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Fouolkes & Niblock

When Councillor Steve Foulkes, the then leader of the Wirral Labour group, said he was very happy and that he had “a number of beliefs and principles in common” when Councillor Steve Niblock defected from the Liberal Democrats to Labour it seems he wasn’t wrong :

We at Leaky Towers are grateful for more masterful work from local blogger John Brace. His inquisitive nature, attention to detail and immaculate pigtail matches our very own Verity. However we’re taking the opportunity here to give his revelations the special Wirral Leaks treatment.

Brace’s latest find concerns the discovery of expenses claims made by Merseyside Labour councillors including one of Wirral’s very own – Steve “Suave” Niblock?.

It seems that by enjoying the benefit of  £50 return taxi ride to attend a Merseyside Fire & Rescue Authority meeting in Liverpool the Lib Dem turncoat clearly demonstrated that he is now well and truly part of the Wirral Labour fold with their penchant for being driven around like royalty just like the top of the taxi rank herself – Matron McLaughlin aka the Queen of Sheba.

Now in the scheme of things a £50 taxi ride paid for by the public may not be equivalent to a near enough £50K bung to keep your gob shut.However in it’s own way it somehow strikes us as everything that’s wrong with the mindset of some politicians.Whatever possesses Niblock and his ilk to think that when services are being cut and people are losing their jobs that this sickening sense of entitlement is in any way OK?.As the saying goes: “Just because you can – doesn’t mean you should”…….

Now we know that , as Her Ladyship remarked , Cllr Niblock seems to get his fashion tips from Jeremy Corbyn, but for instance the next time he wanted to kit himself with a new bib & tucker for the next council piss up would he just pop over to top notch gentleman’s outfitters Gieves & Hawkes in Liverpool and hail for a taxi there and back?

We think he needs to cut out the taxis and get on the train or better still – Get in the sea

Ironically Niblock recently voted to close Upton and West Kirby fire stations (no really!) alongside fellow Merseyside Labour councillors one of whom is a certain Linda Maloney who thought it OK to spend £12 on a slap up salmon dinner and a drink of coke and expect the Merseyside Fire & Rescue Authority to pay for it.

Again we would ask Cllr.Maloney (another one who likes to be ferried around in a taxi) to consider would she as a rule spend such a princely sum stuffing her face on a piece of salmon or is that only when the public are picking up the tab?.

No doubt Niblock and Maloney would justify their voting decisions with the mantra : ” It’s the Tory cuts” and yes the ideologically rather than economically motivated cuts to public services need to be “robustly challenged” as local government bods are wont to say- however do they not see that freeloading from those same public services which are under threat undermines their feigned outrage?.

Talking of St.Helens politicians by the sound of it Wirral should forget about Reno and make enquiries as to whether Wirral can be twinned with Labour controlled St.Helens Council (aka St.Hellhole Council according to one of our sources).

Witness recent allegations made against the former St.Helens Council leader and now St.Helens South & Whiston MP Marie Rimmer who could possibly teach our local political bullies a thing or two about how to deal with dissenters. Rimmer (a great name for a politician) was recently accused of kicking a Scottish independence supporter at a polling booth in Scotland (the case was , er, kicked out this week on a technicality but we understand it may be re-opened) :

Depending on the eventual outcome if the case goes back to court it could be that if St.Helens rugby league team need a new prop forward who knows how to kick a conversion they may know where to go.

We feel we need to clarify at this point that we are not kicking Labour while they’re down nationally (if not locally) we just want them (no we NEED them) to be so much better than they are – politically,morally and ethically.

Now more than ever we need a credible opposition we can believe in and trust and after all the political soul searching and Miliband-bashing following this year’s General Election it seems to us ,especially in the wake of MPs expenses scandal and the realisation that we are now living in “The Age of Foodbanks” that  £50 taxi rides and slap up salmon dinners at the taxpayers expense indicate to us just how far some Labour politicians have drifted from the values of their traditional core voters.

9 thoughts on “Taxi Cuts

  1. Hi,

    As to the salmon dinner bit, with the expense form she submitted three receipts (the other two receipts being for taxis).

    I think the photocopies I inspected were photocopied three times to show each receipt (which made it look like three different claims). Confusingly the receipt for the salmon dinner and coke were photocopied with each one.

    As it’s the same receipt for a salmon fillet and coke on each of the three copies, I think it’s only one £12 claim for the salmon fillet and coke rather than three. I too initially thought it looked like three claims, but when a person leaving a comment pointing this out I changed the story & headline.

  2. Could not agree with you more your lordship ,How about exposing the latest secret PFI contracts for all the new fire stations financed by European banks recently voiced by John Brace which will cost us the ratepayer dearly sanctioned by councillors & officers who with respect could not even run up a flag let alone the business of the council.

  3. G’day Lordsly

    Luv the photo but you didn’t say who it was.

    Is it the ex-mayoress and her fiance.

    Beautiful couple they look made for each other.

    How come they are all suddenly wearing blue, the leader “Phil the Dill” in the local rubbish propaganda sheet, and now this gorgeous couple.

    Are they coming out, not as a couple, as closet Tories.

    Difficult in the photo to see who wears the pants My Lord.

    “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell” will obviously be the best man and “Phil the Dill” the flower girl.

    Reception probably at “Wirralgate”.

    Hey Bobby47 my hero what do you think about the happy couple above.



    Ps Have you had your invite to the nuptials yet My L?

    Luv you more My Worshipful Master than he luvs him. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. G’day Bobby you Legend and of course My Hero Lordy

    I think I should explain to the new readers what you are saying between the lines of your genius as usual missive.

    You actually say

    Either bloody way the pair of them are soaked through and given that I know very little about the colour ‘blue’ and why it’s the chosen shade used by fully grown men who enjoy ‘ the wet look’, I’ll leave it to the Leaks to conclude one way or T’other what these two elected Councillors have been doing to get their matching blue tops soaking wet.

    Between the lines you’re thinking I believe

    The colour blue in this case is probably the prison farm, the building in the background, uniform and if it isn’t that is where some of Wirral should be.

    They have not fessed up to Wirralgate and Wirral “Funny” Bizz shenanigans so Desperate Dan has got out his massive hose out and given them a good colonic irrigation.

    You’re also thinking Bobby that they are wearing blue to deceive the general public into thinking that Clowncillor Scruffy Little Man actually defected to the dumb tories because there is no way the Labor gang want someone that upstages them in all aspects.



    Ps Write soon Bobby they deserve being made fools of by your brilliance.

  5. James, brilliance? No! Not at all James my good friend. Far from it. I just don’t think in straight lines and that’s all it really is. Nothing else.
    Mind, if you would like to slide even further down toward the bottom, get your magnifying glass out or enlarge the image of the two and then concentrate your eyes on the one on your right and the one on the left of the old Mayor and look into this poor souls eyes.
    The last time I saw tormented eyes like that was in the Ale House when one of the lads staggered in and howled, ‘the rounds on me. My very warmest regards mate.

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