Let Them Eat More Cake

Cake 4

As everyone knows I am personally a big supporter of charity and indeed the reason why I became a peer of the realm has nothing to do with that “misunderstanding” with the brown envelope but because of all my charitable work helping poor folks and ne’er do wells on the road to salvation – oh and of course my services to the offshore banking industry.

So naturally I am always happy to support and promote charity – so I’d like to thank local Labour party members who kindly forwarded the following details of a forthcoming coffee and chat charity event in aid of the great work done by MacMillan Cancer support:

Councillors from Birkenhead & Tranmere and Rock Ferry will be joined by Frank Field MP at the Community Room of Rock Ferry Library on Saturday 26th September from 10.30am for cake and coffee.

We hope you can join us on the morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.If you’re feeling inspired by the Great British Bake Off, you can enter our own ‘Bake Off’, which will be judged by Frank.Whether you are a local resident, Labour supporter or from a community group, come and meet your local Labour representatives in this social setting and let’s raise some funds for such a worthy cause!.

Get your free ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/coffee-cake-morning-tickets-18093385804, or just turn up on the day.

Judged by Frankenfield eh?.Does he do anything else but pass judgement on others who don’t quite match up to his high moral standing we ask ourselves?.However we would have thought he might of drafted in his friend Nick Warren to be the “judge” as at least he’s then guaranteed to get the result he wants!.

Unfortunately Leaky Towers will not be able to send a representative along to the coffee morning (although we will be sending a donation to MacMillan Care Support) as we don’t want to upset Frankenfield and be accused of being political agitators , especially after that little incident-ette earlier this year in Rock Ferry where Frankenfield was viciously set upon by a ruthless gang of maverick Bolsheviks (it must be true it was in the Daily Mail!).



However we will be sending a cake lovingly crafted by our cook Nigella Knowall (see above) in homage to all the great work done by his beloved political colleagues at Wirral Council.

Seems to us that Frankenfield and his fellow poverty tourists are out in force at the moment as sources tell us the MP was out and about in their Birkenhead/Tranmere/Rock Ferry constituency with bezzies Wee Jeannie Stapleton and Matron McLaughlin last Saturday before he flitted off to Albert Dock in one of his beloved check shirts with a twinkle in his eye and a spring in his step.

What can be the sudden interest in a campaigning charm offensive when there is no election in sight and as Frankenfield made plain in a recent car crash TV interview that he’s not one of those MPs who his constituents can “boss around” .

Might we suggest that there’s something in the air and judging by the stink it’s not the smell of baking cakes…….

2 thoughts on “Let Them Eat More Cake

  1. Did one of the last Queen’s of France say ” Let them Eat Cake? ” before she and her husband lost their heads. I do not know how the old queens can still show their face in and about the Wirral after what has been happening here. Maybe they may do what Uggy Boots did and open their mouths soon, they will have an awful lot to say very soon hopefully, especially about Taxi’s and receipts!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I also note with some interest the ” 4 Week Delay ” In The Biter Bit ” above. No good now the Lady DIED, but it took them 12 weeks to get any form of Care in her Case and then even though the lady is Dead some 9 Months and it is still ongoing. I can see this ending up as another ” TOXIC DEBT ” or Someone will do time for this believe me. It has cost me a Family, a Mother in Law and a lot of Time in coming this far. Believe me JONES, HODKINSON, PRICE, OBRIEN, TOMLIN (Main Ones) Many more to go (PRETEND FRIEND, SHARROCK) I am on my way now!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would throw your hand in and get out what you have done!!!!!!!!!!!!

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