A State of Flux on Fantasy Island

fantasy island

We briefly touched upon the Wirral Council Control Room debacle in a previous post:


Well here is further shameful information about how Wirral Council decided in their infinite – or should that be infinitesimal? – wisdom to destroy the livelihoods of some of their own staff.

Michael Edwards is one of the guys who suffered as a result and is now relentlessly pursuing the matter.Needless to say he is being thwarted at every turn as the Most Improved Council on Fantasy Island do what they do best – which ironically is being “controlling”.

Mr.Edwards has now had to resort to having to make a series of Freedom of Information Act requests in the hope of finding out exactly how he and 10 other colleagues lost their jobs.


We quote Mr.Edwards’ annotations to this particular request as they neatly summarise the sorry story :

“Clearly stated now in black and white by Wirral Council , Control Room staff made redundant but control room kept open.”

“Wirral Council is meant to be open and transparent but getting relevant information is like getting blood out of a stone. This is quite straight forward people were made redundant but their job wasn’t and they were deceived into walking out the door.”
“The fact staff are in the Emergency Control Room carrying out the same duties over 12 months on brings the question why were the staff made redundant, just a bit of honesty and maybe right what is wrong.”

Not only was the Control room kept open but untrained agency staff taken on who had to be supervised to carry out the role.”

“CCTV control staff made redundant then replaced by staff paid honororium to their grade plus huge amounts of overtime.”

Wirral Council’s pitiless yet pitiful response to this FOI request was this :

“4 members of staff were given honorariums due to loss of CCTV Control Room
staff through the Council’s Budget Options exercise. Agency staff had been
employed to handle calls and supervisors were needed for these new staff.
It was a management decision to give temporary honorariums to 4 existing
staff members.  This had been a management decision while the service was
in a state of flux during a period of time when they had not been able to
recruit staff. It was the only option available.”
As Mr.Edwards says : “They had no choice as the service was in a state of flux?
The choice was not to make the staff redundant.”
However it seems it’s an ill wind that blows no good as untrained council mercenaries are willing to pick up a few more bob at the expense of their former colleagues.
It also seems to us that in this context the priceless phrase ” a state of flux”  is council-speak for “our highly paid managers haven’t got a clue about what the actual fuck they are doing”.
We also wonder whether this cock up hastened the departure of former Streetscene supremo – that sweet talkin’ guy and Mr.Expletive himself – Cllr. Harry Smith.
However needless to say Wirral  Council considers that the actual cost of this cock up is “commercially sensitive” and therefore exempt information under Section 43 of The Freedom of Information Act 2000.
In this context “commercially sensitive” means that Wirral Council don’t want to admit to the extent of how they’ve wasted council taxpayers money yet again and they’re not going to tell us how they’ve wasted our money because in their twisted mindset they’re simply not accountable to the people who pay their wages!.
Indeed a couple of recent FOI cases illustrate this twisted mindset further.
The first is concerned by campaign group Big Brother Watch who made requests of all councils in England & Wales about sensitive , confidential or personal information which had been lost by or stolen from councils.Whilst most councils responded to the request Wirral Council maintained their secretive stance with a plaintive  : “request denied”.
The second example borders on the tragi-comic as inveterate amateur investigator John Brace comes up trumps with an absolute howler.
This particular case concerns a request for a powerpoint presentation that was concerned with Wirral Council’s “organisational vision”, “values”and “culture” (please no laughing at the back).

What could be so compromising that Wirral Leaks regular and Wirral Council’s law lord Dimwit Tour (who made the first decision to refuse this request) wanted to keep the information out of the public domain for the increasingly popular reason that to release the top secret slideshow would :

(b) inhibit the free and frank provision of advice or exchange of views;
(c) otherwise prejudice the effective conduct of public affairs.
However following a further refusal by new Wirral Council CEO Eric Feeble (who we are becoming increasingly disillusioned with here at Leaky Towers ) and after a year of wrangling the indomitable Mr.Brace got the decision overturned with the help of the Information Commissioner’s Office.
So it is now thanks to him we can finally see the presentation in all it’s comic glory.
A flavour of what has finally been released is contained in one particular slide which states without a hint of irony :
“We communicate & are open and honest in what we do.”
Therefore after all that’s gone before we can only conclude here at Leaky Towers that the real reason the request was denied was to inhibit the satirical opportunities the slides afforded to the likes of us.
However there are some things that even we concede are simply beyond satire and for Wirral Leaks it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.
As we’ve said many times before : You really couldn’t make this shit up!.

