From Multicultural to Omnishambles

Recent revelations on Wirral Leaks seem to have inspired some people to share with us misdemeanours which have remained buried for some time but which still resonate today.

Wirral Council staff past and present have been reminiscing about the memorable times they have shared with some of Wirral Council’s  “characters” who sadly are no longer around to entertain us with their unique management style.

An historic but significant case we’ve known about for some time and which has been brought to our attention at various times from different sources (and from as far away as sunny Manchester) just keeps on coming up.

The significance of this particular case for us (and apparently for others) is that we feel it set the precedent for how Wirral Council’s so called council leaders comprehensively mismanage situations particularly when they involve malpractice and possible criminality.

One whistleblower tells us they were  “advised” to keep their mouth shut about this particular case by 3 former senior council officers. Perhaps our readers would like to guess who these officers were?

Well, when we say “advised” they allege they were told by one of the above to keep their nose “out of their fucking business.” This may sound like conduct unbecoming of someone in a senior position but from what we hear about what is said behind closed doors at Wirral Council it sounds fairly typical.

The case itself was concerned with the conduct of Mr.C a social worker for the Chinese community at the flagship Wirral Multicultural Organisation (WMO).Apparently this cheeky social worker was moonlighting as a driving school instructor – like you do! – and furthermore was charging older Chinese people to fill in disability benefits forms. When challenged he said the latter was part of his “culture” – well that’s alright then!

However, the most interesting aspect for us is that we understand Cllr. Phil Davies (in the days before he was miraculously transformed into Power Boy Pip) and Cllr.Brian Kenny were on the Wirral Multicultural Organisation Board at the time and were aware of everything.However, as they didn’t want to upset WMO chief Lady Chan and the Council leader at the time was Cllr. Steve Foulkes, it was soon hushed up.

As one of our sources said: “Senior Officers 1,2  and 3 all told me to keep schtum as at the time I was telling everyone because I couldn’t believe Mr.C hadn’t been prosecuted.

They also describe themselves as being “gobsmacked” when they found out  that: “He (Mr.C) went with a load of dough and access to his pension.” 

Seems to us like this case was a precursor for all the scandals that followed in that the world and her husband knew what Mr.C was up to and those in the know turned a blind eye and when it began to look as though it was going to cause lumber the lurch to secrecy began. From bullying and threats to payoffs and gags. The pattern was set for everything that came after and is still in operation today.

Inevitably the 3 senior officers involved have all gone the way of Mr.C and left Wirral Council under questionable circumstances and we can therefore only presume that knowing about this case and other such matters could only have helped smooth negotiations when it came to their respective severance arrangements!

We can, therefore, conclude that Wirral Council’s OMNISHAMBLES MODUS OPERANDI* is as follows:

a) Council officer is not up to their job/up to no good/both
b) Those in power turn a blind eye (unless they want rid of the officer) and/or go into denial
c) The incompetence/malpractice becomes too obvious/embarrassing or some bloody nuisance blows the whistle
d) An “investigation” takes place – the report is delayed and/or redacted/compromised/buried
e) The council officer is paid off/gagged

* This MO does not apply to councillors as it doesn’t matter how much they are not up to the job or up to no good they are seemingly beyond accountability, sanction or redemption and that is why as far as we’re concerned Wirral Council will forever remain an omnishambles.

3 thoughts on “From Multicultural to Omnishambles

  1. G’day Lordly

    You are taking the Michael (Raworth) out of me aren’t you you cheeky little monkey.

    Everyone can see you are really talking about Wirral “Funny” Bizz and Michael and Linda they all knew about what went on at the Clownhall and they are now buying new gnashers and drinking cheap scotch in sunny Portugal..

    You are spot on about “Phil the Dill” “Ankles” “The Pretend Friend” “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the comb over from Hell” and others

    “…..they are up to no good they are seemingly beyond acc”ountability ,sanction or redemption and that is why as far as we’re concerned Wirral Council will forever remain an omnishambles.”

    Oh Lordsville, Wirral “Funny” Bizz, Wirralgate, Omnishambles and how many more?



    Ps I was watching the ex Mayoresses fiance in a full council meeting last night… you do….you have to luv John “Tarrantino” Brace and his little camera don’t you.

    Maybe My Leader that is the answer they should all be on candid camera whilst ever at work, or golf if that is where the shenanigans happens.

    Luv you more My Lanky Lover than the number of times “Ankles” fucked up. XXXXXXXXXXX

  2. G’day My Lovely

    Thinking about people now coming out of the woodwork as more and more will I believe be time for the Ex-Mayoresses fiancee to get on the last Misery Travel OmniSHAMBLESbus out of Wallasey Clownhall.

    He will probably go kicking and screaming and take “Phil the Dill” and “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell” down with him because he is that type of bitter and twisted barstard.

    If they fessed up to all the lies and deceit they and others have inflicted on people because they are frustrated nobody wannabe’s they should still get punished because of the way they have made innocent people suffer like Martin’ family, Paul’s family, “Highbrow’s” family, Da…. er I mean Reprahnehpets family and lots of others and should still be publicly humiliated.

    Not to mention the staff they dump and then bring in consultants unless of course they knew what was going on and didn’t blow the whistle.

    So feel better about yourself

    Come join us

    Independent, self-contented, revolutionary
    Intellectual, brave, strong and scholarly
    If you’re not one of them, you’re us already so
    Come join us
    Come join us
    Come join us

    Whistleblowers are us.

    Whistleblowers are great ask Jimmy Saville’s victims.

    Whistleblowers are great ask people in Rotherham.

    Whistleblowers are great ask anyone at Wirral.



    Ps Check out the movies John “Tarrantino” Brace’s blog My Lordsly it is amazing what you can find.

    Luv you more My Lord of the Wirral than the number of pounds the deluded fool Adderley has already wasted on the golf resort that will go the way of Stella’s magnificent Wirral Waters.

  3. The Council is at it again, attempting to Cover up more and more Corruption again from times gone by and it would appear some of the persons they left behind are again coming to the surface and getting particularly frightened.
    I am afraid I can see another Fraud, Conspiracy to Commit Fraud and Pervert the Course of Justice Rearing its ugly head again amongst other things. I believe that something should be done and soon before someone really gets hurt. Call in the Police and Administration!!!!!!!!!!

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