to Hell”.

    So where are the gang going My Lordsly?

    I bet they are going somewhere like Las Vegas to “Ankles” wedding with him and his 27 brothers he looks like a left over angry rocker from the sixties but I would suggest on his efforts with “Charity Balls” work, nearly as big as Demigogs, he should book out Madison Square Gardens.

    Wirral takes on all cummers!

    I wonder if the Blinking Quiet CEO what’s his name “Ecca” err “Spotty Dog” errr “Blinking Quiet Boss” is going to get shown how things really work in Wirral?

    Without him saying boo.

    That is until the gang says he can say boo.

    Bon Voyage.



    Ps You have to take the piss out of “The Shyster” “The Football Shit” “The Pretend Friend” “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” ha ha he will never get the job the angry little shit “Crabapple” “Clowncillor Doughnut” “Phil the Dill” “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the comb over from Hell” and everyone’s favourite “Ankles” because they obviously have their auditors, the police and the DCLG wrapped around their little finger and can just blow your hard earned on absolutely anything that they want or fancy.

    Delete all of the names above Ecca and the place would be 1000% a better place.

    Talking of fancy I wonder if the house they rented for “‘The Open’ aka “The Northern Shithouse”, had a visitors book.

    There would be some very angry Mrs Wirrals.

    Luv you more My Lord than the number of people who SAW her at the Open House.

    Quiz question: Why is the ex-mayoresses fiance now called “Ankles”?
    Prize: You can carry their bags to the airport when they all go on the junket and wave them off.

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz Wirral “Funny” BIzz Wirral “Funny” Bizz Wirral “Funny” Bizz

  3. Throughout my time of ‘tapping’, hurling bile and phlegm at anyone I didn’t like the look of there have been many times when I’ve asked myself, ‘is this to much. Am I ‘evolving’ into an online bully?’ I’ve done this because it’s really not in my nature to hurt another and I fully grasp the impact my words may have on my target, but, and this is the key to it all, I’ve done the nice and acceptable way of communicating to these ‘suits’. Lord knows I’ve tried! I’ve been lied to, fobbed off, been branded a mendacious oddity and been told that I should seek psychiatric help in order to get me to shut up and stop asking ‘why’ and truthfully and very frankly, it got me absolutely nowhere. They, these ‘suits’ who are fixed and attached to my teat that lactates my money and funds their daily gimmicks, blue sky thinking and wasteful projects that only create chaos and a mountain of debt, simply take no notice of the kind, good, friendly and I want you to like me style of communication that ‘they’ want me, you and us to use whenever we ask, ‘why have you done this?’.
    In short, throughout the Country and the domain of Council public service, where Common Purpose is embedded and any common sense, honesty and a sense of ‘service’ to the people has been long since lost and been replaced by a legion of self entitled, fat, bloated, greedy ‘suits’ who’s only aim is to climb the pension pole to glory and riches beyond my grasp, I decided that my only weapon that they cannot control or even compete with is my ability to shovel out material that mocks them, portrays them as figures of fun and ridicule that serve to make them the targets of our laughter and our scorn.
    And that’s it! It’s the very reason why Wirral Leaks exists and flourishes. It prospers because, like me and a great number of bloggers, the Leaks decided a long time ago that local and national politically elected leaders would not and could not stop the Council senior officers doing whatever they liked with our money and it’s this very thing that’s compelled Emma Degg to tap out her plea for a small slice of humanity and understanding that begs the reader not to blame her for taking part in the ‘Game’, that is being a ‘player’ of Wirral Council.
    Sadly, given what I know about the ‘suits’ who ride this gravy train toward glorious financial reward, they hate being lampooned and it’s the one and only single thing they cannot control or influence. My conclusion? As much as it pains me to say it, fuck um! When they decided a long time ago to take, benefit and generally kick the arse out of the benefits their position presented to them without asking ‘why am I able to do all these things at the expense of us’, it’s really of no use bleating about the backlash that inevitable grows when you take and keep taking.

    • Well done Bobby

      But, why are you being so polite about these scumbag arseholes at Wirral tonight My Hero?

      Can you believe her Bobsly playing the sympathy card?

      I bet she is in Dubai as we speak with one of her sponsors.

      Absolutely luv your work Bobby.



  4. G’day Lordsly

    What a miserable day but I suppose they are all miserable days for the decent workers at Wirral.

    Pray tell me My Lovely what is Eric Robinson all about?

    How come he hasn’t nudged the deluded, fantasist, liar that is Adderley towards the exit door.

    How can he justify paying the stinking ashtray £100,000.00 a week?

    “Ecca” wake up to yourself you are the boss and you will be tarred with the same brush as that of Addaley Dadderly Doo Doo that stood in public and lied at Gra Gra’s farce of a public meeting into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods of 8 October 2014.

    You will be linked to HER boyfriend (and other boyfriends of her) “Spotty Dog” if you don’t do the right thing.

