Loss of Control

Loss of Control

We don’t know who’s piloting Flight WBC right now but it appears to be experiencing severe turbulence.

We mentioned in our last post about council bosses love of power and control ,well all of the indicators – and as we know these people love their key performance indicators – seem to be showing a distinct loss of control.

Talking of which news reaches us that ex emergency control room staff are to sue the council after their jobs were kept open after the proposed date firstly by agency staff and now by community patrol staff .

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that the community patrol staff are being paid to cover their former colleagues jobs.Talk about no honour in honorariums!

There has also been confirmation in writing from Council Leader Power Boy Pip Davies that the council had no intention of closing the control room all along. We are promised the release of some interesting emails which will detail the full extent of the callous skulduggery which led to people losing their livelihoods.

Meanwhile we at Leaky Towers are absolutely loving the pressure group Brand New Brighton Rocks On and their highly effective campaign which led to a humiliating council U-turn on car parking fees at Fort Perch Rock https://www.facebook.com/groups/brandnewbrightonrockson/

Witness also the political awakening of the usually supine union Unison who have finally smelt the coffee and are kicking off about  Wirral Council  appointing consultants to deal with “public affairs and communications” and  “budget planning” and they will receive a daily rate of £850 and £903 respectively.The appointments of Paul Masterman  and Julie Alderson have been described by Unison as a “kick in the teeth for council staff.”

Especially as the both come with “a bit of previous” and appear to be in the usual mould of local government money-grubbing leeches.

It’s interesting to note that Masterman is a former head of communications at Staffordshire County Council where no doubt he worked with Eric “Feeble” Robinson – so again it seems we’re back to auto-pilot where the incoming Chief Executive parachutes his mates in from previous jobs.


Masterman is obviously the replacement to fill the infamous Ugg boots after the former head of communications was shoved down the emergency shute. However we still can’t understand how someone can be made redundant and yet ,somewhat like the control room staff, their posts remains intact and still attracting a huge pay-packet for consultant at council tax payers expense.

Meanwhile Ms Alderson’s colourful past history speaks for itself and it seems she’ll fit in nicely with the self serving crew at WBC .


Unison spokesperson Paddy Cleary says the union is “totally dismayed” by the extraordinary sums the pair are being paid and is hoping there will be a backlash from “an angry Wirral public”.

We certainly hope so too – especially when there seems to be a reassuring new breeze of political activism blowing a gale through Wirral and it seems to be blowing Flight WBC off it’s well worn chartered course.

Needless to say Wirral Leaks is looking forward to reporting on the inevitable crash landing.

8 thoughts on “Loss of Control

  1. G’day My Lord of Wirral

    I know most of the punters that read your wonderful blog and of course that must read, and/or just watch the movies, of John “Tarrantino” Brace believe that the £2,000,000.00 fraud of Wirral “Funny” Bizz is just small change.

    It is THE WAY they cheated, lied and were deceitful openly and the way right up until the day before Gra Gra announced his retirement and the shenanigans around when Gra Gra’s farce of a public meeting into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods would take place.

    Was it the 7th or was it the 8th?

    That Gra Gra got “Addled” and his fat lump of a mate “Humpty Dumpty” on their feet to lie publicly.

    They must now be getting up to £300,000.00 and the clock still ticking on defending Adderley and the bullshit.

    “Highbrows” FOI.

    Before I show you the FOI I would like to say that “Tarrantino’s” blog is so very good because you can turn the volume off and see when the likes of “Phil the Dill” and “Ankles are lying …..
    their mouths moving.

    They are just liars liars pants on fire, especially when Demigog is around.

    I bet you the last £2.91 of my dole that this new bit of fluff they have in at enormous cost per hour is a bit of a sort…..in their eyes.

    They like paying by the hour they are that kind of deceitful cheating scumbag.

    These numpties seem to think if they are seen with an attractive woman people think they can’t be cheating.

    They are always a special woman though…like Basnett obedient to the death.

    Did you have a HARD day at work today Kev?