14 thoughts on “A State of Flux on Fantasy Island

  1. It is the unfortunate part about the word CORRUPTION, when you have to do as you are told, as low as the Lowest Manager or as High as the Highest Executive, you do as your told or else. I would again say to the people who now are in a “State of Flux”, to make an appointment with the Police and go in and get what it is off your chest. Believe me you will sleep easier at night.
    Otherwise uncertain times lay ahead

  2. “We communicate & are open and honest in what we do.” This is incorrect and a tissue of lies, backed up by various Criminal Actions/Acts. Now please see the above answer to the problem

  3. Mr Edwards, you have to look at more than your problem to work out why matters should be reported to the Police or in your case Actionfraud. I have and continue to use the word Corruption and until matters are resolved a lot of people are suffering

    • All I can do is comment on my circumstances and try and gain as much information as possible before deciding what action to take, if you have any information on our problem it would be much appreciated

      • Mr Edwards, I will help as much as I can. All I can ask you to do is look below this message. I have already asked for the Police and Administration to come in and Examine yours and other matters and I await a Response!!!!!!!!.

        As with others I have certainly done quite a lot of research and gather quite a lot of Evidence. I would read Wirral leaks, John Brace and others. It is my intention to try to get someone now to speak up and Report themselves.

        I hope this works!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mr Edwards, Let me put it to you this way in a helpful sort of way, who dealt with this matter?
    Did Kevin Adderley or Garym Lambert have anything to do with this? Internal Audit? Where your lads able to tender for the jobs? who oversaw the Governance of this matter? was their a Deception and who by? Who took the jobs on, why was extra money paid? Does the persons in charge have a Valid Contract? with the persons who took over?any back handers paid? These questions can be answered via your FOI requests, but will they? Believe me there are a lot of questions to answer by your former bosses. I would certainly give you a statement as to what I know of this and other matters

    • Mr Edwards again I am well aware that your CONTROL ROOM has been used for ENTRAPMENT, I am also aware who did it.
      I am also aware that my particular problem with these people is ongoing and the plight of others.

  5. I would imagine Adderley involved in the decision, if you could provide a statement my email is medwards1074@gmail.com.
    As for entrapment not aware of any of that but there is a lot I am not aware of but will keep digging for answers.
    If the entrapment you are on about is pictures of Degg and Adderley they never came from the control room as I was on shift when the suits came over to check the playback data and I informed them we had already checked them and the images came from the wrong direction of the council’s cctv.
    The images must have come from the security cameras located in New brighton

  6. Mr Edwards, I am also aware of ” Corrupt Payments ” allegedly being made and actual payments being made who by and who too. I will know more hopefully tonight, if I do not get my Head kicked in by these people and from there again hopefully the path will lead straight to the people responsible for yours and others plight

  7. Mr Edwards, I have offered a Statement to the Police, Council, etc. I will now await a Response as stated from the Police and Administration, before giving a Formal Written Statement. You can be assured I am only to willing to do that and more than able to do so. I would suggest that any evidence you have is kept in a secure place and that you are not being followed, stalked or harassed, if you have been following my emails you will notice that non of the participants have denied Stalking or Harassing me, including DEGG or any other allegation I have made.

  8. Corrupt payments are still being pursued for me by another in search of an old phone with a recording. The allegation is kinda supported by the observations of a person in the mail room of wirralbiz who witnessed and overheard conversations re an extra envelope of cash; extra to the envelopes to pay the leaflet and advert sheets distributors.

    It sdoes with the passage of time seem trivial but these barnacles need to be removed from the hull of the good ship and if this stuff helps then Godspeed

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