    He got the fat hairy arsed wombat that is “The Shyster” to threaten me with one of his ridiculous letters telling me to get a lawyer ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    What for Perry Mason?????

    My Lord he could even get rid of “The Shyster” and “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything Armstrong” the angry little shit who is full of snidey little comments.

    He he he I can speak.

    If those three went it would be a giant step for mankind in making Wirral not stink like Addles ashtray.



    Ps Now 4 years and 21 days since I blew the whistle to Adderley and Basnett and she wanted them closed down immediately (her words ask her) and he continued to pay the criminals for 18 months.

    Oh Eric wake up and smell the coffee and invite him in for a little chat.

    Then you can send “Highbrow” and me an email.

    Or, are you scared “Spotty Dog”?

    Luv you more My Luscious than the number of seconds that Basnett has kept her gob shut after she was told too. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    128,044,800 seconds.

  5. Mr Bobby we tried the same gentle approach till we understood months later that the auditor in wbc was stalling for time and was preparing the Mother-of-all audit , hear no evil see no evil reports, to bury us with. Even exposure of those lies did not prevent his graceful retirement with a cheque for £46,000. You cannot win when you play THEIR game of due process , due process.

  6. G’day Lorsdly

    What a great day to put more shit on The Most improved Council in the Country.

    Although My L that is every day for me until they resolve “our” issue with them and Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    Read this and weep “Ecca” not just because of that picture of you that they put in the local rubbish propaganda sheet before you arrived that made you look like an Eccles Cake.

    That was just to make that fat twat “Shyster” salivate.

    I was really excited when I awoke today to see that “my mate” Martin a hero of mine, has spilled more beans and me and “Highbrow” feature.

    Ooohhhh exciting.

    “Highbrow” went to ask a question at a full council meeting and coincidently Martin was there asking a question.

    It was all very dull and suddenly “Ankles” looked like he was full of shit as usual but also looked as though he needed one so the full meeting was called to an adjournment.

    In that adjournment My Lovely I met “Highbrow” to congratulate him on making them all look stupid and prove them to be the liars they are as usual.

    We met on the staircase, not the Staircase to Hell” that cost a fortune, that would have been the icing on the cake, but the back tradesman looking staircase to the public gallery.

    Martin and Paul were there and Liam “The dweeb in the tweed jacket that is in “Ankles! pocket” .

    Martin on his wonderful “Distortions” blog says to my delight.

    I think that this document will eventually prove to be the most costly piece of paper in Wirral Council history.Shortly after the handover Liam Murphy shows the document to Emma Degg as they’re both outside Wallasey Town Hall smoking a cigarette

    “DID HE GIVE YOU THAT” asked Ms.Degg- the “he” being Cllr.Foulkes.

    The fact that neither Liam Murphy or Emma Degg gave evidence to Patricia Thynne when the allegations of a smear campaign were being investigated allowed Cllr.Foulkes to claim none of the above happened despite the fact even if you exclude Degg and Murphy there are several witnesses (including me) who can testify to various aspects of these events.

    Lordly I luv you so much read it again and again and again I have.

    Have you seen it, have you seen it?

    You have to look closely My Luscious where it says

    even if you exclude Degg and Murphy there are several witnesses (including me) who can testify to various aspects of these events.


    Several witnesses includes me and “Highbrow” My Lovely.

    Oh “Ankles” you were a sight to behold and you said words to the effect of “I am not listening” and you are even more ugly close up.



    Ps. I am going out to celebrate My Worshipful Master as I still have my £2.91 until I get my dole in five days.

    Still a closely guarded secret where this years junket is taking them? Must be Portugal to see Wirral “Funny” Bizz they let get away with £2,000,000.00 and spent £250,000.00 helping them get away.

    Luv you more My Loyal Leader than the number of spots “Ecca” had in that photo they gave the local rubbish paper, like the naughty kids they are, to put him on the back foot before he had put a tootsie in the front door that is the Northern Shithouse in Wallasey. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  7. Ms Degg, Unfortunately again your caught out, namely because apart from Mr Robinson who was not here when you and others behaved badly there is not many can claim not to be fair game for any insult or injury. From the lowest worker to the former Chief Executives, especially concerning matters of which I can speak with some (Great Deal Really) Authority. I would suggest that you make arrangements for your Children and further arrangements with the Police to go and explain your part in the Wirral Waters Fraud/Theft. How much 4.5 Billion Pounds and the Wastage of Millions of Pounds already on this particular matter. Then we will see whether you can claim innocence and play the Humanity Card. Peel must have already seen the writing on the Wall and if Stella ever turns up from Rochdale or other parts of the UK she treads the Boards, Northampton (Marrows), Birmingham and she has also been to Liverpool. There was another female had a Hand in this wasn’t quite close and she obtained Dosh for the Story and it sent people eventually to an early Retirement

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