A Big Fat Greek Wedding

Inside sources have kindly let us know that the Greek island of Kos has just hosted Wirral’s wedding of the year as ex- council leader and ex-mayor Steve Foulkes makes an honest woman of his fiancee ,  the lovely Elaine Nolan. Although we have to say the jury is out at Leaky Towers as to whether she’ll be able to return the favour or it’s simply a case of feta the devil you know! – know warra mean like?. 

However dontcha just wanna tweak the bulging sunburnt cheeks of the lovable rogue that we see here at his stag do. Although looking at the parasols and especially the pink one at far left we’re wondering whether one of the party games was “spot the phallus”. Well they are in Greece and Foulkes seems the type to have had the benefit of a classical education!.

However let us not cloud the celebrations by casting nasturtiums.The glamorous couple seem to us to resemble Greek gods Zeus and his wife Hera ( the goddess of marriage ) who gaze down upon us from Mount Olympus (or in their case Bidston Hill). As we know all too well Zeus in particular has the powers to control the destinies of us mere mortals down below – all we can do is pray that he has not and does not abuse those powers.

Indeed we’re hoping that Foulkes’ God-like influence extended to the wedding reception and that new stepson Jack “Me Mam’s the Mayoress” Nolan knew his retsina from his ouzo so as to avoid another Mayor’s Ball(s) up.

Finally I’m sure all Wirral Leaks readers will join us in raising a glass to salute the happy couple and wish them  “Yiamas” !……….

2 thoughts on “A Big Fat Greek Wedding

  1. As if the Greeks haven’t suffered enough;first the financial crisis,then the migrants and subsequent riots and now the wedding of the year,at least the food and drinks bill went some way to alleviating the country financial woes. Pity that shower have to come home!

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