    “Tarrantino” doesn’t have to pan in on the dwarf of a slimy welsh leprechaun “The Pretend Friend” to know he is asleep in the chamber dreaming of his next victim to stab in the back after the trademark smile and wink.

    I digress the FOI about why at the last minute Gra Gra’s farce of a public meeting’s date was changed and they forgot to tell the only decent clowncillor of the 66 Stuart Kelly.

    And why the old fool of a “Raving Loony” did the U turn from the worst scandal in his forty years to everyone at Wirral is wonderful was just dragged into the meeting room by his tiny tiny *****.

    I digress again the FOI

    The meeting that Mr. Burgess was to attend on 7th October 2014 was a
    Combined Authority Meeting to be held in Wakefield and it was scheduled to
    last all day. Mr. Burgess did not attend the meeting as he was
    unavailable for work on that day. The Council will not be disclosing the
    reason for Mr. Burgess not attending the meeting in question and in
    refusing the Council is relying on the exemption contained within section
    40 (2) of The Freedom of Information Act 2000.

    My L I would luv to see the list of attendees and the agenda and the real reason he had the DAY OFF. Yep we all believe that croc of shit.

    Lordsly he retired the next day.



    Ps “Ankles” is very quiet My Lordsville has he done a runner from the impending nuptials or has she seen sense?

    Or, is he just now fully employed handling “Ecca”?

    Luv you more My Luscious than the number of secrets the “Shyster” now has hidden away that keep him in a job. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    He certainly wouldn’t be employed for his charm, wit and good looks or his openness, honesty and transparency.

    But you can see through his type.


  3. Well I don’t want to see some ‘I want to be your friend’, well heeled, smiling and sycophantic Union Representative who clearly yearns to be on first name terms with the ‘suit’ who’s managed to destroy some bottom of the food chain front line worker by subjecting them to intolerable stress and workplace unhappiness simply because the ‘suit’ happens to be a narcissistic sociopath who becomes aroused when his target crumbles, falls apart and starts swallowing anti bloody depressants because the Doctor has become totally convinced that the poor patient is fucked.
    Give me a Union Representative who clearly, just by glancing at him, was born to be a Union man. I want my Union man to be a complete twat and someone who I’d rather not break bread with or sup ale with because being in his company made me feel threatened and extremely uncomfortable. Yes! Give me a terrifying figure of a man or woman who’s only enjoyment in life is to take whatever it is I’ve been moaning about and rush off upstairs to do battle with the one who was the source of the medication that the Doctor felt compelled to prescribe to deal with the trauma and unhappiness this ‘suit’ had heaped upon some poor souls head.
    Yes! Give me a complete nasty headbanger who, when born, was slapped by the midwife, handed to his Mother with the words, ‘this is one nasty bit of work. I recommend you guide your dreadful infant babe toward a career in the Trade Union. Give the horrid little wretch ten minutes on your left breast and try and forget that you are now his Mommy’.
    Like so many things nowadays, the Unions have lost their voice, the Reps are wannabes and are all to quick to win and gain favour from the very same bastards that they should have been fighting with on our behalf. In bloody short, the Unionists have become bestest bloody friends with all of those that live in the big house on the hill and they’ve completely lost sight of why they were ever elected in the first place.

  4. G’day Lordsville


    I write this about that sad, pathetic little weasel that is “The Pretend Friend”, because it should be there for the record.

    Mayor probably 18 times. (In his own deluded little mind)

    He had a good mate Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro that I believe he had the utmost respect.


    “Highbrow” is so clever he makes “The Pretend Friend” look as thick as “Ankles”.

    I went to see Adderley and Basnett to whistle blow on Wirral “Funny” Bizz and Basnett wanted them closed down immediately cos she tries to be decent and was told to keep her gob shut.

    We know you have kids that is no excuse , she just does as Kev says that’s why she has a job.

    Not clever.

    Adderley “The Football Shirt”, how effing ridiculous is he with his little red football shirt on his wall with his name on the back “Liar” thought I would just go away and he could ignore me.

    Kev me old stella mate I will haunt you until you come clean.

    Cos the dimwit that is Adderley thought “Highbrow” and I would disappear four years ago and did nothing “Highbrow” got his mate Jones on the case.

    We are still in limbo four years later because “The Pretend Friend” can’t stand up and do the right thing because he is a little weasel and his family should be ashamed.

    Fancy doing what “Phil the Dill” and “Ankles” tell you, you will deserve all you get.

    He got them to pay independent auditors, the council’s auditors, to review Wirral “Funny” Bizz for £50,000.00 plus and they found criminality and wastage.

    They did nothing about prosecution and still haven’t.

    £2,000,000.00 later.

    I am feeling sick now My Lovely talking about this turd.

    Night night.



    Ps He is a disgrace to the people of Wirral, but like a lot of them is not a local and doesn’t care.

    Luv you more than the number of visitors to that OPEN HOUSE they had where she stayed over.

  5. Bobby, History can repeat itself, the Mine Owners in Victorian times, then the General Strike, then the Mine Workers for a Short time got their own back and then came Mrs T, crumbled the Unions, basically humbled them. Unfortunately unless you start getting men and women that will take a reasonable stance, but at the same time stand toe to toe with the Bosses and put a case to them, your always going to get wannabe reps, those who want to get on, on the backs of others. Those type of people are as much Scumbags, as the bosses they are supposed to police on behalf of the Workers.

    The thing that really sticks in my craw is the lowly worker who thinks that the boss will notice them, if they follow the party line or step on the people who they are supposed to look after in the line of Duty, how many times I have seen ” Yes ” Men and Women doing their own thing to get on and do the other person down. It is “CORRUPTION” Bobby NO MORE, NO LESS. I do not know how many times I had to say to my Boss, I will not eat or drink with you, when your taking the Bread out of my members wives and families mouths, nothing could I do to get my message across in a more poignant manner.

    I do sincerely hope that Scumbags like the ones that have been referred to are dealt with in a Correct Manner and in accordance with the Law, as some of them think that they are so far up the Bosses Rectum they cannot be touched and that because they know something that the other person does not know about the boss they can get away with the indefensible sin of CORRUPTION !!!!

  6. Course, if I were a Union man, and I could have been if only I’d not got this bloody harelip and clubbed foot, I’d have been formidable.
    They’d all pop into my Union hut and tell me their problems and whilst I may have thought, ‘Christ you are a boring barstard’, I’d have taken on the cause, grasped the stinging nettle, hurtled upwards if there were a staircase to navigate, banged on the door howling, ‘pull your pants up you bastard I’m coming in’.
    Yes! I’d have been formidable. And I wouldn’t have sold anyone down the river. Never! If there’s one thing I despise its someone who sells the lads down the river. Show me a man or woman who’s been a Union Rep who’s sold a gathering of disgruntled staff down the river and I’ll show you someone who is a two faced, back sliding gaffers man who’s easily prepared to sell the lads down the river.
    And it’d be no good the ‘suit’ offering me a biscuit in some weak attempt to win my favour and contemplate selling the lads down the river. I’d tell him, ‘keep your biscuits. I’m here to get the lads a million quid and I won’t, under any known circumstances settle for anything less.
    That’s right! Not a penny less. He could throw himself at my feet and beg me to accept nine hundred and fifty thousand pounds and I’d tell him what I’m telling you, ‘your fifty thousand pounds short and this period of negotiation is over’ and I’d leave the room.
    And that’s what’s needed nowadays. Firm negotiation and little or no slack in the demands. If the lads want a million quid, and God only knows what they’d bloody do with it, then as far as I’m concerned that’s exactly what they’ll be getting if ever they placed their trust in me.
    What’smore, if ever the management popped a proposal on the table which unambiguously meant that the lads could no longer cover themselves in their own shirt during some religious festival or period of dispute, I’d tell them, ‘the lads have been covering themselves in their own shit for as long as I can remember and I’ll be damned if I go down that staircase and tell them you are fed up of it.’
    And why would I take on this stubborn approach during a period of negotiation? Because I’m a Union man and I believe that every single man or woman has the inalienable right, if they choose, to cover themselves in their own excrement to make a point to the management that clearly demonstrates that something has upset them and they’re not happy!

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